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  1. I remember this one being big for a week or two,Sammy Campbell (Del Larks) Under a different name,Written by Herb Rooney & Ian Levine,A deffo tailor made,Not the worst either.
  2. We did the Ritz all dayers from about 76 ish,It was a good do to be honest,I remember seeing Barbara Pennington,Evelyn Thomas and L J Johnson all on the same bill,The stage had a circular turning bit in the middle,When L J Johnson was on they had his seat on the turning part and his keyboard on the static bit,During his set the center started to turn just a bit and he had to keep moving his seat,I also remember seeing Tavares there also,There was one all dayer were they had a screen showing the Soul Train tv show,Lots of different tunes played at these times,The Northern set and then what they
  3. Cashman,Pistilli & West (The Shakers) Also wrote this
  4. Not much to go on really,Do you remember the venue you heard it played or the Dj that played it,That may help your search.
  5. http://www.anorakscorner.com/CoverUps.html
  6. Yes mate,I remeber it being played at them both,I think it was on of Mr Levine's tunes,Lots of Mecca folk at the Ritz dancing to it in plastic sandels and girls in bin bags,Then at Wigan.
  7. Who is he please,I may well know him.
  8. Radcliffe youth club,Just outside Bury,74ish Quite a few of us went,And quite a few of us then went on to the nighters,And still on the scene today,Although I'm just a now and again bloke,Who goes out when I feel like it not a regular at any function at all to be true, The one record as soon as I hear it takes me straight back to the youth club is The Casualeers "Dance Dance Dance", Others include Al Wilson "Help Me",Checkerboard Squares "Double Cookin" ( I still call it "Strings A Go Go")
  9. "Just like Pagliacci did I'll keep my sadness hid" - Carolyn Crawford - "My Smile Is Just A Frown Turned Upside Down" "Just like Pagliacci did I try to keep my surface hid" - Smokey Robinson - "Tears Of A Clown"
  10. Eddie Spencer version for me all day,It was the first I heard,So I still have the memories of it,I got it on the Power Exchange when released over here(UK),Would have been 75-76 ish,The Prescisions is a great record,Not to keen on the Geno Washington take on it really,Like with many other sounds,Your first listen,If you like it is the one that grabs you,Great tune though,The intro is what makes it for me.
  11. Back in the day,This was a monster tune,Made me as miserable as hell,I really did not like it at all,Seemed to be so out of touch with the 100mph scene at the time,Nowadays I love it !
  12. Another one to add to this topic is "The Lorelei" could it be "Laurel Eye" or "Laurel He" ?
  13. Agree about Dana Valery,I pronounce it the way you have stated,Never thought of the "Goy-Inns" to be honest,Sounds ok really,Thank you for your reply.

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