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  1. Well folks. Thanks to everyone who turned up as always. We're really enjoying our year of playing the Top 500. It had to be done! The next BSC is Saturday 2nd September. Pop it in your diary, it is going to be a bit different again. Big thanks to our Guest DJ, Derek Mead. Top boy & top records. And of course to our good mate Tony MK. He got the night off to a flying start. Keep you informed what is happening in the Summer months, with the Sunday afternoon sessions. Will let you all know soon what that is all about. So a big thanks from myself Charlie, Steve, Tom, Tabs & Terry. ps: We're always likely to change something, it is in our nature! Lol! Have a good Summer folks. Charlie Mc
  2. Well folks, Saturday night........ It's an All-nighter venue for a Soul night! Our DJ's for the night (if you don't already know.) One of the top boys on the scene, Mr Derek Mead. And starting the night off for us, our very good friend, and fellow DJ, Tony MK. The music policy is out and out, Oldies and Favourites - 8.00 pm to 1.00 am. The first spot will be as good as the last spot, just how we like it. Remember the days we finished work on the Friday and the weekends were ours. Well, it starts here at Banbury! This is what we are about in Banbury and we have not changed since! Banbury Soul Club has always had a reputation as across the board Soul Club and pioneering of new sounds. So this year, in our 13th year, we have decided to do, four out and out Oldies Nights. Myself, and fellow DJ's Tom and Steve love these nights! The last one was very successful. Tom did a great spot. And reminded us where we all got into it, in our Youth Club days. Time has gone on, and we are moving with what people want. We are bringing back that feeling that we felt on a weekend after we have all been at work. We have got the venue, we have got the DJ's, we have got the records and we have got the dance floor ............. So looking forward to seeing you all on the night. Remember folks, Banbury Soul Club has been run as not for profit. And purely for the music. All proceeds go to charity, both in GB and abroad. Thanks for your support over the last 13 years. You have made a big difference to a lot of people! Keep it Soulful, keep it danceable. Charlie Mc
  3. Well Folks, Our second event back at our fabulous venue! More good news for us........ The venue is definitely not in the new canal side development! And we will be now be staying here is our home venue. (But to be fair, it would have been criminal to rip up this highly polished, sprung wooden dance floor.) So to the night. We welcome back, our very good friend, DJ and Promoter, Derek Mead! Derek is a lovely lad, with a fabulous record collection. Extremely well known within the scene. So looking forward to catching up with Derek again. He is fully aware of the new music policy and is looking forward to the night. As are we!!!! Starting the night off for us. Is our very good friend. MK Tony. So the dancing begins at 8.00pm and ends at 1.00am. As of before, the music policy, is out and out Classics from 8.00 pm to 1.00 am. This is our last 'do' before our summer break. More news as what we are up to in the summer will follow. ... Hope to see you all on the night folks!! Keep it Soulful, keep it danceable. Charlie Mc
  4. Great turn out........... All really happy to be back at this brilliant venue. Couldn't ask for a better turn out from everybody who supported us. As Tom said, looking forward to Saturday 1st April, Round 2. Thanks for the positive feed back folks. The only sad thing about the night, is that our dear friend Charles Frost, who sadly passed away was not there to share it with us. He was so excited that we were coming back to General Foods, God Bless you my friend. Keep it Soulful, keep it danceable, Charlie Mc
  5. Well folks, we're all up for it tomorrow. Records all sorted.... Don't forget will be starting at 8.00pm sharp. No early doors stuff, straight into it! Loads of free parking in the venue. But much bigger free car park opposite the venue! Look forward to seeing you all, Charlie Mc
  6. Happy New Len, and all our Northampton Friends, It would be great to see and catch up with you all....... Cheers for now, Charlie
  7. Saturday January 7th new start for us (again) Lol.... Really, pleased to be back at General Foods. Great news they are keeping the building and endorsing it in the new canal development! Clearly, one of the best dance floors in the scene, and acoustically the room is fantastic. A new event running alongside our Oldies Nights in the summer months. These will be in a smaller licenced venue with a small dance area. And they will be run on Sundays 3.00pm to 8.00 pm. This is where we will be playing new finds, lesser known, back of the box, and 70's. These will be run between May and August. Keep you informed nearer the time. So back to Saturday night, look forward to seeing you all again in this great venue. Hopefully will play a few tunes in memory of the late Charles Frost our very good friend. Hopefully you'll come along and support us and have a great night. Keep it Soulful, keep it danceable, Charlie Mc
  8. Pre-ordered my box set at Amazon. Got it on the day it came out. All the records in the right order. No skips or jumps. Box number 299. Played them all a few times. Now going to stop being paranoid and enjoy them. Sorry to hear a few people have had problems with them. Charlie Mc.
  9. Tune in again Sunday, 12.00 noon. Cracking set of tunes from Mr Manship. And professionally hosted by our ever sober 'Topsy Turvey'
  10. Tune in folk's you know it's going to be good.
  11. Yes a top set Phil well done, Sir Ted on next week another great night of tune's
  12. Top tune's Kev, Brilliant set, When are you and Sharon coming back. Charlie Mc.
  13. Had a great time on the show Nick, many thanks from myself and Tom. Pity Tabs was away and Steve was ill. Hopefully, we will all be together next time we are onl the Show. Looking forward to our Anniversary on 3rd November at GF Club. Carry on the great work with the show. Charlie

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