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  1. Nothing wrong with these. Soulies enjoying themselves.
  2. From Zac, Simon Cuerden's funeral When & Where: 11/07/2019 - the service will start at 16:00 The service will be held at Grenoside Crematorium (Sheffield S35 8RZ) After party at Cubley Hall (Penistone, Sheffield S36 9DF) I do not know how to start to organise a ride out but I know that my dad would love for as many scooters to be present as possible. Dress code: I do not think my dad would want the whole black tie event. Therefore, I encourage you all to dress in what you would dressed in when you saw my dad. I want to see lots of AFSC tops and northern should attire pr
  3. So sad to hear this news. A chasm has been created, for which I do not think any one is capable of filling. R.I.P Simon
  4. Subway soul club have a night on the 1st June at the Coco SixtySix club in Brooklyn, NY if that is of any help.
  5. Such sad news to hear of the passing of Winston Another dancer gone to the hallowed halls of Soul Heaven. Rest in Peace Winnie. Our condolences go out to your family.
  6. Fed up of Soul Police deriding "Rare & Underplayed" -- I want to be an A.R.S.E member, How do I sign up, is it on a Roll call???
  7. Sad news about the passing of Taff. Rest Easy Fella.
  8. Male, female, solo or group? would help to reduce the search :-)
  9. Is this badge still available? would be interested if it is.
  10. Hi Pete "Hot Buttered Soul" fanzine was produced by Chris Savory who later produced "Soul Cargo" fanzine. Still miss Chris's anecdotes R.I.P
  11. TIVOLI


  12. Sad news about John. We had some interesting debates over the years, will miss this now. Rest In Peace Esher my friend.

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