Eddie Giles has passed on

Eddie Giles has passed on magazine cover

He died yesterday in his Shreveport home. R I P Eddie, we’ll never forget 


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Guest Spain pete profile photo


Losin boy one of my earliest memory's  RIP Eddie

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Sad news indeed, i've said before losing boy is one of my favourate soul sides . I actually found it on a kent/ ace album (the stax version) many years ago , that led me to the one on murco, so thanks Ady.

Mike profile photo


Thanks for passing on Ady

A feature on his works from 2015can be read here

'Losing Boy' singer Eddie Giles discusses fame, faith

Too poor to buy an instrument, he did what those with more dreams than cash have always done — made do. Giles attached two strands of haywire to the side of his grandmother's house with four 10-penny nails and used an R.C. bottle to lift the strings.

After recording the song in 1967 at Murco Records in Tyler, Texas, "Losing Boy" took off. It sold 2,000 units in Shreveport, 10,000 in Dallas, 70,000 in Chicago and landed on the Billboard charts.


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Posted (edited)

Sad news.

Glad he got recognition for talent eventually.

This is a nice track



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Michael V profile photo


Really sad news-Eddie's great version of 'That's How Strong My Love Is' was one of the first Soul records I bought-on a Charly EP in the very early 1980's when I was first getting into Soul as a teenager. 'Losin' Boy' on Murco  is a stone classic and the Deep Soul  'While I'm Away (Baby Keep The Faith)' is a beauty,too. A typically fine-voiced , classic Southern Soul artist of that classic era

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chas profile photo


Like they used to say about Kent albums, 'hardly a month goes by without a Kent release', same applies to the artist obituaries. 


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Ezzie Brown profile photo


looking through a mates old boxes just now......and there this was..........and losing boy.........r i p eddie x

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