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Mirwood Northern Soul LP - Kent - Win A Copy!

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Mirwood Northern Soul LP - Kent - Win A Copy! magazine cover

Its back to the competitions with a humdinger, we have up for grabs a brand new sealed copy of Kent Records latest vinyl offering...  Mirwood Records Northern Soul

tagged as 14 outstanding stompin' soul dancers, this lp has to 

Lp Information

Video Trailer


Track Preview Via Juno Records

Release Notes From Ace Records and @ady croasdell
KENT 507
This product is also available as mp3s 

A vinyl-only collection comprising 14 outstanding stompin’ soul dancers from Los Angeles.

The Mirwood label’s second release was Jackie Lee’s ‘The Duck’, a soul swinger that became a big hit and established the Mirwood sound. The house team of producer Fred Smith, arranger James Carmichael and songwriter Sherlie Matthews, along with contributions from veteran singer-songwriters Bob Relf and Earl Nelson (Bob & Earl) made uptempo soul perfection and they played that beat throughout 1965 and 1966.

Although more US chart action occurred with the Olympics and Bob & Earl, much of the Mirwood team’s superlative work fell on deaf American ears. It was the British soul aficionados of the early 70s who discovered these masterpieces to play on their burgeoning Northern Soul scene. The dancers revelled in the relentless beats, pleading vocals and sassy female backing.

Virtually any Jackie Lee track was a worthy contender, especially the soul dance classic ‘Do The Temptation Walk’, the master tape discovery ‘Anything You Want (Any Way You Want It)’, and the anthemic ‘Oh, My Darlin’’. Bob & Earl’s hottest number was actually the backing track to Bob’s speedy ‘My Little Girl’, discovered as an accidental UK LP cut in the late 60s. Under the same alias, Bobby Garrett, Bob had another monster sound with ‘I Can’t Get Away’. Ex-Ike Turner sideman Jimmy Thomas arrived at Mirwood in 1966 where Bob Relf recorded him on his own song ‘Where There’s A Will (There’sA Way)’. Jimmy brought the Ikettes along with him; the company switched their name to the Mirettes for the Sherlie Matthews-penned ‘I Wanna Do Everything For You Baby’ and others. Sherlie also composed the stomping ‘Mine Exclusively’ and ‘The Same Old Thing’ for the Olympics and ‘Don’t Pretend’ for the Belles, a studio group comprising of herself along with sisters Brenda and Patrice Holloway.

Another Los Angeles stable under the auspices of Henry “Hank” Graham threw the Performers’ ‘I Can’t Stop You’ into the mix and renamed singer Jimmy Conwell as Richard Temple for a 45 that epitomises Northern Soul, ‘That Beatin’ Rhythm’; a credo for a cult. More indie productions came from Eddie LaShae with the Sheppards’ redoubtable ‘Stubborn Heart’ and Sonny Knight’s production of Curtis Lee on ‘Is She In Your Town?’.

Altogether 14 vital mid-60s dance records that demonstrate why Mirwood is a byword for the best in Northern Soul.


Full info and purchase details via 

List Of Tracks

Side 1
1.    Richard Temple - "That Beatin' Rhythm" (2:15)
2.    Jackie Lee - "Do The Temptation Walk" (2:33)
3.    The Olympics - "The Same Old Thing" (2:14)
4.    The Mirettes - "I Wanna Do Everything For You Baby" (2:19)
5.    The Bob & Earl Band - "My Little Girl" (2:46)
6.    Curtis Lee - "Is She In Your Town?" (2:07)
7.    Jackie Lee - "Oh, My Darlin'" (3:01)

Side 2
1.    Bobby Garrett - "I Can't Get Away" (3:10)
2.    The Olympics - "Mine Exclusively" (2:26)
3.    Jimmy Thomas - "Where There's A Will (There's A Way)" (2:04)
4.    The Belles - "Don't Pretend" (2:17)
5.    Jackie Lee - "Anything You Want (Any Way You Want It)" (2:51)
6.    The Performers - "I Can't Stop You" (2:32)
7.    The Sheppards - "Stubborn Heart" (2:30)

Competition Details

Members to enter all you have to do is

simply up vote this article - look down and right and hit the grey arrow (it will change to green) your member name will then be recorded

All members who have upped this article will then be put in the soul source hat and a winner will be drawn on Friday  Night 24th Nov

Alternative hands on means

Of course you can be sure of a copy on your doormat asp by a purchase via the usual suspects




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Nice one Mike!

I'm in. 

The last thing I won was a pair of ladies tights in a pub raffle. They didn't even fit me. 


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You we're lucky ,last thing l won was a heavy metal compilation c/d 👅

2 hours ago, Peter99 said:

Nice one Mike!

I'm in. 

The last thing I won was a pair of ladies tights in a pub raffle. They didn't even fit me. 




I guss they weren't your size 😱

2 hours ago, Peter99 said:

Nice one Mike!

I'm in. 

The last thing I won was a pair of ladies tights in a pub raffle. They didn't even fit me. 



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all over !

the winner has been drawn 


and the lucky lucky geezer is


if stu can get in touch with real world address a fine and sealed copy of this lp will be on his doormat soonest!

Thanks to all who took part and wish better luck next time!


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