Soul Junction is Runnin' Wild with the Scott Three

Soul Junction is Runnin' Wild with the Scott Three magazine cover

A record that has seen plenty of turntable action over the last decade or so, initially by the like of Paul Sadot, Jordi Ripolles and Alan Kitchener if memory serves me correctly, more recently by Mick H.  All have helped turn this obscure Atlanta release into a very popular spin and demand for it has risen.  That demand can be satisfied with the forthcoming release via Soul Junction.  For those that like their soul a little more sedate, flip it over for the excellent Gotta Find A New Love.  Randolph Scott can be found on social media sites and is "overwhelmed" with the release of this 45. Great to see artists get the recognition and for them to see the appreciation held for them.

Press Release:

The Scott Three  

“Running Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You)/

Gotta Find A New Love”   SJ1005

Release Date: Monday April 26th 2016


Scott Three.jpg


The Scott Three was a vocal group consisting of three brothers, the eldest being Randolph followed by Michael and finally the baby of the family, Zachary. The three sons had been born to their late parents Louis and Alma Scott while living in their native Detroit Michigan. In 1965 the Scott family relocated to Atlanta Georgia setting up home in the College Park district of the city.

It was following their arrival in Atlanta that Randolph organized his brothers into the family vocal trio known as The Scott Three. In early 1968, The Scott Three during one of their stage shows came to the attention of a local Atlanta record producer, Thomas ‘Tee’ Fletcher. Randolph was looking to record a song he had recently composed entitled “Running Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You)” with the original idea of just using the instrumental version on the b-side.  Tee offered Randolph as an alternative a song that he and James McDuffie had composed entitled “Gotta Find A New Love”.

Scott Three - Runnin' Wild - March Records.png

So in March of 1968, The Scott Three now aged 16, 15 and 10 respectively recorded their solitary 45 release “Running Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You)/ Gotta Find A New Love” (MRS 1101) this being the reason  ‘March’ was chosen for their labels name. The session recorded under the tutelage of Tee Fletcher was held at the Southside Sound Studio using musicians James Duffie, Ray Ranson and Reggie Harger with both of the later becoming part of the rhythm section for the hit group ‘Brick’. The lead vocals on both tracks were performed by Randolph Scott. The release of the record did enhance the popularity of The Scott Three earning them regular bookings throughout the state of Georgia. Now forty plus years later The Scott Three have discovered a new found popularity in Europe with the quirky groove of their “Running Wild” finding favour with the aficionados of the rare funk and soul scene. While the flipside the beautifully lilting “Gotta Find A New Love” is also gaining a growing reputation.



Scott Three - Gotta Find A New Love - March Records.png


Sadly Zachary Scott didn’t get to hear of this new found popularity of their songs having passed away in 1995. With Michael Scott too recently losing his life in a tragic hit and run accident in September of 2015. The remaining brother Randolph has continued the musical family tradition of The Scott Three mentoring his two daughters LaTocha and Tamika Scott who performed as part of the 1990’s R&B group ‘Xscape” (who scored with three consecutive platinum albums) and are currently pursuing their own solo careers. Randolph now a retired law enforcement officer, who became an ordained pastor back in 1995, later founded The Christ Miracle Temple in Union City. He now spends his time teaching Martial Arts and Firearms Practice, while pursuing a career in Gospel music.



L-R Latocha, Randolph & Tamika.jpg
Left to right: LaTocha, Randolph and Tamika Scott



Words by David Welding

Photographs courtesy of: Randolph Scott

Label scans courtesy of: Steve Guarnori

For further information please contact Soul Junction at:

Tel: +44 (0)121 602 8115 or E-mail:


To purchase go directly to Soul junction at


Listen: Sample #1

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Chalky profile photo


Randolph's daughters band of the 1990's, his daughters are in the middle....




and upon reading this Randolph said 

"This is awesome, I truly appreciate this even though my Brothers are not here to celebrate I and eternally grateful, THANKS! !"


Scotters profile photo


Great write up as always! Have loved dancing to this record over recent years when lucky enough to hear it out amongst other similar things. The break and vocals, pauses etc has just got it for me. Impossible to find an original, let alone one in decent nick, so this official SJ release is sounding brilliant at home for me this last week or two and good for Randolph to see that people still appreciate what he and the group did all those years ago. Nice one. Steve

Pga1 profile photo


Hiya, just want to say excellent review and it's great to see tunes like this available, hope people play it out. Yep original is rare but who cares, get it on the decks to support more stuff like this.  Cheers

Russ Vickers profile photo


Brilliant record - I was lucky enough to get my copy some years ago & played it out down south as an unknown for a fair while - the first person that I ever heard play this was Steve G at Filthy Soul.  Kudos for making this available to all, another great release from SJ.


Steve G profile photo


4 hours ago, Russ Vickers said:

Brilliant record - I was lucky enough to get my copy some years ago & played it out down south as an unknown for a fair while - the first person that I ever heard play this was Steve G at Filthy Soul.  Kudos for making this available to all, another great release from SJ.


Thanks Russ. I got it at Cleethorpes 2006 from John Anderson. At the time it was a lot of money, but asking about it no one seemed to know it, and it got its first plays from me at least at Crossover venues, and the Beds / Herts do's I DJ'ed at back then. It's been a much requested record ever since and is very popular both at Xover and rare soul events.

Great news that SJ are putting it out.

Hope you are well Russ. 

Russ Vickers profile photo

Posted (edited)

I remember it well Steve, because you played the Double O Demingos in the same set, I was with Dave Abbott & Jason & turned & said 'One day....they will be mine'...oh how they laughed lol....but yes, I did get both in the end....I have been offered very serious money for the Scott Three over the years, from some very high profile DJ's, but never considered letting it go, so pleased that the group & record will now gain greater recognition & every home can have one....


Edited by Russ Vickers
Louise profile photo

Posted (edited)

Out Today !

Copies available from all the usual suspects or directly from the Soul Junction website:


 For those of you who have already purchased you've made Randolph Scott a very happy man indeed :thumbsup:




Edited by Louise

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