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100 Club Alnighter - London


  100 Oxford Street    Fitzrovia    London   W1D 1LL   GB

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100 Club Alnighter on

This event is now over

The World's Longest Running Allnighter.

The 6T's allnighter, now in its 36th year!

Join Ady Croasdell, Butch and seasonal residents, Keith Money, Joel Maslin and Tomas McGrath as they forge the best in rare 60's and 70's northern, acetates and unissued soul, a smattering of R'n'B and modern.

12pm - 6am (please note reduced hours)


£10 on the door


100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London W1


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/6tsRhythmAndSoul

website: http://www.6ts.info/news/2016.html

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   7 of 7 members say helpful 7 / 7 members

The last allnighter at the 100 Club was on the 20th February so five Saturdays had gone by and finally we were queueing to get into our top club. The opening time was midnight due to the fact that there was a gig on at the club prior to us starting. I was certainly suffering soul withdrawal symptoms, March had generally been pretty quiet for me for various reasons.

I met my friend Suzy, a longtime 100 Club person, at Tottenham Court Road station and we went to Hanway Street to the Soul Speakeasy for some pre nighter music. We left there at about 11.50 to get to the 100 Club, the idea being not to have to queue too long. At a minute to midnight the doors were opened and we went in, first we were frisked and our bags checked, then on to the pay booth, and it was Ady doing the business there, as Rolly was not attending due to Garry feeling poorly.

Keith was playing sounds when we got downstairs but Ady took over after 25 or 20 minutes, then Keith came back on for 45 minutes. In his first short set he played El Corols' Chick Chick, and he played it again for Trickster in the second one. Great uptempo dance tune, love it.

Butch then made his first appearance behind the decks starting off with a medium tempo record that I've heard before but I don't title, singer, etc. He followed with the great Chuck Jackson cover up and then played Tommy & The Derby's Going Back To Houston. As far as I know this group is not the same as the one featuring Tommy Tate that recorded Don't Play The Role, in fact Butch played that later in his first set. Another one he played was the Chesterfields' Think It Over, using the same or very similar backing to Yvonne Baker's immortal You Didn't Say A Word. In this set he also included the Jax Transit Authority's Life Is A Miracle. And thanks for playing Ivy Jo's Where Are You.

Then Ady was on, starting with Your Little Sister, continuing with some medium tempo records including Welcome To Dreamsville and Can't Shake It. He played some of his Pied Piper tracks including a new one, not heard before, but can't remember who he said it was by. Great to hear the Demures, one of my favourites at the club and Holly Maxwell's Three Strikes, hope that can be issued as it is probably her best Northern Soul record. He also played a couple of Anniversary singles, Good News and Sorry Ain't The Word.

Next up was the night's guest Alan Handscombe-McGrath, well known on the London soul scene, former Capitol Soul Club promoter and DJ, and nice guy. He started off the You Don't Know by the Paramount Four and his first set included several really fast tracks that I didn't know. Great records but heart attack material for me these days. He also included some medium tempo including one by the Blues Buster, as he said Jamaican Soul. I hope that he can be persuaded to post his playlist up.

For the third time it was Keith, playing some of his big tunes including I'm Yours, Ask My Heart, I'll Be On My Way, Job Opening, Hey Girl You've Changed, and others.

Butch next again, starting off with The Mighty Lovers, what a record that is! His set included some I knew, some I knew but didn't know details and some new to me. He played a couple of instrumentals, kept the floor busy with them. Others played included Love Tempo, Satan Let Me Sleep Tonight, Just Can't Please You, Patti Austin's Didn't Say A Word and United Sounds. I think you could say that after this set I was more or less danced out.

Alan came on for his second set, including some nice medium tempo tunes, again a playlist would be nice. He ended with Bobby Bennett's Alone With My Tears, lovely record and a British soul record by Jimmy Thomas, a slowie, but I didn't catch the title. Both his sets went down well with the people present.

As usual for the last thirty minutes Ady took over. Sad Little Girl was followed by Sad Girl, in this set he also played the Volumes' The Same Old Feeling. The last three played were Charlie Rich's Don't Tear Me Down, Carla Thomas' I'll Never Stop Loving You, and finally as usual Baby I Need Your Loving. Lights come on, Walter Jackson's That's What Mama Say to serenade us out, and we gather up our bags, coats, etc. Tony Smith takes the usual ender photo and off we go into the morning light.

A good turnout, even though some regulars were elsewhere. Christina on vacation, Garry suffering from back problems so no Rolly either, Eddie and Tabs also not there. But plenty of the usual reprobates, and Ady said that there were several people who hadn't attended for a while there so that was good. Musically a big emphasis on the 60s with some 70s included too. All danceable records, and people certainly danced. Early on the dance floor was wet in places but it was okay if you avoided those bits. Later it had dried up.

As usual thanks to the Ady and the DJs and the staff of the 100 Club. Roll on May.


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Jim Elliott

   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

Worth the trip alone from Stoke on Trent to hear Ady's Lorraine Chandler and Sandra Richardson exclusives, stunning........and as for Marks Chuck Jackson cover up...whoosh

...and Alan did pretty good with that Temptations track...that really was the business....Paul Williams on lead I'm guessing....

Still the best all nighter  in the world by a country mile kids.



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ady croasdell

   2 of 2 members say helpful 2 / 2 members

The best thing about the nighter was the music and the punters that made it. It was very frustrating in that another 30 attendees would have made all the difference to the overall atmosphere and nudge it up from good to very good. I'm sure the people that made it heard some wonderful music but it was disappointing they weren't sharing it with a few more people. Actually the post-match comments by people like Jim, Andy Newman, Kylee and Sara Jane have bucked me up but I was frustrated with the attendance. 


Looking back it was a dumb idea to be a week after Xfire and with the very popular Rugby next week people were probably saving their pennies and energy. It's odd you can never predict what it's going to be like, it's often the opposite of what you were expecting. I did think the 60s/70s ratio was about spot-on for me but more importantly virtually all the records were very high quality and played in the right order; it was a very high standard of DJing all round; which ain't always the case. Thanks to all that came and contributed to the night.


And thanks to Geoff for his comprehensive review.

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