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Well, a quiet one all in all for Bidds last night, especially early doors prior to the influx from those who went to the Attic Club first.

Summer months never seem to favour Bidds......don't think our regulars like the daylight too much :D

A great selection of music from the DJs and a fairly busy dancefloor most of the night regardless of lower numbers.

Thanks to everyone who turned out, all the DJs, Linda and the doorstaff and the management at Bidds for letting us loose to do our thang once again.

We return on October 17th for another episode of the Bidds experience.

Full details nearer the time.



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I enjoyed myself as allways mate. I feel for you as a fellow promoter, but it's only a blip, last month was rammed. Like you said, the summer is a hard time, what with holidays, and numerous weekenders. Pretty sure you'll be back to normal [packed] next time. I totally admire your music policy, and last night was a very eclectic mix from the DJ's. You just never know what you'll hear next, and thats very refreshing. There were some real heavy weight rarities played last night, I even got to hold a copy of Little John on Gogate, swoon:wub: keep it up....

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What a great night.

Love this seedy, dark venue.

DJ of the night for me was Karl. Taking over a sparse floor after Roger drifted somewhat from the uptempo theme, he had an up hill task on his hands but delivered in every way. For an hour he played sounds that had the room boiling with atmosphere and sweaty bodies. That is my kind of music. Many thanks.

What was that "Foxy" track !!!!!

Brilliant to see everyone last night.



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Had a cracking night as usual at Bidds last night heard some great tunes, talked bolloxs and searched every record box as usual

Although had a minor mare when I realised that I had lost my wedding ring, which wasnt helped by Ezzie reminding me every quarter of an hour about what shite I was in. Anyway Ezzie panic is over as I found it under the bed when I got home

Taff hope your throat gets better soon although it was nice to get some peace and quiet for a change:yes:

There were some records played last night though that I never thought I would hear played at Bidds and I hope I never hear them played there again. Apart from that another great night with the right people in the right venue

I did miss Adam and him usually telling me "you will love this" each time I wandered past his sales box

Cant wait for October and another night of top tunes

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Without doubt one of the seediest, darkest, most underground events on the calender, and it was an honor to play records to such an enthused and clued up crowd of night people, mavericks, scene veterans and mangled misfits :good:

Thanks to Mace for having me on, it's a top job your'e doing there and a joy to work for a promoter who is prepared to push the boundaries and test the envelope with a really dynamic music policy, keep up the great work, sir.

Highlight for me was seeing the floor full to records like Mickey And The Soul Generation "How Good Is Good", Ernie and The Top Notes "Dap Walk" and Herman Hitson "Ain't No Other Way". Worst part was having to rush off straight after my set. I apologise for that as I would normally stick around and have a dance, but Alison and I had to get back for the baby sitter who was expecting us back in Essex around the time my set had started :hypocrite:

Hope to see you all again soon...


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Another brilliant nite here for me even tho the numbers wer down it didnt effect the atmosphere!

Roger Banks i have to congradulate on best set ive heard him play in a whilethumbsup.gif

Karl just took the nite too a different level and stepped it up to gas mark 9 biggrin.gif never put a foot wrong IMO thanx for Judy Stokesthumbup.gif

Thanx for Laffs with Gaz,Kaz,Nester,Mandy n Mick,Ade n Ally & Ian oh and of course my Jan yes.gif

Lookin forward to next one thumbup.gif

Mike Cog

Oh also Ted massey Brilliant set Terry Goodnight thumbsup.gif

Edited by mikecog

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thanks as ussual to mace and linda and door and bar staff, there part of the gang now!.......down to earth ,real folk..good.gif .................thanks also to mike wilkes for driving home,and john wesrern for his company on the journey, i think i out talked him on the way home!!!!!!!!................good news longy.but please keep me informed of all your personal disasters so i can be of moral supportph34r.giflaugh.gif ..........musically a bit mixed but thats bidds for you, sold a couple, bought a couple ........broke my player...........normal nite out really...........thanks for the company..EZZIE

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Shame about the numbers a few of the usual suspects went a couple of junctions further, still a great night and the bogs werent to bad either thanks for the record Ezziethumbsup.gif really friendly crowd a night not to be missed. mr Banks you crack me up

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Bidds rounded off a top weekend of Music, conversation, fun and games for me

and one or two hairy moments (eh Phil):huh:

Arrived just after 1 after t' Attic, although it wasnt packed there was a good buzz

round the place and the dancefloor was well populated and rightly so, to the quality

of the ever popular Mr Ted Masseythumbsup.gif

After a few brief hello's Mikey and Jan etc got stuck into some serious dancefloor


Karl really cranked it up at 4ish (thanx for Rudy Love mate and your company)

topped the weekend off for me, after hearing quality at the other two events i had

attended:sweatingbullets: Also enjoyed Johnny Beggs laterthumbsup.gif

Enjoyed your company Phil (hope your ears aren't to sore):laugh:

Nice to meet young Callum from "Move On" top fella and obviously the usual suspects

Willie, Ezzie etcshades

Must just mention my good friend KevH. Got a pint of lager at 1.10am, didnt have a drink

out of it till 4am. What the fook do you find to talk about youth:laugh:

Quality night.



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Yeah, sparser than usual, but often busy on the dancefloor, and all the DJs and the particular seedy ambience of Bidds meant it was another bloody good night.

For what its worth, everywhere I've been over the past few weeks has been significantly down on numbers, the Attic being the notable exception.

Most certainly not everywhere I've been plays such an unapologetic gritty varied selection. 

The place to be again, I reckon.

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Shame about the numbers a few of the usual suspects went a couple of junctions further, still a great night and the bogs werent to bad either thanks for the record Ezziethumbsup.gif really friendly crowd a night not to be missed. mr Banks you crack me up

no probs ted, enjoyed your spot mate, class.......that al haskins i was askin u about came today,......nice mid tempo .............mr banks also gave invalueable technical assistance when tryin to plug in my playerunsure.gif ..........found this thing in the wall which helps it go round and round.laugh.gif i kid you not, i wouldnt have got it going without him, laughin, . ezzie

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