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Caliente Peterborough - Kev Draper Knees Up - 5 Aug

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Just a few lines to say thanks to all for attending 'Caliente' Peterborough last night. We all certainly did give Kev Draper a good birthday night (plus celebrating 40 years on the Soul scene). Great up for a good night crowd with plenty of dance floor action to cracking sets from Carl Fortnum, Steve Jay and Kev Draper himself. Good early door spot from Mick BB just leaving a bit of time for Russ and I to fill in the gaps in between. Good to hear and see some great responses to some 'old' Caliente favourites - Guitar Ray "You're gonna Wreck my life", Eddie Parker "I'm gone" and not forgetting - George Hughley "Do the Beatle". Plenty of lesser known/played tracks mixed in with some quality oldies and some seriously rare 45's each one getting a great response.

Thanks again, Ray

A couple of photos from last night:



Kev Draper - Happy Birthday!










Up the POSH !


Eddie Parker (from Mr Fortnum)

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'they' often say "You get nowt for nowt"

how wrong that can be....

a venue full of souls appreciating top soul

a dance floor to express ones' love for the genre

dee-jays the likes of Russ Holley, Ray Mahoney, Mick BB, Steve 'Jay', Carl Fortnum and Kev Draper.

and, not wishing to sound corny or patronising but a room full of love and respect for Kev Draper on his Birthday which only enhanced the already top 'vibes' of the night.

people from the 'Boro and Cambridge getting along just fine thank you very much (all us old POSH fans know that mixture on the odd occassion outside of the soul scene in the past has been known to be explosive)

and ALL this for Nowt.

no entrance fee

no door tax



bugger all!

what an excellent return to the Boro for netty and me, been meaning to get to Caliante ever since i designed their first flyer many, many moons ago, i guess when all the heavenly bodies were actually in alinement and pointing toward Mr. Ds' celebration we just could not miss this one.

well done guys

a most enjoyable event listening to most enjoyable music with most enjoyable friends (old and new)

more images on http://ournorthernsouls.org



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Had many happy times visiting Kev at his place to buy/trade discs...lovely bloke...please pass on my kind regards/soul-respect when y'all see him next :wave:

Also good to see Carl is looking after the Eddie Parker until he lets me have it...are you reading this Carl...look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under..and will now email me saying you are happy for me to have your Eddie Parker!


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Have to agree with earlier posts , always really enjoy the place ,but great to see so many people there doing just the same , it was already very busy when we arrived just before 9pm , and packed out soon after that right til the end!!

Geoff and Steve had already posted these comments on the previous events thread...................................................


Getting spins again

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Posted Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Thanks to the Caliente guys for a great evening. And a happy birthday to Kev Draper. Music was excellent all evening with something for nearly everybody, so thanks to all the DJs, especially Steve J for playing Faye Hill & The Hill Sisters for me. It would be nice if the DJs could put their playlists up as there were loads of tunes I didn't know last night, and, as usual, this morning my mind is fairly blank.

Additional thanks to Karen, Steve and Brian for their good company, and special thanks to Brian for doing the driving from Potters Bar I wouldn't have known where to go with the A1M closed, would probably still be driving around now, lol.

On my visits to the Club Caliente I've always found it a very friendly and welcoming venue, nice to see it so full last night.

Steve G

Oi you! Get out of my record box

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Posted Yesterday, 11:30 AM

Top night at the Caliente last night. Numbers up and music great. Good turnout for Kev D's.

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here you go. a few more pics, some good some bad!! havent mastered the camera taking thingy quite lol


oh dear!!!!!!

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playlist on a hot night @ the caliente

9 - 9.45

timothy wilson - hey girl do you love me - veep w/demo

the soul-fay - young girl - audio forty w/demo

the caesars - girl i miss you - lanie

21st century - shadow of a memory - dot w/demo

sylvia st.claire - just love me - brunswick y/demo

the adventurers - easy baby - compass

alexander patton - a lil lovin sometimes - uk capitol

the van dykes - save my love for a rainy day - mala

charlotta tillman - baby im serious - josie w/demo

fabulous peps - with these eyes - wheelsville

clarence reid - im your yes man - wand demo

tommy bush - i dont like it - rika

bobby treetop - so sweet so satisfyin - tuff w/demo

the paramounts - the girls with the big black boots - mercury

johnny mccall - you cant get away - satellite

jimmie reed jr - i aint going no where - mercury (request)

fantastic epics - lets get together - kelton (request)

silky hargraves - keep loving me - dearbon (request)

george hughley - do the beatle - gaye demo

thanks again for all your support

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the music that was played here was spot on, many thanks for Cecil Washington & for Jimmy Wallace, 2 of my favs of all time

ATB...Rob :thumbsup:

Hi Rob, glad you found the venue - straight forward for most folk, must be that old 1986 AA Road map you have in the boot of your car! Anyway, great to see you both and glad the music was to your liking! Yes, have to agree Jimmy Wallace is a fav of mine (wasn't me that played it though!).

Thanks again, see you out and about. Ray

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