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Herman Lewis

Who's Kissing You Tonite? / Right Direction

At the sight of the label I must admit going all weak and floppy…

as the needle hit - then the hairs on my neck bristled and the shivers cascaded down my spine. ONLY Northern Soul at it most inspiring can have that effect….

Listen and have your day turned around..

Detroit at it’s most moving!! 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,125.00


Melvin Carter

Midnight Brew

The Johnny Jackson Experience - Shing A Ling At The Go-Go!

A Northern Soul instrumental of mythical status, discovered by a legendary DJ and christened in a manner, so not only the music but also the name would stay with you all the way home, helping you forget the discomfort in the back of that rickety transit van.

Ian Levine did make the journey from the sticks of Leicestershire to the bright lights of Blackpool seafront, so much more tolerable…as we packed ourselves like Sardines as hire vehicle huffed and puffed its way up the M6…But you knew you’d hear records you thought never existed.. that was the guarantee every Saturday night at the Blackpool Mecca 1973.

On our previous excursion it was Dave Love’s - Colalined Baby - that captured my mind or maybe it was Linda Jones - Just Can’t Live My Life.. But this week it was the Johnny Jackson Experience (I went school with a Johnny Jackson, was my first thought) but he couldn’t even read..so certainly would not be able to blow off a Saxophone like a backfiring Elephant, that was fa’sure.

At the time “INSTRUMENTAL” was King and this instrumental ruled the Mecca for quiet some time; with not only it’s potent presence, it was the colourful title that remained with you, evoking visions of “Go-Go” Clubs in the USA with tasseled-Titty’s revolving violently to the down n’ dirty saxophonist going way over-the-top..

Memories, just great memories, of how naive we all were. But we’d willingly travel 300 miles just so we didn’t have to suffer locally the sounds of Little Jimmy Osmond, Gary Glitter, The Sweet, Tony Orlando & Dawn, David Cassidy…etc.

Even if Ian Levine was called Ivan Ingolfsson and DJ’d in the Fisherman’s Hut in Reykjavik, we would have been there… especially if he played his new discoveries every week and gave them names that sparked our minds…

BTW this is the “Levine” cover-up by Johnny Jackson Experience that dragged us back up the motorway week after week…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 312.00


Billy Sha-rae

I'm Gone / Let's Do It Over

Fill the floor without emptying your pockets!

Whether it be delivered by the rasping charge of Eddie Parker or the equally scything vocal chords of Billy Sha-Rae; This Jack Ashford and Lorraine Chandler’s Detroit-masterpiece serves you with the very crest of the Northern Soul Sound.

You are listening to the most defiant, dismissive, outrageously forsaking lyrics ever sung by a Soul artist; the choice of vocalist by Jack & Lorraine could hardly have been more appropriate… an angry, snarling, vicious delivery from the gut.

Whilst Eddie Parker’s version is considered the pinnacle of Northern Soul collecting, this version can only be considered an atom behind the “Awake” recording, as Jack Ashford bolsters the arrangement with a relentless “Funky” guitar rhythm to compliment Billy husky-hurt.

I love it, I play and it always fills the floor every time….it is a recording that is impossible to ignore.. and this is of coarse the original gloss finish brown label first press in sensational condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 190.00


Patty & The Emblems

Mixed-up, Shook-up, Girl


So perfect is this 1964 British DEMO we have lifted all the sound from the USA Herald 45 so not to spoil what seems to be a “virgin” spindle hole. vinyl inspection only reveal the merest of sleeve contact, storage blemishes; both labels are perfect. Still in birth-sleeve. and if you check carefully the gossamer vinyl residue from the “hole punching” is still intact after over 50 years..

OCD British 45 fanatics, it does not get better than “Unplayed Demo”

So check out the soundfile of a young Leon Huff composition that encapsulates everything great about the 60s Philadelphia girl-group sound..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 131.00



I Can't Stop You / L. A. Stomp

Revival tune for the legendary Wigan Casino Jock John Vincent who is blazing as trail at the moment reviving the 45s that unfairly didn’t get the turntable-time warranted to the quality of the tune.

So whilst still playing seriously imaginative sets of rarities John does enjoy dropping one of those forgotten 45s that instantly demand your attention..

This double-dose of Los Angeles Northern Soul is one of Mirwood’s lesser exposed NS offerings. So when John and I were discussing it’s merits (agreeing 100%) with each other…I happened to mention how weird it was that you only ever see the “Black” Mirwood label variation and how the BLUE press that fits perfectly into the Mirwood colour-scheme just never turns up…

It doesn’t does it? - well rarely it does - so whilst taking an eye-full at tghe rarely seen “Blue” 1st. Press listen to the fabulous Northern Soul sparking from your speakers, as the eminent gathering of Sir Hank Graham, James Carmichael, Sonny Knight, James Scarborough & Robert McGlothin get to work.

Remembering the chance to match up your “Mirwood’s” into a line of “Blue Beauties” does not come along too often - besides that obvious statement listen to those two thumpin’ sides of Northern Soul and be grateful DJ’s like John Vincent are busy on archeological vinyl-digs..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 101.00


Marion James

That's My Man

Snarling-Sister Nashville R&B Northern Soul at its scariest..!

The first note THUMPS and from there, on-in, it just gets more & more dacncefloor-persuasive, as this colossal Robert Holmes production takes everything to the limit and back again; Witness Marion James staking her claim to her man…. as the other girls are left in no doubt who that guy belongs to.

Northern Soul R&B could hardly be more potent, as squealing girls rubber-stamp Ms. James’s decree of ownership…She does say her man “Comes Home Late..” well, all I can say is “He’s A Brave Boy” facing this gal in the kitchen, would be some chilling prospect..

Undeniably R&B dance at it’s most compelling.. get on the dancefloor, or this demanding lady will be after you…

Condition of this seldom-seen rising star is just flawless..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 299.00


Belita Woods

Magic Corner

Detroit Doyens this will be of interest to you - one of the Motor City most electrifying ladies with a studio cut 7” acetate of one of her best Northern Soul offerings..

Check out the clarity and razor-sharpness in this ladies cutting vocal. A vocal that won her the lead vocalist position in that fiery band “Brainstorm”. Fully appreciated only by those lucky enough to witness her live on stage, a vocal that is right up alongside any Sister voice you care to mention..

So very sad how such obviously superior singers never achieved worldwide recognition for talents. Belita Woods takes some beating, but no album to her credit and only infrequently solo recordings released.. Belita has got to be one of Soul Music’s lost opportunities..

“Magic Corner” is the perfect material to showcase her ease at delivering distilled passion on ever note..

This acetate is probably unique, gives up the purity of the direct cut from one Songbird I personally can’t get enough of.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 183.00


Yvonne Baker

You Didn't Say A Word

East Coast vinyl press PROMO copy of a timeless Wigan Casino anthem!

Two unusually clean labels, birth-sleeve.. a few light surface blemishes but nothing to offend the eye or show on the needle.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 968.00


Grand Prixs

Roar Of The Crowd / Lost Love

Billy Revis teams up with William Powell, Harry Caldwell & James Carmichael to craft two killer California vocal-group Northern Soul dancers.

With a gathering of that quality you’d expect something outstanding from the streets or Norwalk.. and that’s what you get.

I’ve always loved the 60s vocal-group Northern Soul more than any other facet. So many different groups, so many levels of competence, so many varying styles.. but Northern Soul is at it’s very best when group harmony vocals are woven into a dance-beat.

Top side has been a well established rare-want for several decades now, with never enough copies to go round, it is another strong dancer that has suffered a little from it’s own rarity. But today we need to look at the totally overlooked masterpiece of street-corner NS harmony, that lay hidden on the B-side..

LOST LOVE” well where have you been all my life.. everything I lust about a record, you have it.. Pedigree, obscurity, nativity, capability and most of all desire.. “Lost Love” has been “lost” to Northern Soul for far too long; why I’ve never taken notice of this potential big-ticketer before, is bemusing..

Take time, to absorb not one but TWO solid Northern Soul vocal-group winners, absolutely sodden in promise.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 362.00



Shimmy Shimmy Walk Part 1 & 2

From Memphis to Soho

In 1962 the prolific Memphis based Billy Lee Riley crafted this rattling Hammond driven R&B instrumental that 2 years later was picked up by relentless pursuant of USA recordings, London based Island Records.

Chris Blackwell & Guy Stevens had dedicated themselves to hunting down worthy USA R&B and Jamaican Ska to release. This obscure Memphis born instrumental, being a perfect candidate for the MOD clubs of the day.

The Willie Cobbs 1960 Chicago R&B anthem “You Don’t Love Me” inspired this Billy Lee Riley’s instrumental creation, that did well enough locally to earn itself a 1962 “Checker” release.

But before you today is The Megatons classic in its ultimate clothes, 1964 British SUE still inside an original company sleeve, with flawless vinyls. So without delay click the soundfile, to be catapulted back to mid-60s London and the clubs that reverberated to the USA R&B sound The Tiles, The Flamingo, The Scene etc. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 133.00


Willie Tee

I'm Only A Man

Louisianan meets California and the result is spectacular!

Not only one of the greatest SOUL albums ever made, it is also one of the hardest to acquire; plus this elusive platter is in just stunning condition. Check out the New Orleans Prince Of Soul flexing his muscular talent under the skilled eyes of H. B. Barnum & David Axelrod.

Willie Tee’s ever emotional vocal is decorated throughout album with sweet Girl-Group choruses and a fully operational orchestra, captained by two of Los Angeles highest authorities on how to produce a real-deal Soul Session.

We have selected fully 6 recordings from this 11 track album, to give you a feel of what is on offer, whilst you’re enjoying Willie Tee consummate Soul vocal. But even after hearing the depth of quality with the 6 trailers. You cannot fully appreciate the full effect, listening to 33 minutes of Willie Tee cradled by a skillfully guided Orchestra has.

Just an awesome album, that is so hard acquire in this standard of condition.

Go on click the sample soundfile, you are in for treat!!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 300.00



Good Night Irene

Motown collectors read carefully - not many of you will be able to boast this oddity in your collection.


Killer Northern Soul a-side - the flip is entitled “Need Your Loving (Want You Back) but plays “Good Night Irene” both sides. Yes, totally weird and we have no explanation for it. There is a Red Vinyl promo of course which is far from common and highly sought-after by Motown completists. Bt a RED VINYL stock copy is another thing, and then not press the flip side as “titled” is quite baffling..

But the result is a VERY RARE Motown anomaly I cannot remember encountering before..

This week Motown offering is an eye-catching, Northern Soul stomping..conundrum.. you are unlikely to see again any time soon.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 111.00


Bobby Valentin

Bad Breath

You Got B B !!

As Latin invades the Northern Soul dancehalls yet again, on a very welcome renaissance with Joe Bataan, Harvey Averne, Bobby Valentin and gang. This novelty, is a tune that doesn’t leave your head very quickly…

The exquisite blending of jabbing horns, rattling Bongos, timed handclaps, quirky lyrics and enthusiastic group vocals is again sitting comfortably inside many a Jocks NS set.

No forgetting the venue where it all first became established within the ever-critical Northern Soul scene, Oxford Street’s “100 Club” broke fresh ground with tunes like this, that have not only stood the test of time; but are now with Manny Corchado - Pow Wow - a firm dancefloor favourite.. the Latin Boys are back…

bigger than ever..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 179.00


Spiritual Four

If You Think Your God Is Dead

Rare street level Memphis Soul, a currently very sought-after Funk infused Gospel dance 45!

A totally perfect blending of the three genres of Funk/Dance/Gospel with an impressive result as Otis Philips pulls everything together, ensuring the “Gospel” lyrics compliment, instead of diminishing the recordings “dance” status.

Vocally, quiet remarkable as the lead turns in a compelling performance whilst a relentless guitar pumps out the dance rhythm.

This is the style of the moment that is igniting “Rare-Soul” dancefloors worldwide, currently reverberating around all the upfront venues, spun by those elite DJ’s who are always seeking to push the dance-envelope.

Refreshing, powerful and essential fuel for the movement to march on.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 136.00


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One sold straight away on facebook for 250 last week

Really?i'm not on it Think i would rather sell it to a real collector who has been priced out of it by the more money than sense brigade.At a realistic price .

À trade for a rare sweet soul 45 would do though 

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Recently cracked my Billy Sha Rae, thought damn that's gonna cost me 20 quid I can do without spending to replace, how out of touch am I?

your not Pete they are but you know that already lol 


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Yvonne Baker. £968. I'm gobsmacked, surely not worth half that amount. Or am I living in a different world these days



The all-time classics are fetching increasingly large amounts these days. Look at Sandi Sheldon last month. Maybe I'll consider flogging a few myself before the bubble bursts.

Quite pricey for the Megatons on Sue - is it a rare one?

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Marion James - WTF sold mine last year to John Weston for £50

The scene has really lost the plot

I dunno, I was offered £150 for mine a few months ago. Mind you, it has received the dreaded 're-issue' treatment which reduces its appeal somewhat.

Lets be honest, Manship auctions are a sort of alternative universe where the normal laws just don't apply.  

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I doubt John will think the gains from selling Yvonne Baker will make up for what he failed to realise on Herman Lewis. Some of the records were really set-sale fodder confirming how difficult it is to source top-drawer auction items week after week. Still the best British auction by a long way.

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