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Boogaloosoul - New Boogaloo radio show - info request

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Hi y'all

I'm going to start an internet radio show called, funnily enough, Boogaloosoul and will feature tunes of a Latin flavour, 60s Boogaloo, Latin soul from 60s to present day, Latin funk in fact anything that I think would interest those who like this particular slice of music mayhem.

I’ll let everyone know the start date but probably going to be in May or early June. I’m obviously going to play tunes from the collection but I’d also like to feature some relevant info about the scene/music etc, It’ll run initially twice a month so anyone interested in this can help by:

  • letting me know which clubs are out there featuring this type of music as I’m going to do a gig guide

  • any current tunes being released that fit the bill

  • clips and links of any tunes they have found on the web

  • interesting links and info that give a history of the music, labels, artistes, clubs etc

  • in fact anything that you might deem appropriate

More details to come but looking forward to this new project.

Cheers Warren

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First show next Sunday folks. I'll post up details during the week of where you can listen and timings.  I'll also be doing a podcast of the show so you can listen at your leisure. Any gigs or shouts for dos let me know and I'll try to fit them in.


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