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Unethical Practise But Not Surprised


I received an email this week  from Aloha Got Soul advertising their new 7 '' reissue of Greenwood's  'Sparkle' their mid 80s cover of a Tatsuro Yamashita's excellent original. I've ordered a copy for $12 on Bandcamp.

However there's all ready a dealer advert for copies on Ebay for $58!   According to Aloha this record hasn't even been pressed yet so doesn't exist. It's on pre-order expected to be delivered in early December.

Is this common practise?  It's certainly unethical and would explain why there are , sometimes wide,  discrepancies in the prices of new records.



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not suprised - scalpers are all over popular new vinyl, but $58?

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Economic speculative methods since modern 'Finance' (20th Century !) still rule, and there are many (still raging sadly) of 'massive destruction' proportion that are as insinuative as effective. Even with smaller ingenious crooks who all the same ignore ethic(s) most logically (counter productive) as they hate more so righteous morality (that condemns their crooked ways) !

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It’s ticket touting, but for records instead of tickets.

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How do you think stockbrokers make their money.

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