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Guest shrimperman

Thanks for the replies, keep em coming pse.



Loooks like the guys have been pointing you in the right direction steve dolans site is a great starting point


definitely a great place for you to start nearly all the new and recent cds are on there with decent 1 minute plus samples of all tracks imho the best site on the net.

Also if you get a chance check mick odonnells soul discovery on 209 radio


last weeks show is availiable on a podcast Mick had ,John Ridley on for a deep soul special but he still did the first 45 minutes which to me was the best 45 mins of new music ive heard this year on any radio show.

Back to steves site not knowing exactly your tastes are a couple of things worth checking

Steve periloux - do the right thing https://www.stevessoulsounds.co.uk/shop/pro...?xPRODUCTid=655

The Canton Spirituals - Watch Him Move & I Need You - https://www.stevessoulsounds.co.uk/shop/pro...?xPRODUCTid=651

Patrick Henry & the Liberation Band - I Could Make It better,do you love me & behind closed doors


Lola - Look My Way & the sweetest thing


Fred Bolton - It Must Be Jelly & I Cant Lose


Russ thats for starters but well worth trawling through the lot

back to 209 radio there is a forum there where all the playlists are posted for micks shows and also a monthly chart from the likes of Colin Curtis ,Gouch,Mark Houghton ,Micky Ginn,Mick & others heres the last months listing.

Choices for November

Mick O'Donnell / Soul@209radio.co.uk

Parker "This Worlds Gone Mad"

OakIII ,"I cant say no"

Leni - Treat Your Woman Right

Patrick Henry & The Liberation Band "Loving You"

Walter Woolfman Washington "Close the Door"

Brian Goucher/ www.soulessence.co.uk

Larry Hamilton "I hope its not to late"

Now that Larry is finally finding fame elsewhere I thought I'd review what is for me the outstanding track on the album, some years ago I used to play this excellent dancer alongside the likes of Earl Thomas, Frankie Lee, Ann Peebles, Portia Griffin etc etc, it starts off ok and then transforms itself into a Willie Mitchell type dancer, harmonies popping up at just the right time, our man is in fine form. Perhaps its time to give this another go.His other albums all have some fine moments too.

Patrick Henry & The Liberation Band "Loving You"

Wow, I was totally unawhere of this quite brilliant dancer untill young master Dolan mentioned it to me, but nothing prepared me for my first listen, strumming guitars take center point, ably backed up by slapping drums, some simply wonderful vocals of which the chorus "Im loving you, I'll always be true to you" will become a singalong, arms in the air soundbite.This is possibly one of the top dancers to come way for a number of years, surfaced in 1998 on the album titled "Come and get it" to little or no attention.Patrick Henry of course is well known in soul circles with a handfull of excellent albums, he has a classic soul mans voice, the Liberation Band are is regular live band whilst touring.The other great thing about this cd is that it aint a one tracker.If you dont buy another cd this year this one should satisfy your craving for some time to come. Im told Messrs Houghton and Merry were on the case some time ago, oh well, better late than never.

Four Tops "Soldier of love"

The very wonderful 'Cellarfull Of Soul' series is an automatic buy blind for me, essentially a series of unissued, acetates and first time released Motown tunage, were up to volume three at the minute, crate digging is an art, but when you have access to the vaults where boxes of crumbling tapes, are simply lying there awaiting the diggers ears, then thats serious crate digging on a scale I can only think about.You know what!, they have done it again, two cds rammed with exquisite cuts that just leave you drained.BUT they have surpassed all that has gone before them, The Tops on an unreleased dancer from, wait for it, 1981............It aint like anything you've heard the them do before,absolutely the dogs bollocks of a tune, which should be in your collections curtosy of HMV for under a tenner.

Im sure Steve will be saying this as well, but there is so much good stuff around at the minute its hard to keep up, my wants list is growing all of the time, anyway onto this months vinyl offering, having guested on Micks show recently the one tune everyone is talking about is Roscoe Gordon "Find yourself another fool" (Bruboon 7") a stunning emotion filled ballad with a hook that simply draws you in, dating I would guess from the early seventies, I saw Micks reaction when it was being played in the studio, and I'v been accosted by a great many soul folk wanting the details. I have no idea where I got this from or how long Iv had it but I do remember spinning it at the first ever deep soul session in what is now termed The Lounge at the Yarmouth Soul Weekender. Which nealtly brings me to that hollowed place, I'm told bookings are up and there flooding in, not sure of the reasons but perhaps the bubbles burst elswhere and people want to get back to real soul played by real soul jocks without politics and ego's, putting the music first............All era's, styles etc.The bottom line folks, if you intend to go, better get on the case now and reserve your seat in the lounge.You know whats happening on the Friday, the Tony Blackburn of Cambridge will be there with some of his dwarf mates popping along as well. Care in the community at work.Who says Goucher has no heart.

Soul On


Steve Dolan www.stevessoulsounds.co.uk

Sir Charles Jones - Just For You

Fabulous ballad and one of the three new tracks from the man's new "Best Of"


Leni - Treat Your Woman Right

A tremendous CD that was released in 2006 and missed by many - the CD is

stuffed with goodies and it was a close run thing between the track chosen

and the equally stunning "Love Is The Answer."

Floyd Taylor - You Still Got It

I was lucky enough to receive this track about a month prior to the CD's

release and pardon the pun its "still got it" for me.



Mark Hougton/ A New Chapter


Lee Fields - My World/Love Comes and Goes (Truth and Soul)

What a pleasant surprise this 45 was. Two fantastic tracks which sound like they were made in the early 70`s. My World just edges it for me but i can see both tracks becoming popular among the more enlightened 70`s/Crossover Dj`s who are now starting to pick up on the likes of Bobby Warren and Trudy Lynn (featured in my top 3 way back in April).

Patrick Harris - Right On Time/Missin` Your Love (Lyn-Rome)

Taken from the cd "Long Time Comin`" i can`t seperate these two standout cuts. Firstly you have "Right On Time" a joyous mid pace dancer with a great melody,then there`s "Missin` Your Love" a lovely aching floater which shows off Patrick`s vocal talents nicely.

B Dupree - Time Zone (Down South Music)

An 80`s flavoured set which although sometimes let down by the production does feature a few above average dancers and this lovely subtle "Old School" ballad reminicent of those 80`s indies such as Tyrone Burwell,General Crook, RB Hudman etc


Eddie Hubbard /Banbury Soul Club

Walking the city streets - George Jackson [ Can't be satisfied CD Ace/ Kent ]

A superb previously un- issued track from the vaults of XL and Sounds of Memphis catalogue , now included within a fabulous CD of Deeper Soul from Ace records .Great story line ballad , this is as good as any of George's released sides IMHO .This CD also includes George Jackson's legendary rarity " Talking about the love I have for you " which is totally essential as well .

Living in the land of heartache - The Cavaliers [ Larry Banks family album CD Ace /Kent

Second choice from the Ace catalogue this month , and another unissued side , this time from New York , and epitomising the big voiced ballad sound of the mid to late 60's , fantastic string and piano charts topped by some fantastic vocals , if you dig Kenny Carter's stuff , this is in a very similar vein , not suprising with the legendary Larry Banks at the helm .

Doorsteps to sorrow - Rudolph Randolph [ A man needs a woman CD Japanese Mainstream ]

A great Deep Soul side included within this superb new Japanese release of Mainstream / IX Chains sides , there are 4

volumes of this material , this particular volume is in a Deep / Crossover / 70's vein , and comes highly recommended .

Eddie Hubbard Banbury Soul Club

Next Soul night January 5th 2008 , with special guest Mark " Soul Shack "Bicknell plus regular DJ's Eddie Hubbard ,Tom Howard , Charlie Mac ,Steve Milson and Dave Bailey .Check our web site at www.myspace.com/banburysoulclub for more details .

Fish / www.firstexperiencerecords.com Tel: 01162375461

The Sunburst Band - We Can Live Together cd album (suSU)

Floyd Taylor - Sweet Love cd album (Malaco)

Will Downing feat Roy Ayers - Lovers Melody cd album (Peak)

Colin Dilnot: In Dangerous Rhyhm


Your Sirs There's Something The Matter Magic City

I am a big fan of Oliver Cheatham on lead here in the group who morphed from Mad Dog & The Pups and then became Gaslight.

Willie Tee You Gonna Pay Some Dues Bonatemp This track is featured in my next article for There's That Beat which is a retrospective on the career of Willie Tee who died earlier this year.

J.C. Davis Monkey Chess

Perhaps my collecting has gone completely retro these days, as a lot of new releases have driven me to absolute despair!!!

Colin Curtis: Kings Hall Stoke/ Blackpool Hilton

Marvin Winans Alone But Not Alone 2007 CD

Quality gospel /soul co produced by Tommy Sims.

Tonya Hairston Ware The Voice 2007CD

As the title says more quality soul/gospel for 2k7.

Bradd Marquis Finding My Way 2007 CD

Quality indie vocal mix Soul/Rnb.

Dave Porter/ Vivid Sounds Tel:01787228238

Latimore "Edna Mae" from his new CD "Back Atcha"

"Talk to The Rain" CD (Japanese) nice comp. of mainly group sounds from the Mainstream Label.

"Sound City Soul Brothers" CD with Reuben Bell, Eddie Giles and Ted Taylor, all in top form.

Re-activated 45;

Jimmie Holiday "I Got a Woman", totally over the top version of this Ray Charles song.



Micky Gynn / Collector/Part time D.J

The Velons "It's up to you" (BJM)

Starting this month with a big thanks to Steve Dolan for putting this my way

Recently. Fabulous track off an album from the late 90's,most certainly not a one-track album.

Keiko Project "Midnight Shuffle" (Canyon)

Only ever released in Japan, with vocals by Terry Bradford. Thelate 70's early 80's Brought a mass of Jap lps into this country. This track off a mini LP is one of the best.

Frankie Gearing "Teardrops" (Beale St.)

Staying with quality Jap release only soul, this one of the best ever-female soul records in my opinion. You go through the collection and you come across something

As good as this, you know why we collect this type of music. Just so good

Just a note to say so much quality music still being produced today and long may

Mick O'Donnell Soul Discovery show continue to champion our love for soul today

And yester' year



Mark Merry

Tracey Whitney - A Woman In Love & Welcome To My Life - Love A Fable In 9 Acts - Babydoll Entertainment -

A good debut lp for ex raylet Tracey Whitney very 80s sounding in places but pretty solid throughout the killers to these ears is the very Anita Baker sounding "A Woman In Love" written by Robert Brookins (again Of 80s fame) good backing vocs and overall feel on this one and the other track "Welcome To My Life" excellent mid tempo winner well worth checking

Euge Groove feat Jeffrey Osbourne - Baby If I Only Knew {What I Could Do} - Born 2 Groove -Narada

Solid Enough Jazzy Funky cd with some nice sax from mr Euge Groove is taken to another level by Jeffrey Osbourne absolute killer killer tune wicked vocal as you would expect if this isnt lighting up modern soul dancefloors everywhere there no justice oh and a quick mention to the other excellent track on here by Ali Ollie Woodson a great version of "I Love You More Than I ever Know"

Snoopy Dean - I Dont Want To Be Alone & I Came For Love - Travellin Man - EMG

Not sure how widely availiable this is but its a welcome return for Snoopy Dean last heard of back in 1992 on "Read Between The lines" ive got to be honest i,m not sure if it is even new and happily to be corrected {ooH err Missus} if its not,but to get to the point fully of excellent tracks but the winners for me is the mid tempo killer "I Came For Love" chugs along nicely as you would expect with quality vocals .The other track "I Dont Want To Be Alone" is an excellent ballad which to me sounds very Sam Dees {note gotta keep off the stella} no it does ,check it out on the net i,m sure you will agree.

The Velons - A Chance To Say Goodbye - The Velons & Their Divas

A Big thank you to Steve Dolan for initially putting me on to the Velons whose cd from 1999 "Its All Good ,Its All Right" is a classic every track on it is a winner and well worth checking his site for,but this track is from their new CD just released and is an amazing track killer vocals excellent heartfelt ballad well worth checking out and for me its going to be up there at the end of the year if you love group soul this is for you.

the velons & The Divas - A Chance To Say Goodbye

Parker - This Worlds Gone Mad & Being Without You - Moe Soul Records

I will be 100% honest here and say i was so looking forward to this release the snippetts on Parkers website sounded great and on getting the cd rushed to the title track i will say now that "This worlds Gone Mad" will be up there in my ten for the year very marvinesqe midtempo with excellent lyrics the next track also is excellent too "Being without You" but after that i was really dissapointed i had expexted so much more after those two tracks were so good but being a soul fan how many lps have we got like that so disapointment aside well worth picking up and another quick note of warning {gotta stop shooting myself in the foot} no no he doesnt sing like you would expect after seeing his picture thast may encourage you too search it out.ENJOY.

Well thats it for this month thanks to Mick for his generosity in allowing 5 picks now so i can bore you all for longer hope you find something you like....Mark

Colin Brown

Joe Simon - "Yours Love" Monument.

This delightful slice of Mid-Pace magic was issued circa 1970.It is a ready-made "Early Doors"tune with Joe singing in fine voice.The backing is a subtle Southern Beat, which holds together very nicely behind the Vocalist.For those interested, on the "B"side is one of Joes` better Northern Dancers-"I Got A Whole Lot Of Loving ".My copy is a French Issue which has a great "Picture Sleeve",why did they not issue those so much -over here?

Tavares - "Judgement Day" Capitol.

A fine example of up-tempo 70s Soul.An Inspirational Song that is not too heavy on the "Churchy Theme"-if you know what I mean.A good Dancer that is made for the more energetic Soulies.Unfortunately I can only remember those days.The Tavares` performance on this is top notch.If you do not know it keep an eye open because when the Northern/ 70s Jocks get hold of it,the Price will rise.Like so many others.

Lea Roberts - "Excuse Me( I Want To Talk To You" United Artistes.

This surfaced around about 1973. When I first listened to the first 3 Bars of the Intro I thought it was too Funky to my tastes but then letting it run it becomes a nice mid-tempo tune.I must admit I do not know too much about this Lady but I believe she also recorded on "Minit" Records during the 60s`.Lea has a good powerful Voice when she lets rip,but why that dodgy intro?Never mind another 45 that will not break the Bank.

All the Best,


Well russ hope there is a bit there for you probably the strongest year for the last 10 for independent soul so much out there



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last years (2006 ) stuff for you and Steve to catch up on smile.gifcontact Fish !!

J-Red In My Dreams (US Soul Mop Ent. CD EP "What's Up"/CD "Second Nature")

John Legend Again (US Columbia CD "Once Again")

Gina Darby Yes (US Gina Darby Promo CDS)

Amar Khalil Sunny Day (US Earmark CD "Where There's A Will There's A Way")

Unified Tribe Don't Wanna Be (US IAM CDS/CD "Funktional Family")

Donald Harrison You Love Me Back (US Fomp Records CD "3D")

Vanessa Haynes I Wonder (UK Change Of Weather CD "Stay With Me")

Bobby Lyle ft. Peabo Bryson Lost In Our Love (US Heads Up CD "Hands On")

Amp Fiddler Heaven (UK Genuine CD "Afro Strut")

Hil St. Soul feat. Dwele Baby Come Over (US Shanachie CD "SOULidified")

Tim Dillinger That's The Kind Of... (US Icons Pen CD "The Muse")

Darrick Taylor & Garry Cope Onedaful (US EMF CD "In Da Door")

MG Still (US MEJE Ent. CD "Still")

William Green Feel Me Baby (US Music Montaj CD "Green Valley")

Trey Lorenz Love Me To Sleep (US X-Ray Records CD "Mr. Mista")

Javen Not Gonna Worry (US JCM/Rock Ent. CD "Believer")

Lady A So Glad (US Gumption CD "Give Me A Song")

. Steven Perrilloux Do The Right Thing (US Steven Perrilloux CD "Only You")

Fred Hammond More Of You (US Verity CD "Free To Worship")

Oezlem Eyes Burn (UK Phuture Lounge CD "Rainbow Soul Vol. #1")

. Karl Frierson Ten Minutes (EU Phazzadelic CD "Soulprint")

.LA Stylez feat. Maysa It's The Right Time (JAP Clay CD "The LA Stylez Project")

Norman Hutchins I Really Love You (US JDI Records CD "Where I Long To Be")

. Natalie Williams ft Nate James Converstaion (UK Eastside Rec's CD "Secret Garden")

Edmund Simental Midnight Rendevouz (US Edmund Simental CD "ES 2005")

. Marcell & The Truth Hopes Too High (US Basement Boys CD "Hopes Too High")

. The Whispers Livin' It Up (US Satin Tie CD "For Your Ears Only")

Trizonna McClendon Remedy (US 4 The Soul Reciprocity CD "Overtones & Innuendos")

Liv Warfield Work For Me (US B&M Records CD "Embrace Me")

Blackstone Longest Time (US Blackstone CD "Beautiful")

Hezron 27 Years (US Hard Shield Records CDS "Live It Up")

. Lab Addicts Movement (US Lab Addicts CD "The Essential Elements Of Soul")

3000 AD So Divine (UK Bomb Factory Promo 12")

Nigel Hall Destination (US Nigel Hall CD "The Face Of Things To Come")

James Day Don't Waste The Pretty (UK Expansion CD "Better Days")

Earnest Walker Jr. Coolest Days (US Earnest Walker CD "Variations On A Groove")

Gary Taylor My Blackness (US Morning Crew CD "Retro Blackness")

Paula Campbell Won't Love You Back (US Epic Promo 12")

. Boney James Shine (US Concord Music CD "Shine")

. Kelly Price This Is Who I Am (US Zomba Gospel CD "This Is Who I Am")

Khalil We Kicked It (US EVE CD "Tease U Please U")

Brown's Bag You're Contageous (UK Soulchoonz Records CD "Soul Satisfied")

. Jaheim Like A DJ (US Warner Bros. 12"/CD "Ghetto Classics")

David Sea Love Ain't Love (US Park Place CD "Love Makes The World Go Round")

. Spur Of The Moment We Can Get Together (US SOTM Records CD "Urban Renewal")

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Guest shrimperman

Ahhh thats where I got it from Mark , some gooduns this year too although no as busy as the last 5 years maybe ?

I think there have been more releases of quality this year rather than the last 5 certainly in the fields of southern & independent soul on top of that better quality from some of the majors eg Marvin Winans, Peabo Bryson & Will Downing to name three very recent ones but its the independent labels and the southern stuff thats really shone imho of course .



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Holy crap guys.........you are fantastic, wow, cant thank you all enough for taking the trouble to do this, Steves site is the bomb & just right for people like me that need to hear things & love listening to new stuff before purchasing.

Once again top job fellahs........BTW ditto the Angie Stone.



Edited by Russ Vickers
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Here's some of my current faves out of the stuff I've bought recently:

  • Invincible - Chris Jasper
  • I Been Thinking About You - Sammie Relford
  • My Brother, My Brother - Billy Valentine
  • The Search - April Hill
  • I Can't Explain It - Ann Nesby
  • Don't Take It Personal - Wahoo (Ft Paul Randolph)
  • Old School Party - Stanley James
  • Get On The Floor - Jahah
  • No More Tears - April Hill
  • Whenever You're Around - Jill Scott
  • Get To Know You - Ledisi
  • One For All Time - Chaka Khan
  • Take Me - Gina Green
  • Love Somebody Else - Masha¡
  • All Because Of You (Neo Soul Mix) - Carolyn Harding

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Hi Russ...

Just some of the tracks I have play on Soul Discovery in 07 www.209radio.co.uk

Herman Hitson "The Heart" (Sweet Rose)

The Sai Whatt Studio Band "Baby I miss you" (Bullet Proof)

Little Buck "I'mma stir up" (Showtime)

Terrence Forsythe "Spellbound" (N2)

Power "Get your love" (Powerized)

Bobby Warren "Time has come for us to be free" (On-Kord)

Tad Robinson - Ain't That Loving You (Severn) cd album

Trudy Lynn - You`re The Only One (Sawdust Alley).

Debbie Dixon "In love always" (Masterpiece)

Kashious "Bad Luck" (Gordon)

Howard Hewett "Can you feel me"

Theryl de'Cloue "Risin' to the top" (Houseman)

Rance Allan Group "Closest friend" (Tyscot)

Lil' Fallay "I wanna make love to you" (Fallay)

Dre-T "Infactuation" (S.T.)

Anita Easterling "I can't see myself leaving you" (Da-Soul)

Rene Jones "Show me" (Midolce)

Ruby Baker "Motions of love" (Tropics)

Jeanette Harris "Waiting" (J&M)

Lee Fields "My World" (Truth and Soul)

Mellissa Young "Rock with me" (Sugashack Promo)

Patrick Henry"Bye bye bye" (Drove)

Jerry L "Your lies" (Mijay)

Ann Nesby "I can't explain it" (Shanachie)

Ronnie McNeir "What goes around comes around" (Lewis R. McNeir)

The Canton Spirituals "Watch him move" (Verity)

Lola/William Bell "Shake hands" (Wible): Lola "Wash your hands" (Wible)

Parker "This Worlds Gone Mad" (Moe Soul)

OakIII ,"I cant say no" (New Rhyme)

Leni - Treat Your Woman Right

Patrick Henry & The Liberation Band "Loving You"

Special Guests on Soul Discovery 07

Marcell & the Truth

Phil Perry



Simone De

Howard Hewett

David Sea

Ron Matlock,

Ruby Baker

Rene Jones

Jimmy Levine

Michael Henderson

The Highland Room Special with Colin Curtis

Paul Mooney -Selecta/Shotgun Record

Colin Dilnot: In Dangerous Rhythm

Brian Goucher: Soul-essence

Mickey Gynn / Collector

Steve Dolan: Collector

Dave Porter


Eddie Hubbard /Banbury Soul Club

Mark Hougton/ A New Chapter

John Ridley (Deep Soul Special)

Colin Brown

Alex Subinas

Hope you can tune in to the next show my Special Guest be....

18.11.07 Mike Charlton (Soul Essence)

Cheers Mick

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Guest stevessoulsounds


Thank you to those who recommended my website www.stevessoulsounds.co.uk on this thread.

For me Floyd Taylor's "Sweet Love" is the killer track of the moment though there are so many great tracks around, 2007 has been and continues to be a vintage year for new releases. The other interesting factor of this year is the degree to which tracks from the 1990's onwards are being discovered/re-activated with the Liberation Band's "Loving U" being a prime example.

I feel, and have done for the last 18 months that we are experiencing another "golden" period for Soul music reminiscent of the 80's with all those marvelous "indie" releases that Soul Bowl brought us (I wish I had more money back then!)



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