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Source Talk - Live Audio And Live Chat

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Word of a new feature for Soul source

Its called Source Talk and is now fully open after a brief sort of trial

Its basically a high standard chat room service with a few extra decent features that feel can only make the whole soul source thing a better experience

1. Intergrated fully with whole of site - following the one site, one login, many features approach, Source Talk is just a one click no fuss thing, uses your soul source user name

2. Live Chat - Yep chat room thingy, normal sort of thing, but a lot of extra features read further for list of features

3 Live Audio - All members can now instantly stream audio from their pc to either all in Source Talk or if wish privately to one member. If you can play it on your pc you can instantly stream it in a no fuss no brainer way - see below for more

4. Private Chat - one on one chat with other members ?- easy just right click the name and away you go

5. Multi Rooms - Many permanent rooms can be set up - early days but all you have to do is shout if have any suggestions for permanent rooms you like to see

6. Members Rooms - All members can set up own rooms - password protected if wish

7. Other stuff - hatfull of other features - away notifications, can send sound smilies , can refuse private chat, can ignor eusers


As said do feel this has lot of potenial, some obvious ones that spring to mind and plans are a foot follow

Live Question and Answer Sessions - can host such" events , obvisouly can feature artists but can expand to whole gaggale of soul related interesting perosonalities

Special Soul Audio Sessions - the live broadcast feature can be used many ways, be it organised main event radio type sessions, regular scheduled members sessions, or just free for alls, after event muckers sharing plays, and so on

Along with ability to feature past live event tapes,members podcasts, archived rare soul radio and so on...

chat - basically simple to use

1 type message

2 press send

thats it

best bet is to just try stuff out - there is a help guide which covers most things in the menu

if need help etc - feel free to ask in members feedback

audio (note need flash )

to listen to other members broadcast

if a microphone is showing next to a members name that means he is broadcasting

just right click the members name and choose the bottom option - listen to broadcast

thats it - a window should open and you should start hearing the broadcast thru a flash player

broadcasting to othe rmembers

any member can brodcast anything that can be played on his pc or if fed into his pc by line in

mp3s. podcasts, recorded radio, live off the decks via lin ein

1. set up our media player on pc with sound clip, playlist or set up line in

2. in chatroom choose the voicechat menu and choose "start my broadcast"

3. a window opens, the first time you will have to allow flash access to your mike, click on the mike icon and choose what device you want to broadcast from eg cdplayer, line in, stero mixer, etc etc

4. press play on your media player or playlist etc - thats it - you should be now broadcasting

once set up the browser should remember settings for next time

Boring stuff...


no of users : 50 user limit t moment

it is hosted on a specialist server, if it is required then will increase it

audio connections - 50 again same as above

members groups

due to nature of this feature it is only open to the mint members group at moment

any mint minus group members are more than welcome to request to move to the mint group

if have a solid id there should be no problem, if not then all ask is that either supply a isp or traceable type email or get a mint member to vouch for you

please pm requests to myself with title mint


features such as ignore user, deny private chat do exist

any user having any sort of problms please use the email link at top of every site page and let us know


normal rules and terms of use of site apply

as all users are already members of soul source it is hoped that this will be used in a similar good natured manner and spirit such as the vast majority of members normally use the forums daily.

there will be a small team who will help look after things

end note

ok now fully open

live chat and live audio available, as said feel there is alot of potenial for the features these bring to soul source it is early days for this and there may be a sort of bedding in period.

As always feedback, views suggestions, criticisms most welcome , please post in members feedback

heres the link


this will be added to top menus asap

over next day or so will rotate some archieved soul radio shows to demo the sound features when time allows

just right click me if there and choose bottom listen option



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just looping some old rarest of the rare jazz fm shows

richard s, ady c, and rix, rob thomas

be looping several during the day just to demo the sounds feature

jump into room

right click my name ( a microphone next to it) and should be quids in



soul source url
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You have been busy.. poped in the chat room last night should be good once more people start using it and who knows keep some of the rubbish off the main forum..

Many thanks


soul source url
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You have been busy.. poped in the chat room last night should be good once more people start using it and who knows keep some of the rubbish off the main forum..

Many thanks


Freebasing should lose some traffic now! :D

soul source url
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