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  1. Hi I’m looking for a copy of blam blam fever-the valentines on dr bird it doesn’t have to look great it just needs to play well . Thanks Mark
  2. Hi I would like the Etta James -second time around if you still have it ?? please pm me thanks Mark
  3. Hi looking for copies of .. jimmy nolen - the way you do Junior wells-2 headed women zz hill -one way love affair mahalia Jackson -Elijah rock Etta James- good rockin daddy jo Ann Garrett- whole new plan If anyone can help please let me know thanks Mark
  4. Hi I’m looking to buy some more Schweppes crates (or similar) to store my 45s in if anybody has any for sale please let me know thanks mark
  5. Thanks Paul i did see them I was hoping someone might have one for less money but maybe I should stop being a cheapskate
  6. Hi I’m looking for a copy of Marc griffiths -boss sounds book please let me know if you can help thanks mark
  7. Hi I’m looking for a copy of junior wells - two headed woman(chief) thanks Mark
  8. Hi I’m looking for a copy of Prince buster-tribute to the toughest (ghost dance) on blue beat I’m looking for a decent copy with centre intact thanks Mark
  9. Hi i’m looking for a Decent copy of prince Buster ghost dance (tribute to the toughest )on Blue Beat thanks Mark
  10. Sound dimension-doctor sappa too (bamboo) Looking for a copy in decent condition Thanks Mark
  11. Hi could you please send me excel spreadsheet when you have time thanks mark smallface_80@hotmail.co.uk
  12. Hi !! Im looking for a demo copy of etta jones- nature boy on prestige . If you can help please pm me cheers mark
  13. hi yocky there are lots of copies for sale on ebay.uk
  14. Smallface


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