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  1. About five years ago I was looking through a pile of stuff in a charity shop in Devizes and found some Ray Merrell stuff ,usual c/w and mor stuff. The last one I looked at was Tears of Joy for a pound . Result.
  2. £20. They knew it had value but didn't know how much. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Tommie Young in there. The shop is the Oxfam shop in Marlborough. They've told me they don't have anything else.
  3. Jo Ann Garrett- That Little Brown Letter.
  4. The Astor’s - More power too you
  5. Proctol Harum - Whiter Shade of Pale. Always brings back memories of the summer of 1967 The Kinks - Waterloo sunset Joe Cocker - With a Little help
  6. Mid 60ts Jamo Thomas - I spy for the F.B.I Charlie Rich - Love is after me Edwin Starr - Stop her on site
  7. I have to admit I bought one from a local record shop.
  8. The club was called Dido’s in my day and the pub you are referring to was probably the Windsock. It was a funny shape.
  9. I wasn’t there that night but went there a lot. I remember seeing Roy Ayers, The Crusaders, Crown Heights Affair and more. We spent a lot of time in the nightclub, Dido’s. I remember the last night of the Calli, we were told we could rip any of the fittings off the wall because it was being demolished the next day.
  10. They play O. K. but I can’t make up my mind if the distorted guitar sound is accentuated by the off centre pressing or if it’s as recorded.
  11. I have two original copies of this and they have both been pressed off centre. Have I been unlucky or are they all like this?
  12. I must admit I do have some guilty pleasures but that’s not one of them. I dare not tell you what they are though.

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