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  1. It's a great honour to get Mr Mark Bicknell of Secret Stash records to DJ at I'm On The Right Track Soul Club, Railway Club in Lancaster Friday 1st March 2019. Mark has a great repertoir in taste of soul music. Had some of the great records back in the day. If i can get a list together what he has had I'll let you know. Hoping to put a top 5 together in dedication to one of thee finest inventive top Northern Soul DJs. I am so excited to have him on board at the Railway Club Lancaster 1st March 7.30/1am 2019.
  2. I'm On THe Right Track Soul Club - Lancaster Railway Club, Morecambe Road, LA1 2RXFriday 4 January 2019 7.00pm - 1.00pm £5 OTDDJ's Special guest Stu Hutchinson {East Lancs Soul Club} Mystery guest DJ Steve Jarvis ? & Paul Soul Johnson
  3. Paid 50p for Chapter 5 You Can't Mean It. Found it 200 metres from where i live at a carboot though my heart stopped for 3 seconds!!!
  4. We are celebrating 4 soulful years at The Lancaster Railway Club , Morecambe Road, LA1 2RX I'm On The Right Track Soul Club. DJs Paul Soul Johnson, Ian Cottam, Duffs & Jamie, Soul Man Sim and Special guest DJ Geoff Swallow. There will be a free CD and a I'm On The Right Track Soul Club 4th Anniversary soul badge!! £5 on the door, 7.30pm/1.00am. Playing Across The Board Soul music, Northern Soul, Rare Soul, R&B, Motown & Modern Soul. It's a great soul club that runs the first Friday of the month every bi-monthly with different DJs from other clubs. We get people traveli
  5. You're everwhere Pete Smith, everywhere I go looking for records your name pops us so 'I Can't Escape From You'! Open The Lips To Your Heart The Night Watch ABC November 22 1966 a day before my birthday! Big spin @ Morecambe Central Pier back in the day 1980's...................Need to go changing of the guard..........
  6. Lancaster Railway Club, Morecambe Road LA1 2RX, I'm On The Right Track Soul Club proudly present an extravaganza of cool and outstanding Northern Soul gems to get you dancing the night away! This Friday 1st September 2017. A nice and friendly club that have been going nearly 3 years November 2014-2017! Our soul posse love it and the drinks are cheap club prices! DJs: Roy The Boy Ward, Ian Cottam, Paul 'Soul' Johnson and special guest DJ Geoff Swallow who has a reputation of having some awesome tunes!!! Tunes on the night: IIiIf If You Don't Know What love Is - Fats Domino 'Artone',
  7. Hope I'm not stalking you i seem to be everywhere where you are!!
  8. Sorry Mate it me Paul Soul..............................
  9. You must have a lot of good contacts!
  10. God knows where you find them???
  11. At least you surprise every time I see you have a record for sale! Felix and his bag of magic tricks! *;*

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