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    nottingham & Teesside soul folk!
    films and music-rambling on beach at redcar-retired thank god -still with dee!still love her to bits!!
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    Redcar-366 feet from the beach!
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    Eddie Whitehead-just your fool

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  1. more class as usual from ady c...nice one m8...hope yr well
  2. the media NEVER have got it right along with all the crap NS MOVIES...... i nearly threw up when i saw this rubbish...lol
  3. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    theres only one place to go to hear the real sounds and it aint butlins! have a blast guys!
  4. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    wish i was there to team up with my old mates soul sam and john vincent!!1 love u guys!!!
  5. TONY HAGAN.- R.I.P.

    its with great sadness that i have to post the passing of this true legend in Middlesbrough. tony dj,d at local clubs and events for many many years. worked in alan fearnleys record shop also. cant tell you how gutted my wife and i are to hear ...
  6. Hydro Soul Club, School Aycliffe Lane, DL5 6EA

    looking forward to this catching up with some old faces!!! used to live in aycliffe-left 39 years ago-back up here from Nottingham retired living in Redcar East Alex Lang
  7. sat in L.A.looking at the royalties still pouring in from the talents that peeps such as kim earned him..... greedy uncaring bastard...
  8. hi mick!

    hope you and the fam are all well.

    me and doz have moved back to teesside to retire!

    were at redcar.

    how,s charlie doing?

    would be great to meet up with you guys!

    let me know



    1. Mike Lofthouse

      Mike Lofthouse

      Hello Alex

      All well here - so you've moved back - that's great.  Let's catch up soon.  I'm retired so have time on my hands, give me a shout



  9. soulalways

  10. Mark Freeman - Why Wiganer1 ??

    You missed the best years m8!!!! First 3 were mint!!!
  11. can anyone ID this amazing track please?

    Hi dazz Thankyou so much m8 Your a star
  12. hi all, here,s a file of a track played at middleton?? by a female dj so im told?? about 10 years ago...... its very poor quality,,,,but a killer !!!!! all help gratefully appreciated!!
  13. Deon Jackson Dies

    FAO ADY C hi ady how about a kent comp on the late great man ?? rip deon another detroit legend passes on
  14. 100 Club All Nighter

    whats happened to butch as im out the loop ? nice write up Geoff.
  15. Features: Mary Love Remembered by Ady Croasdell

    hi ady just read this with deep sorrow. a cracking tribute m8! I,ll never forget that great 25th celebratory night! incredible gathering of talent. you should be very proud of your achievments in revitalising a lot of careers.