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  1. I have always loved this record since I first heard Guy spin it at Stafford in April 1985 at the second anniversary which was the first time I had been to Stafford in quite a long time due to work commitments and buying my first house which took all of my time and money. I remember thinking at the time I must get along to this event more often.I loved the whole 60s newies thing that went on at Stafford and elsewhere at the time and made a point of going to Stafford at least once a month till it ended in early in 1986.
  2. Rip Little Richard you certainly made your mark. Would love to have seen him live.
  3. Lucky One

    100 Club On-Liner


    Excellent way to spend a Saturday night stuck in like everyone else. If we get through this current situation I hope to get along to the 100 Club again sooner rather than later.
  4. Brilliant write up of the best allnighter in the history of this great scene of ours by its best DJ. My wife and I have only attended four times and only in recent years due to bringing up children and working most weekends over the last thirty years. We attend other allnighters elsewhere while we always enjoy doing so nothing compares to the 100 club past or present. Well done Ady and everyone that has been involved over the years, so glad we have been able to attend.
    I must admit we arrived just before 1am due to other commitments just as Andy Dyson started his spot which is always top quality one of the best DJ`s around every one that followed him delivered to the same standard till we left around 5.30am . A great night looking forward to the next one in September
  5. Very sad news to say the least, one of lifes characters always said hello and made my wife and I laugh when we spoke at allnighters .The allnighter scene will not be the same without him, his posts on facebook were the only things worth reading on it. RIP Simon.
  6. Brilliant record simple as that. All credit to Butch for getting hold of this little wonder he is the best DJ the scene has ever had.
    What a great way to end the year by listening to some excellent music at this great venue. Well done to Kev Roberts for keeping this event going all these years. All being well we shall be at the next one in April.
  7. Well done Chalky excellent effort to bring these recordings to a wider audience. I have always felt that this period was one of the scenes better eras, I consider myself and everyone who attended Stafford very fortunate the have lived through it and living only half an hours drive away couldn't really have been any better. I look forward to the next tape, thanks once again.
    Excellent night in Wigan just the same as last years event, first allnighter for us for at least six months. Which made it that little bit special not that it needed anything added to it. We will be back next year if hopefully you do it again, well done Jordan and everyone involved in making this happen.
  8. We all know the casino was a dump and how it was managed left a lot to be desired, but who wouldn't love to go back for just one night I certainly would. so glad my parents let me go as I was only fifteen when I first visited. Not the best allnighter I have visited but certainly one of the best venues in terms of being ideal for an allnighter.
  9. Looking forward to attending this great allnighter again, last years event was very memorable for many reasons, hope we can be there again.
  10. RIP fisher you certainly made your mark love hearing this record out at a venue, slightly off topic how many known copies are in existence. ?
  11. My wife and I attended the kings hall allnighter last Saturday mainly because my wife enjoys it not really my bag but still a good night out. Numbers were down but with so much going on these days is it any surprise to anyone really. I can remember when I was going to Wigan regularly in 1976 around November of that year I and a few friends went one Saturday night to the casino on a really cold foggy night, when we arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning to find there were probably 200 at the most in the entire building so what`s the big deal. Say what you like about the so called glory day`s of the 70s I prefer the scene today so much choice and variety which did not exist then. The previous Saturday we visited Rugby which is very much up my street isn`t that the great thing about today`s scene you can do the same thing each week but it can be so different long my this continue.
    After a great day in London to see our eldest son what better way to end the day at one of the best allnighters around, highlight of the night was in my opinion Alan Jenkins always a pleasure to listen to one of his spots. Well done to the promotors of this event will be back as soon as we can.

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