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  1. Rugby Soul Club - 15th Anniversary Allniter

    After a great day in London to see our eldest son what better way to end the day at one of the best allnighters around, highlight of the night was in my opinion Alan Jenkins always a pleasure to listen to one of his spots. Well done to the promotors of this event will be back as soon as we can.
  2. Rugby Soul Club - 15th Anniversary Allniter

    We will be calling in on our way back from a day in London to see our son, would be a waste to pass this great allnighter on the motorway and not call in for a few hours at least.
  3. I remember seeing this clip on top of the pops at the time and being very impressed with it. I was aware of the scene due to a lot of the older lad`s on my estate going to Wigan, like a lot of people of my age (57) it started the ball rolling as regards our i...

    First time for us at this venue and all being well won`t be the last, are there any dates for 2018 lined up.
  5. Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    Hoping to make our second visit to this allnighter, some excellent DJ`s in that line - up. Hate to wish my life away but roll on Saturday.

    I always enjoy going back to Wigan, great memories of the casino. I would put last nights allnighter on a par with any I spent at the casino simple as that loved the venue and the fact it is run by young people for all the right reasons. Well done Jordan and his team you are making your own history long may this continue we will be at the next one looking forward to being there again.
  7. 100 Club Allnighter

    This was the fourth time my wife and I have attended this allnighter and if all is well no way will it be the last. We only go to around four allnighters a year due to our work and family comitments which keeps it fresh this is certainly one we always try and make sure we can attend, as ever well worth the time and effort to attend long may it continue.

    Looking forward to this allnighter, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend last years event due to family commitments hopefully that won`t be to case this year.
  9. News: 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    Everything in life changes the 100 club allnighters are no different. Can you imagine the soul scene without it?. It would certainly be a lot poorer nothing has come close to what it has done past or present long may this great event continue. On a personal ...
  10. 40 years ago! Jr Walker St Ives

    Am I right in recalling that Junior Walker performed at Wigan around the same time May 1977. I went to that allnighter brilliant performance best I ever witnessed.

    We enjoyed the night certainly glad we made the effort to attend, first nighter for a few months for us which sometimes is no bad thing, makes it a bit special which is something this event is. Will be back sooner rather later that much is certain.

    Will be giving this nighter a try for the first time, have been meaning to do so for a while but real life has got in the way too many times on past occasions when it has been on, hope that's not the case this time.
  13. Rarest of the rare allnighter 1994

    A superb clip of a great nighter, and great period for the scene when there wasn't so much going on which made it all a bit special something that seems to be lacking today or is that just me.
  14. News: Pied Piper Finale - Kent Records - Now Out!

    As ever quality all the way a copy of this will be in our household very soon. The first two pied piper`s are excellent this is no different. This CD will be put to good use on my thirty mile round trip to work in the coming week`s while stuck in traffic.
  15. Brilliant film, brilliant story and above all else one of the best recordings ever made what more could ask for.

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