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  1. One for sale on Ebay at £1536.00 ($2,100) 382579628037 Think I'll give that a miss
  2. Walter Jackson It’s All Over https://youtu.be/-ryFoZDNQZE
  3. I bought an album from the states and when it didn't arrive checked the US Post tracker and found it had been held by the UK post office to pay tax. I never received the card the post office usually send and when I contacted the post office they said they'd sent the package back to the sender. The sender never received it and I was left with sweet FA because the post office wankers couldn't do their friggin job. No apology, they didn'd give a monkeys. It doesn't encourage you to buy from the USA particularly when the UK postal service is full of imbeciles and grasping tax parasites. wanting to nail you for a 50 year old record.
  4. Any idea how accurate this latest documentary is. I visited the Motown museum a couple of times and there was several people from back in the day including some of the Andantes and a producer, I forget who's name, but when I asked why there was not a single picture nor mention of Raynoma Singleton they all clammed up and looked at me like I had two heads. The Gerald Posner Motown book endorsed by Gordy was pretty much the same. It's like she has been written out of Motown history all together, however the Berry Me And Motown book by Raynoma tells a totally different story..It will be interesting to see which version we get.
  5. Nice. Thanks for that, I'll order one today.
  6. I notice the sales blurb on Juno describes the re-issue on Schema as 'a punchy radio edite'. Would I be correct in assuming this is a different mix to the Unique 33rpm mix?
  7. Just bought one from Juno. Limited to one copy per person. There was another on Amozan from the US if you're prepared to wait till August for delivery
  8. Looking for a decent copy Ex or better. Thanks
  9. Syl Johnson = Is it because I'm black Miserable but brilliant. https://youtu.be/6JNwqRF32ZI
  10. Hi Anyone got a copy of Barbara's finest on Tuska, VG or better for sale? Thanks
  11. It doesn't look to have a very big range. If someone took off with your records you need something that can track wherever they get to like the apple find my phone app. I couldn't imagine any thief would hand around within 200 feet. A satellite enabled tracking device would be a great idea though.

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