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  1. Not a lot in the scheme of things really. However, I've been playing the LP since this cropped up and I have to say that's the way to hear it!
  2. Chris there was a seller on ebay selling lots of Curtom 'job lots' inc at least one box of 25 of this one. He also had multiple copies of the job lots - a nice lot of seven releases inc a copy of this which he had six lots of! one of which is winging its way to North Carolina as I speak
  3. Mal - I have two label variations of ‘Cry Cry Cry’ with the second titled ‘Cry Cry’. Both are on the earlier brown/yellow. I don’t have an orange variation. ‘Ain’t That Loving You’/ ‘Jelly Jelly Jelly’ is the only one I have on both brown/yellow and orange. Mike
  4. Been a bit of a project these past few years collecting Bobby's Duke 45's. Two short of the US releases - his first and 369 (anyone got one out there?), I'm not sure the second variation of Duke 160 exists(?) and I only have his second release on a 78 - he only put two singles out on the label before his Army service. Including Demos, Label anomalies, EPs (French, Jukebox, UK), Canadian Dukes (and London), Australian CBS and UK Vogue, Vocalion, Action, Sue, I'm up to 94. I'm not so bothered about his ABC, MCA, Malaco 45's.....maybe i'll get around it☺ B
  5. The 'dreaded' Nashville and all that 'awful' country music eh?
  6. The 'someone' at Stax who owned an MG was Chips Moman, thought that was as well known as any aspect.
  7. Always thought 30% was the norm - if you are lucky
  8. What a fantastic piece of work Red .... invaluable
  9. I have no idea Sean.........just musing on the the possible connection of 'Rhonda' on Stax and the Rhonda on Volt (Stax subsidiary) ....... like I said I don't know the Stax track.......
  10. you have me confused Roburt.... so Rhonda Washington was also signed to Duke before her work with Hot Sauce?
  11. The 'lead' on Volt records act 'Hot Sauce' was a Rhonda Washington - half a dozen fine single before disappearing. I don't know the track you mention but I would guess it is from the vaults issued on the reactivated Stax label................. comparing the Washington (Volt) and Davis (Duke) tracks their voices are not a million miles apart ...but who knows?

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