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  1. Mike Lofthouse

    Selling Again

    Always thought 30% was the norm - if you are lucky
  2. Mike Lofthouse

    Great Memphis Session Info Here

    What a fantastic piece of work Red .... invaluable
  3. Mike Lofthouse

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

  4. Mike Lofthouse

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    I have no idea Sean.........just musing on the the possible connection of 'Rhonda' on Stax and the Rhonda on Volt (Stax subsidiary) ....... like I said I don't know the Stax track.......
  5. Mike Lofthouse

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    you have me confused Roburt.... so Rhonda Washington was also signed to Duke before her work with Hot Sauce?
  6. Mike Lofthouse

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    The 'lead' on Volt records act 'Hot Sauce' was a Rhonda Washington - half a dozen fine single before disappearing. I don't know the track you mention but I would guess it is from the vaults issued on the reactivated Stax label................. comparing the Washington (Volt) and Davis (Duke) tracks their voices are not a million miles apart ...but who knows?
  7. Mike Lofthouse

    Oscar Perry I got what you need original

    There is a near mint on Discogs for 119.95 (anda green label/black text for £125)
  8. Mike Lofthouse

    Record Store Day ( Soul Stuff )

    Damp Squib for Soul fans maybe but 60,000 LPs and 30,000 45's sold on the day in the UK alone - keeps a lot of small businesses going.......
  9. Mike Lofthouse

    Best live performance

    The Dells was a legendary night for sure Baz...everyone was there it seems, the only person who missed it I know was Kev Kane!
  10. Mike Lofthouse

    Heir Hunters on BBC

    The sale of the remaining 4000 or so records from his collection was discussed at length on here - Featonbys Auctioneers on Tyneside sold them..something like £7 k was made on the day.... I have a copy of the spreadsheet the auctioneers provided...none of the lots really took my fancy....
  11. Mike Lofthouse

    Best live performance

    I have seen some wonderful Soul performers in recent years....all performing far better than you have any right to expect.......some highlights include... Ann Sexton and Debbie Taylor at The Witon Irma Thomas, Barbara Lynn, Mabel John, Willie Hightower, Tony Owens, Brenda Holloway and Betty Harris in New Orleans in 2016 (Ponderosa Stomp) William Bell, Ann Sexton, Masqueraders, Denise Lasalle, Timmy Thomas, Spencer & Percy Wiggins, Don Bryant, John Gary Williams and Randy Brown in Memphis in 2016, also down the road in Muscle Shoals Eddie Floyd and Mary Gresham with Travis Wammack Phillip Mitchell, Barbara Mason, Michael James Kirkland, Lew Kirton, Lenny Williams and Margie Joseph in Bilbao over the past 5 years The O'jays in Nevada in 2010 and Aretha Franklin in North Carolina in 2016.. Nearer to home - William Bell at the Sage Gateshead last year (with the Stax Academy) were fantastic and in London last year Don Bryant at Ronnie Scotts was brilliant as were The Impressions at The Union Chapel.... The Albert King/John Lee Hooker/ Buddy Guy and Jnr Wells show at The Hammersmith Odeon mentioned earlier was a night to remember although Albert was in better form at Colne the year he died in '92. ...and not forgetting the great Bobby Bland at the Albert Hall back in 2000... Try to catch as many as I can..always worth the effort.......
  12. Mike Lofthouse

    Best live performance

    in fairness Syl gave him hard time throughout the show.......don't think he up to the standard Syl Johnson was use to...
  13. Mike Lofthouse

    Best live performance

    Henry Gray.......he played the upstairs room of The Central pub on Corporation Rd in Middlesbrough in the 80's.......
  14. Mike Lofthouse

    Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    The Impressions were fantastic in the Union Chapel last year Steve. A great venue.
  15. Mike Lofthouse

    Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    One of Soul Music's greatest and legendary songwriters sat at the piano performing and talking about Soul Music's greatest and legendary songs....what a total waste of time ! Why would you support such a thing ?


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