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  1. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    The Impressions were fantastic in the Union Chapel last year Steve. A great venue.
  2. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    One of Soul Music's greatest and legendary songwriters sat at the piano performing and talking about Soul Music's greatest and legendary songs....what a total waste of time ! Why would you support such a thing ?

    well it wasn't 'flipped' as such...it was not a contemporaneous release with the US, it was released six or so years later because of the Northern Soul scene demand. Although it was the first time released in the UK it is no different than say Pye Disco Dem...
  4. How the hell is this not massive??

    I have no opinion on the record itself.
  5. How the hell is this not massive??

    Don't think that will happen...it will mean giving a certain person some credit.......seems he is air brushed out of the TSWONS these days...
  6. Birmingham Newspaper -- 12 Top Soul Groups

    that list is like comparing Apples and Oranges......... Sly and The Family Stone and the Supremes ? Booker T & The Mgs and Jackson 5 ? ridiculous!
  7. Import duty?

    Big red label saying 'Customs Fee To Pay' - the itemised bill says 'Import Duty = 0.00' Excise Duty = 0.00' - you should of just paid those John.....
  8. J Manship Auction Results 23/08/2017

    It was never thought to exist until this year, it has been discuussed a few times on here. A few copies have 'surfaced' only this year- an LA dealer has sold a couple for $200 plus. I have seen maybe half a dozen for sale this year and never ever before, s...
  9. Customs charges!!

    But the Post Office are not storing the record on behalf of HMRC - they are storing it for the buyer who may choose to leave it three weeks before settling his bill and collecting it. Basically when you buy a record from the US you know that if it is o...
  10. Customs charges!!

    You are also asking him to make a false declaration on an official government form - they might not be inclined to do that. The way I look at it you should factor in all the possible costs when making your bid or purchase - if the seller does put a low...
  11. Bobby Bland - Duke anomaly

    Mal - re your original question - the explanation from Cashbox, the sequence of release must be as follows - Duke 432 Driftin' Blues A Piece Of Gold Duke 432 Driftin' Blue...
  12. Gladys Knight at the Fiesta Club in Stockton

    Are you local to Norton/Stockton Mark? I live near the old club now - its now a christian Meeting place. Always had all the visiting US soul acts for a weeks residency along with its sister club in Sheffield. Saw the Four Tops and Three Degrees there amon...
  13. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    I know my reply was pretty much much ignored - but how do we know the white and purple are boots - rather than just another pressing run ?
  14. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    Don't ever remember hearing the 'spoken intro' version back in the day and I loved the record. It was maybe only 10 years ago that I heard it for the first time - I bought a copy off here of one of the well known dealers for £80. Ian Levine championed ...
  15. Two wants - Lee Hurst & James Fry

    Must be at least Excellent condition - please pm with total cost. Thanks James Fry - Tumbling Down b/w Still Around - Hi Records - 45-2142 Lee Hurst - Whole Lotta Your Love b/w Saturday's Wild - A&M - AMX 342

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