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  1. How the hell is this not massive??

    I have no opinion on the record itself.
  2. How the hell is this not massive??

    Don't think that will happen...it will mean giving a certain person some credit.......seems he is air brushed out of the TSWONS these days...
  3. Birmingham Newspaper -- 12 Top Soul Groups

    that list is like comparing Apples and Oranges......... Sly and The Family Stone and the Supremes ? Booker T & The Mgs and Jackson 5 ? ridiculous!
  4. Import duty?

    Big red label saying 'Customs Fee To Pay' - the itemised bill says 'Import Duty = 0.00' Excise Duty = 0.00' - you should of just paid those John.....
  5. J Manship Auction Results 23/08/2017

    It was never thought to exist until this year, it has been discuussed a few times on here. A few copies have 'surfaced' only this year- an LA dealer has sold a couple for $200 plus. I have seen maybe half a dozen for sale this year and never ever before, s...
  6. Customs charges!!

    But the Post Office are not storing the record on behalf of HMRC - they are storing it for the buyer who may choose to leave it three weeks before settling his bill and collecting it. Basically when you buy a record from the US you know that if it is o...
  7. Customs charges!!

    You are also asking him to make a false declaration on an official government form - they might not be inclined to do that. The way I look at it you should factor in all the possible costs when making your bid or purchase - if the seller does put a low...
  8. Bobby Bland - Duke anomaly

    Mal - re your original question - the explanation from Cashbox, the sequence of release must be as follows - Duke 432 Driftin' Blues A Piece Of Gold Duke 432 Driftin' Blue...
  9. Gladys Knight at the Fiesta Club in Stockton

    Are you local to Norton/Stockton Mark? I live near the old club now - its now a christian Meeting place. Always had all the visiting US soul acts for a weeks residency along with its sister club in Sheffield. Saw the Four Tops and Three Degrees there amon...
  10. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    I know my reply was pretty much much ignored - but how do we know the white and purple are boots - rather than just another pressing run ?
  11. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    Don't ever remember hearing the 'spoken intro' version back in the day and I loved the record. It was maybe only 10 years ago that I heard it for the first time - I bought a copy off here of one of the well known dealers for £80. Ian Levine championed ...
  12. Two wants - Lee Hurst & James Fry

    Must be at least Excellent condition - please pm with total cost. Thanks James Fry - Tumbling Down b/w Still Around - Hi Records - 45-2142 Lee Hurst - Whole Lotta Your Love b/w Saturday's Wild - A&M - AMX 342
  13. Low Rider Scene

    Deep....and so grim!!!
  14. I would say it's valid - a group ? two or more!
  15. and the same combination Kev.... Valentino's -Looking For A Love -SAR Bobby Womack-Looking For A Love -UA