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  1. corby john

    corby john

  2. corby john

    Wellingborough weekender playlist Saturday

    Many thanks Mr. C. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all in the 70s - Modern room?
  3. My playlist in 70s thru Modern room on Sat evening: 17:20-18:10pm Maurice Jackson - Lucky Fellow - Lakeside Hesitations - is this the way to treat a girl - GWP Odds and Ends- Let me try - Today Silk - Falling in love isn't easy - Nation Valerie and Nick - I'll find you - Glover Ed Summers - I can tell - Soya Basic Black & Pearl - there'll come a time there'll come a day - Polydor Archie Bell & Drells - Don't let love get you ..
  4. corby john

    Soul In 'The Big Bowl' Charity AllDayer

    See you all in the Den from 7pm guy's !! cheers, John Mc.
  5. corby john

    ATB SOUL (now 2 rooms)

    First trip up there for the Corby trio..........well worth it as we had a great night. The sort of venue we've been looking to attend for quite some time. Big thanks to Barry & all the other DJ's for delivering exactly what was Across the Board Soul night
  6. corby john

    Identify Track

    Sent you another P.M. Paul
  7. corby john


    Got to say Guy's......well done once again & Musically for me, the main room was the best one yet. Great tunes from the lad's in there.....including Steve's usual excellent "warm-up spot". regards, John Mc.
  8. corby john

    Top Dog Records - New Arrivals

    Have sent you a PM
  9. corby john

    The Lost Family Blow My Mind

    Sent you a PM m8. cheers, John Mc.
  10. Now that really is a good question........from my own point of will all come down to numbers & cash. I used to enjoy 1 room events, but as time passed, I had to look for the 2 rooms do's............mainly due to so called across the board nights remaining to play 90% Oldies with just a smidgen of Modern Soul thrown in. Also I suppose it will depend on whether the retro/ Nostalgia nights continue to flourish in ..
  11. That's all well and good......for you.......however, the more of those types you mention that keep attending, the more likely it is that you will keep hearing the same old tunes & then possibly stop dancing to them? I got into it for the love of the music too........however i'm sick of hearing the same old tunes time & time again. I don't care how many "Normals" etc wish to long as the Dj's stop pandering to the..
  12. corby john

    Djing Cock Ups

    Hi Kev..........i'm hoping it was an R&B tune matey??
  13. corby john

    Newbie Alert

    Welcome Graham..........enjoy it & don't take it too seriously cheers, John Mc.
  14. corby john


    For a thumping's gotta be "The Romeo's - Mon Petite Chow "...........storming !!
  15. I'd say 77' through listening to pal's older bros tunes. Went to 1st All-dayer @ Central Hall Kettering in 78'...........great journey so far !!!