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    Put on Rock Foundation back in the day i got a -6 on here well loved ha

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  1. Thanks Mike for your feedback and a good critique . Thanks again for the promotion the UK sales are to be honest are fair at best but when reviews come in it will evolve . Working Books 2-3 best John Scarborough Village ( hot) Queensland .
  2. Mike To be far I have had issues in the past because of the moderating of a thread in 2018 about Johnny Boy Pryors new release which to be fair we can't give away today. I personally got it wrong because I pressed too many . I with the greatest respect love my mates with a passion and fight there corner! . But threads that can end up in a bun fight and I personally wear some that responsbilty which I apolgize for simply because '' I got upset '' will turn people off '' especially in this incredibly sad times as they might be depressed enough. Social media really annoys me beyond
  3. Enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dkOhBiToCo
  4. Mate its sad that the groups never made a penny . Bringing out a 45 is expensive and you often do it for the love of doing it . Thanks for yor kind thoughts it is very appreciated m8 !
  5. A good call m8 but she is going drop soul covers and start do original songs after the next release of ''YDLM '' She as a terrific personality & the voice , she should do well !
  6. Thanks mate & try put full show up on here at some point .
  7. Today in New Zealand Jamie & the numbers performed live in front of a biggish crowd with people of all ages enjoying are great genre ! They performed there 2 covers of the classics! ''If this is the love '' a few left for sale on discogs ''Magic Touch'' some for sale discogs Next release planned April 2021 Cover of ''YDLM '' to honor Eugene Thomas R.I.P with Robert Paladino talking at the end of the record ! Simon Bayliss is kindly writing for book 2 John Warren ''Our Soul Music Journey '' release date December 2021 . best Dyslexic John from Qu
  8. Just had one correct addy Post to me in Queensland Australia ! 13 Quid posted November UK went to Canada & know back in UK
  9. Our Soul Music Journey by John Warren – NEW BOOK! PRESS RELEASE – January 9th, 2021 A brand new book and approach to bringing together the life stories of people in the music scene associated with the phenomenon of Northern Soul! Devotees around the world will know the impact of a sub-genre of northern soul, which developed out of underground RnB and soul music and where so often obscure releases and B-sides were seized upon by fans concentrated initially in the working north of the U.K. - they created a worldwide underground phenomenon. The lives of northern soul fans started
  10. Our-Soul-Music-Journey-by-John-Warren-Prss-Release.docx
  11. In Brisbane Qld we just had are first case of Covid ( UK strain ) so we have gone in to a 3 day lock down . So for all off you '' you not on your own '' in dealing with this fker . Stay safe best John Warren
  12. Click on the link to access the look inside feature & we wish you all a happy new year https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08PPJZDVH
  13. The Look Inside feature is now available. Enjoy best John Enjoy! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PPJZDVH
  14. Thanks M8 information like this is a big help which are grateful for . Best John
  15. Thank you mate it is appreciated . I agree totally and will be very pro active because the more books sold then , we can help the artists listed in the book more , because there struggling . We are so fortunate in Australia & UK to have NH based heath systems . This is my first book and being dyslexic its a real struggle. I believe due to Amazon privacy rules I will not have access to readers email's ? best John

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