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    Put on Rock Foundation back in the day i got a -6 on here well loved ha

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  1. Tonight I sadly learned that my ''Soul Brother '' Jan Lisewski had passed away in Miami USA. He was the editor of our book "Our Soul Music Journey'' but he was much more than that the book is a reality because of him! The world is a much poorer place when someone as loved as him passes his knowledge and passion for music is legendary. I lost a friend and brother and I am truly gutted I loved you mate. R.I.P till we meet again x My thoughs are with Erika & family x
  2. My first In 20 years posting worldwide - posted 2 45's to the UK $29 post took 5 weeks and arrived yesterday with really bad heat damage. So I started a thread on soulsalesinoz on facebook to find its happening a lot . One lad has just done a $470 refund. Its take years to build a good reputation thats being distroyed by are useless Australia postal no service mob of cretins. So question is are the postal services heat treating them or are they sitting in dubai? Best Johnnyredpantswarren
  3. Great work m8 hope you safe and well best John
  4. It has been 3 months since John Warren Our Soul Music Journey on Amazon was released and thanks to the support by Soul Source and many other's who have put there hand's in there pockets the word is slowly getting out there. Reviews are very slow and Amazon to be fair are not the easiest company to deal with but with Covid it was the only option based on where I live in Queesland Australia. So anyone who would like to review it we would appreciate that. So I am inspired to do anorther call me mad! But one lad who was writing for Book 2 was Andy Simpson R.I.P ( Bradford) who
  5. https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/heritage-and-retro/retro/new-book-delves-blackpool-and-wigans-influence-northern-soul-music-3124239?fbclid=IwAR158OVzak8HAaT15TaCOsCq2g3CwQho5xcjqATSD4DS1I6CuhN1ebeQPpo
  6. Len been a while since we sat in your lounge played a few tunes ( happy days ) we banned basically leaving Australia this year keep safe m8 !
  7. Just found this thanks Len . That tragic night he had DJ at the Painted lady alldayer in Leicestershire and he was a lovely lad and remember saying good bye . When I got home from work my da said sit down son and I was gutted . Nev Wherry R.I.P you not forgotten x Andy Cox who lives in Perth told me when he went to work on the Monday he rose from tea boy to JM number 2 !
  8. Thanks Mike for your feedback and a good critique . Thanks again for the promotion the UK sales are to be honest are fair at best but when reviews come in it will evolve . Working Books 2-3 best John Scarborough Village ( hot) Queensland .
  9. Mike To be far I have had issues in the past because of the moderating of a thread in 2018 about Johnny Boy Pryors new release which to be fair we can't give away today. I personally got it wrong because I pressed too many . I with the greatest respect love my mates with a passion and fight there corner! . But threads that can end up in a bun fight and I personally wear some that responsbilty which I apolgize for simply because '' I got upset '' will turn people off '' especially in this incredibly sad times as they might be depressed enough. Social media really annoys me beyond
  10. Enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dkOhBiToCo
  11. Mate its sad that the groups never made a penny . Bringing out a 45 is expensive and you often do it for the love of doing it . Thanks for yor kind thoughts it is very appreciated m8 !
  12. A good call m8 but she is going drop soul covers and start do original songs after the next release of ''YDLM '' She as a terrific personality & the voice , she should do well !

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