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  1. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Ooh can’t ruddy wait for our Soul Fam time . Fab music , great peeps , cheap beer, no charge on the door and all served up from the heart . If you haven’t been it’s well worth a visit .🍾🎉🎶☄️💕see you all Sunday J&J xxxx
  2. SOLD OUT!-Dab of Soul By The Seaside Llandudno Weekender


    Well what can I say ? Had a fantastic weekend with John and the two celebs . Just couldn’t begin to list all the tunes as it was one after another all weekend . Top quality soul peeps shared some great Italian food with our celebs one of which lurrrves cakey 😂 highlight of the weekend for me was John playing a bit of Walter (always wins my heart along with Teddy) had some great laughs as always , Pat Bleasdale you humor is top drawer like your spots Cliff Richards gave me belly laughs😂😂 . Dave Ferguson ,Mr And Mrs Gainy really must sample Dab of Soul I totally agree with you. We would like to thank all the Dab crew for a fantastic weekend of lovely memories and last but not least Happy 60th Birthday to Mark Whitely . Thank you for our Cakey it was yummy with Wine Lol xxxx
  3. SOLD OUT!-Dab of Soul By The Seaside Llandudno Weekender


    Well Giddy bus all ready . We have a full car with two very special celebraties with us . John really looking forward to Saturday afternoon . Safe journey everyone . Llandudno brace yourself. See everyone there J&J xx
  4. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Well today is the day to spend time with our lovely soul Fam . If you haven't been before just try it . I am sure you will be pleasantly suprised😜 the music and company top drawer . See you there Maverick and Me xxxx
  5. BOOMERANG summer special

    Awe really looking forward to this event as always . Top drawer music Sam's Birthday and wonderful soul peeps . Simply love it . Safe journey everyone . Joy and John xx
  6. Summer In The Park

    Can't ruddy wait for this fantastic event with such lovely like minded people . Sam Evans Andy Basket 2 full days of party time could be messsy . See you all Sunday . Love to all Joy and John xxx
  7. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Can't ruddy wait to go to the Pit Club to spent time with our Soulfam . If you haven't been before come along , but brace yourself for sheer enjoyment . See you all there Joy and John xx
  8. Feed Your Soul @ The Deincourt, Newark

    OMG one more sleep. What a amazing hidden gem this place is . Looks like another great gathering of so soulful peeps . My Maverick and I will be there with passengers see you all tomorrow ,safe journey everyone . Well worth a visit I can guarrentee you won't be disappointed with quality of the music and peeps . Xxx
  9. Soul Not Dole - Stockholm Weekender Special


    Well what can we say ruddy top drawer . Jens Pete and Carl and all the Soul Not Dole Fam delivered and more . This lovely venue that time has forgot has so many special times for me and our Soul Fam . Simply love it . I salute you all . Thank you for a amazing weekend with amazing peeps xxxxxx
  10. Soul Not Dole - Armthorpe Pit Club - 1st Event of 2017

    Can't wait special times with Soul not Dole Fam . Xx

    See you there can't ruddy wait. One sleep left . X
  12. Dab of Soul by the Seaside-Llandudno Weekender


    OMG ruddy outstanding Music . What a weekend we even had our very own waiter bringing our chilled wine ( proper spoilt with my Maverick Aka John Everard ?) so good with old Friends new and old . Thank you Liz and Ross superb company and didn't we have some lovely food nom nom . Just putting a few hours in and homeward bound , save journey everyone ,we are sure to be back to this beautiful weekender . Thank you to all the organisers simply loved it xx
  13. Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    Can't ruddy wait for Sunday what a great way to spend anyone's Sunday lovely soul peeps top drawer music and the added bonus of celebrating my birthday Boom . See you all there. Joy and John xx
  14. Feed Your Soul with Soul Sam & Steve Mannion

    Can't ruddy wait for Sunday . Top drawer venue with music to match sounds like everyone is going you won't be disappointed that's for sure, and if Ady son William is chef roll out the Sunday dinners too so yummy . Simply love this place a very special place in our memory book . Safe journey Joy and John aka Maverick xxxx

    Well all the chocolate cake gone ? Terry and Lesley Wright still Legends ?What a top class day with such lovely soul peeps proper quality music , what more can you ask for . Feed your soul next week can't ruddy wait . Life is so good right now just having to nip myself from time to time . Just got to say thank you to Ady Crampton the lovely Julie , Lakey and Jane , Ginny and kid for their lovely company as always ., and my Maverick ruddy priceless . Till next week take care love Joy and John