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  1. JOEfromupnorth

    Unpublished Wigan Photos

    Harry how are you me old mate ? Happy New Year to Di and yourself. Further on in this thread there's a photo with Chris standing out......so many years since he passed away, do you have or can you send me a link to the video of him giving it large near the stage when Eddie Holman was on. Had it but lost in a PC crash some years back. Never seen you since your spot at Radcliffe mate and that was a few years ago........hope we can meet up sometime.
  2. JOEfromupnorth

    Dave Owen - Funeral Details

    Sorry to hear about Dave, not seen him for some years now but always enjoyed chatting to him in the foyer at the Middleton nighters.....some great stories.....a lovely bloke.
  3. JOEfromupnorth

    Night dedicated to the memory of Steve Crozier

    Bang on Davy........
  4. JOEfromupnorth

    Steve Crozier (Gateshead) RIP

    Just adding to what has already been said, Steve was a lovely bloke and to say this is a shock would be an understatement. Condolences to Chris.
  5. JOEfromupnorth

    What The Hell Is Happening?

    Agree with the 100% with the man at the top of the thread,bang on Paul.
  6. JOEfromupnorth

    Stolen Records

    Late 70's i lent if you like about 20 records to a 'friend' i use the term loosely,a while went by and i says to him one day those records of mine and he answers back quick as a flash which records ? i laughed i just thought he was joking but then it turned serious with me about to kick his lights out and he still swore blind and denied he had ever got them,i let it go as i didn't want the inevitable which was a court appearance at that point.......say no more, so he got away with it,not valuable then but some may have been a few quid now but what a friend !! Hope you get yours returned soon mate.
  7. JOEfromupnorth

    Radcliffe Ticket Wanted

    Not giving up just yet there's one out there somewhere.
  8. JOEfromupnorth

    Radcliffe Ticket Wanted

    Somebody somewhere they need one !!!!!!
  9. JOEfromupnorth

    Radcliffe Ticket Wanted

    Must be someone not able to go,just a matter of that person seeing this post so trying to keep it current and on the page.
  10. JOEfromupnorth

    Radcliffe Ticket Wanted

    Due to an a hitch ive been left without a ticket for tomorrow so if anyone has one going please PM me asap. Thanks
  11. JOEfromupnorth

    Which Northern Track You Dislike The Most

    Said it before on similar threads........House for sale,i love cheese but not this variety. Most commercial records played as there is a shed load to play before placing one of them on a deck at a night in my opinion
  12. JOEfromupnorth

    that beat n rhythm northern soul club

    Do i get a prize for being the only one going ? Free entry for catching Dave on the radio maybe ?
  13. JOEfromupnorth

    Do You Like To Feel Welcome

    Myself ive stopped going to some local to me as it seemed that because of more and more attending who hadn't a clue the promoters were catering increasingly for them and forgetting who had been their core audience for a decade,my opinion anyway.Sadly those i mention have a limited interest that spans a few overplayed classics and they don't want anything they don't know so its been a case of a takeover for the worst.Talking to quite a few this seems to be the case in many areas not just around here. One night a few years back i was up talking to a mate of ours Martyn who was at the decks and this bloke came up mouthing where was the motown the night advertised? well of course he didn't realise but he had just listened to a half a dozen in a row............but stoned love etc was all he knew......says it all really so although folk should feel welcome they should also appreciate they can't arrive and start dictating.
  14. JOEfromupnorth

    The Perfect Allnighter?

    For me anywhere you can keep the numbers until the end which is getting harder with a good mix of the underplayed uptempo and smattering of classics.............seems the overplayed classics crowd pull out early if you forgive the pun and so with crowd gone the night then becomes flat.So if, if only we could bring back Middleton in its old place with the great mix of sounds and dj's and a crowd well up for it from start to finish and Simon knows he was right among it too that would be a winner !! Great one Phil Dick put on a bit back at Morecambe, brilliant music and room but again those there dancing before midnight had all but gone by say 2am leaving it almost empty.Nighters due to this must have a limited time now to run Stoke aside maybe where only the huge numbers ensure the place still has a few at the end but maybe they leave through thinking they have heard everything played more than once ! the reason i don't and haven't attended there for a few years now.........very sad really all this as the nighter is the real deal no question. Last saturday was a first in that ive never had free ice pops and coffee at a nighter ! ice pops are they the future ?
  15. JOEfromupnorth

    Teaching People To Dance Wtf?

    Great nostalgia there from the heart of soul lol..........1.22 and my mate Marty was dumped back without his shirt after some sort of testing no doubt........all those bags full of nerve agents !!


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