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    walk away frome love david ruffin
  1. who represents the artists that get ripped off by the record companies
  2. kim

    Let's Get Together & Do It Allnighter @ Klub Polonia Bolton

    what was that psych track you played let you down easy
  3. kim

    Bad soul doo's

    is sung to re-ron gil scott heron
  4. kim

    Listen Up!

    great night music excellent from gary dekka and dan
  5. kim

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    forever in my heart the temptations the one I hate dancing in the street martha reeves everytime motown is mentioned on radio or tv they play this crap record
  6. kim

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    the earles it's been a long time coming and everybody's got some body
  7. just read the book about gil and his father
  8. like the vocal to this as well Taking no chances
  9. kim

    News: Save the Ritz

    ritz cinemas
  10. wonder what the highest prices paid for pressings are
  11. kim

    Driving an old and/or classic car ?

    love the vauxhall victor my dad had one a victor fb deluxe
  12. kim

    Up For it-Allnighter-14.05.16

    tunes for everybody there darren nice kim
  13. kim


  14. kim

    Band Recommendations

    just seen an advert in the selby times a group on at a club in goole playing classic soul, motown, northern soul and irish now that's across the board kim
  15. kim

    Soul Invictus-Nice-23.04.16

    3 nice sets darren best kim


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