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  1. Ste Henderson

    Sad News Grant Rankin

    Very sad news , he will be sorely missed. Someone who I classed as a good friend. R.I.P Grant until we meet again
  2. Ste Henderson

    Exit 21 Soul Club

    Masonic Hall , 1 Richard Street Rochdale OL11 1DU Northern Soul & Motown 7.30pm - 2am late bar Guest DJs - Grant Rankin & Steven Andrew Regulars - Steven Henderson & Neil Horsman Large edge to edge maple dance floor ( no talc please ) Superb sound system 4.00 door tax the masonic is near the train and tram station in the centre of Rochdale
  3. Ste Henderson

    Ste Henderson

  4. Ste Henderson

    Salmon - Dave Simpson - Rip (Was: Very Poorly)

    Yes I would like to thank Pez as well , he has done so much for Dave , he was always there for him and gave him so much help and support and for the last 4 or 5 days hardly left the hospital , top guy ! also to Joyann who gave up so much of her time to help Dave .... Thanks to you both xx
  5. Ste Henderson

    Salmon - Dave Simpson - Rip (Was: Very Poorly)

    Sad to announce one of my oldest friends David passed away a short time ago , now at peace and no more pain .
  6. Ste Henderson

    What Rare Record Have You Accidentally Broken ?

    11th commandment " thou shalt not open mailers at 2am in the morning whilst pissed up over a tiled floor " Steve
  7. Ste Henderson

    put the world to rights corner

    cheeky ! them red stripe went down well...£3.05 each though ffs
  8. Ste Henderson


    cheers Grant lol !
  9. the following for sale , includes registered p&p , special del £5 extra , worldwide £7 sorry no paypal please pm or email stehenderson@hotmail.co.uk sound clips of actual records for sale available on request. Thanks For Looking ! Cajun Hart - Got To Find A Way - Warner Bros demo....M- £200 ON HOLD Emanuel Laskey - Don't Lead Me On Baby - Thelma M- £125 The Jelly Beans - You Don't Mean Me No Good / I'm Hip To You - Eskee demo M- .. £125 ON HOLD Imaginations - Strange Neighborhood - Fraternity demo - Ex+ ...£250 The Four Larks - I Still Love You / Groovin At The Go-Go - Tower demo Ex... £125 ON HOLD one tiny tiny edge edge chip or would be M- Howard Guyton - I Watched You Slowly Slip Away - Verve demo - Ex ...£125 x on label Barbara English - ( You Got Me ) Sittin' In The Corner - Aurora demo £150 paper label
  10. Ste Henderson

    Black Vs. White Cont....right Of Reply

    Slightly off topic sorry But is it just me or is it a fact that this " soul snob and I know more than you attitude " put people off from commenting on topics such as this because people get shot down because of a certain few peoples inabilty to accept other peoples comments or contributions regardless if they are right or wrong ? and would this still be the case if we discussing this face to face rather than on a forum ? I doubt it Just a thought Steve
  11. Title: carol frederick - i couldn't care less - stonel Artist: carol frederick Track: i couldn't care less Label: stonel 1003 Record information: rare northern soul
  12. Ste Henderson

    Anyone Got This Version?

    you need to get out more :lol:
  13. Ste Henderson

    Kindly Shepherds & Otis Leavill

    Salmon had one of these Grant , he still might have it not sure .
  14. Ste Henderson

    Heywood Civic Soul

    Don't think too much Sandra you know you get confused and you will give yourself an headache Me and David have a little banter he likes my records and I don't like he's
  15. Ste Henderson


    Nice on the issue


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