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  1. Happy birthday cat. Hope your well. Much love from me & Pauline xx
  2. That’s a beautiful tribute Dave.Our heartfelt condolences to you & your family. Myself Pauline & Smiggy are all thinking of you. RIP Peter
  3. See you guys there. John & Pauline
    Right then. If your one of those that thinks i must get to grumrpy's then get to grumpy's! Consistently great music,Consistently great people. Thanks indeed John
  4. Beryl & Fred

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    We should be alright this time nige what with us both down loading new map apps laters. john
  5. Hi Kev. Have you still got glno Washington 

  6. Beryl & Fred

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    Haha That made me laugh! Me and Nige have never made it first time yet.That bloody expressway No doubt we'll be touring it again on Nov 7th. John
  7. Steve.Saw them at Santa Pod scooter rally and yes they went down a storm. imo the best band that weekend. John
  8. If still need lift let me know bud not a problem. I'll put my mud cd in the car just for you
  9. Hi all. Not a lot more I can add. Excellent night. Pleased for all concerned for the numbers in. Rob(lionelonthevinly) great to finally have a chat. Top man too! Until next time............ john
  10. Thanks for posting this up Zootsuit. Have just messaged him
  11. Hi all. So glad I can make this one as missed the last few. Love the sounds I hear at pure soul and know nige will fit right in on the ethos of this club.He'll hate me for saying it but he keeps my enthusiasm up with what he buys and puts me onto. Looking forward too hearing you all. See you on the 7th. John
  12. Beryl & Fred

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    T'was frickin awesome! Thanks too all concerned..On a side note,next time please play something we can moan about and people,stop being so bloody friendly! No problem Nige. Good to have your company. Would have to be Prophets for me as well. Although Roy Roberts So much in love is going around in my head. p.s Good spending time with you Len john pauline
  13. Truly gutted.Just read all the posts,a fitting tribute too a real character. Pauline and i will miss you Tony. R.I.P mate, x
  14. Beryl & Fred

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    Hi Rob.Yep me, nige & Pauline driving up to Pure soul then onto Grumpy's. Think i might just hear one or two good records on the 6th. You've seen Joans list Rob..........you'd love it. See you all on the 6th. John

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