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  1. Jeff Perry is on The Haynes Ultimate Guide To Northern Soul. CD
  2. Tavares lp Hard Core Poetry has always been a fave of mine. Rumours by Freda is also a great track.
  3. Read yesterday that penalties are to be used in drawn group matches to avoid carve ups. More than likely the tournaments will be held in 2 neighbouring countries.
  4. Starts in the 2026 tournament, just hope I,m around to see it or sleep through it
  5. Phil Terrell ?
  6. Great record , copies on discogs going for about £2.00.
  7. Yes chalky, a play on words but I hope Zola does get the sack. The Blues sh*t on Rowett who had got them into a great position with a meagre budget. Same thing at Hull , what the f**k did the board think Phelen could do with the tools available.
  8. Zola will definitely get Sako before the end of the season .
  9. Same here, but the main reason for my disregard for football is the way the game is played now, overpaid fairies who fall over at the slightest touch. Just glad I was around in the 60s and 70s to see football how it should be played, where tackling and contact was allowed.
  10. Good Things Come To Those That Wait - Chuck Jackson
  11. Fact is football is f**cked, motivated by money, the Premier League is a prime example where finishing fourth bottom is deemed as success for a host of clubs. Clubs scared to field their best teams in the once great F.A. Cup because the of risk of injuries will jeopardise their position in the League. With that in mind clubs will employ anyone whatever misdemeanours they may have committed just to achieve their objectives , that includes managers and players.
  12. Cannot see the Sam haters having a smile of satisfaction this season. He has some good attacking players and when he gets the defence right The Eagles will soar.
  13. Merry Christmas Baby - Otis Redding.
  14. Christmas must be a uplifting experience at your house Pete if you play joyous records such as that on Christmas morning . Great record though
  15. No its about Northern Soul not Northern Sole .