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  1. Had the same problem with the one I had , tried various disc to no avail I ended up binning it . No help I know but just might be a common fault on the aged machines.
  2. Great video, it is great to see an artist who has had great success getting excited about a recording made decades ago. Melba comes across as a lovely lady , and thanks to Ady for helping to make it possible.
  3. These cds were from 10 years ago , and I think only 500 were available free. Maybe someone would do you a copy , I would but I don't own one.
  4. Lonely Lover - The Inverts ?
  5. I only heard the Temps version a few months ago and it blew me away, the only version what seems to have deviated from the others. It took. me a while to realize it was the same song.
  6. The Temptations gave it a working over on their Houseparty lp. Sorry missed the Temps on the list . doh
  7. Lorraine Johnson did a version.
  8. Sorry to hear about your bad knee and your other problems , hope you get better soon
  9. From what I see on a Saturday morning enjoyment is only secondary to the empowerment of getting and keeping fit. And with the population getting larger any encouragement to get people active is great by me.
  10. I agree I walk through my park every week to town in the morning and the field is getting bigger weekly . Last week some larger people were taking part doing a bit of walking a bit of running and enjoying themselves with people of the same ability . More power to them
  11. It seems very popular in my local park, people of all shapes and abilities. One guy runs with his infant who is in a buggy and despite this he is always up near the front , I would suppose as the child gets heavier and larger his times will drop
  12. On the said Cd this track is credited to Mancha but is that not just a typo and is it Tony Hester ? See link below from 45world.
  13. Jeff Perry is on The Haynes Ultimate Guide To Northern Soul. CD
  14. Tavares lp Hard Core Poetry has always been a fave of mine. Rumours by Freda is also a great track.
  15. Read yesterday that penalties are to be used in drawn group matches to avoid carve ups. More than likely the tournaments will be held in 2 neighbouring countries.