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Eccentric Soul - The Saru Label - Numero Group NUM071

Time still moves on, seems every week landmarks are reached and passed and as such here we have another one, the 20th Eccentric Soul release from the  Numero Group.

Eccentric Soul - The Saru Label - NUM071

25 tracks all available in various formats Vinyl (2 x lp), Cd and Download

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The 20th volume of our flagship Eccentric Soul series has all the boxes checked: Gun-toting, skip-tracing record producers, child stars, rip-offs, the “World’s Greatest Bail Bondsman,” swindles, soaring falsettos, and a dwindling rust-belt cityscape offering mere glimpses of hope before the record industry escaped for the coasts.

Helmed by the O’Jays Bobby Massey, Saru was a creative vortex that pulled Cuyahoga County’s greatest talent in, making a strong case for Cleveland to contend with Detroit, Philly, and Memphis as America’s soul music’s capital.

Deluxe compact disc includes 25 obscure and unknown sides from the Out of Sights, the Elements, Pandella Kelly, David Peoples, Sir Stanley, the Ponderosa Twins + 1, Ba-Roz, Bobby Dukes, and of course, the O’Jays.

1. Out Of Sights - For the Rest of My Life 03:03    
2. The O'Jays - Now He's Home 03:48    
3. Pandella Kelly - Stand In for Love 02:48    
4. The Ponderosa Twins Plus One - Bound 03:16    
5. Elements - Son In Law 03:19    
6. Sir Stanley - Are You Man Enough 02:42    
7. Bobby Dukes - Just to Be with You 03:07    
8. David Peoples - Got to Get My Broom Out 02:50    
9. Michael Bell - Can't Make It Without You 03:02    
10. Out Of Sights - I Can't Take It 03:17    
11. The Ba-roz - The Last Time 02:36    
12. Elements - Hey Lady 03:06    
13. The Ponderosa Twins Plus One - I Remember You 02:54    
14. Out Of Sights - My Woman's Love 03:10    
15. Out Of Sights - Baby You Got It 02:41    
16. The O'Jays - Shattered Man 03:36    
17. Sir Stanley - I Believe 02:49    
18. Out Of Sights - Tears Don't Care Who Cry 02:17    
19. Elements - Prove It 02:51    
20. The Ba-roz - Come Back Boy 02:28    
21. Out Of Sights - You Made Me Beg 02:27    
22. Out Of Sights - I Was Wrong 03:01    
23. Elements - Just to Be with You 03:06    
24. Pandella Kelly - Love's Needed 03:07    
25. Elements - Got to Make It Right 03:3


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Did Lou Ragland have some input with regard to this Numero release ??

He has in the past with Numero's other Cleveland soul releases. PLUS Saru had two entirely separate phases, the O'Jays ran one of these but Lou himself was the main man at the label for the other period (the Out Of Sights stuff). As with other Cleveland soul labels, they cut lots more than ever escaped on vinyl, I'll have to check if that's the case here. 

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Hi Cleveland Smith, Ragland's name isn't in the sleeve notes acknowledgements. There is a deal of information on the Out of Sights whose picture is featured on the front. They cut just the four records , eight sides in all of which seven are on this compilation.  Ragland was the arranger with Calvin Brown on official producer duties . I think Ragland did a pretty good job with the Out of Sights,  especially on 'I Was Wrong'  (Saru 1616), (Saru 1618). All their recorded material dates from early 1970. Unfortunately two members of the group were drafted that year and the group temporarily disbanded. The world is still waiting for the reunion.

The group who recorded consisted of the following: Michael Booth (high tenor), Stan Reeves, Gregory Still, Kenny Brewer , John Wilson , Calvin Brown (guitar and bandleader)



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He certainly gets a favourable mention or two in the sleeve notes (and a production credit for some of the 45s)  but doesn't appear to have had a great deal of input into the actual release.  

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Another really nice , professionally put together offering from Numero Group .

They certainly know how to put out a quality item . 

Thumbs up ! 

Edited by stevegods
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I purchased the "reissue" (??) of the Saru album "Super Bad" by The O'Jays in the mid 80's, with the same tracks in the same order, very poor info in the labels and sleeve, different cover art and label, Upfront records and without title, called simply "The O'Jays". My favorite track is "Little Brother" on wich there's a nice wisthle part.

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The "Super Bad" album originally came out on Little Star and was a mix of  Saru and Little Star material I've seen it on Trip but not Up Front but both

labels were part of the Springboard International group of companies. 


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The fact that Saru was Clevelands second most successful Indepandant logo behind Way-Out surely should of warranted better research ? Any mention of the logos owners Chuck Brown and Frank keys? No mention of Lou Ragland who went on to become the vice president of Saru . It took me the best part of 35 years to complete this logo and I feel a little let down not by the release but by the information ? Any mention of Lou getting the O Jays signed he worked for them prior to them signing in 1971 and was the driving force behind shattered man etc. Lou also played percussion for the Elements.

Philadelphia International records after 71 meant this logos great work was wound down for various reasons namely talent train etc Bobby Dukes,Bobby Massey etc followed sharply. 

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