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The Original Skegness Weekender 19th Anniversary



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Ok soul folk here is the full D.J line up for the weekend:


The Vault DJ's.. Soul Sam, John VincentKevin Draper, Carl Fortnum, Steve GuarnoriMark SargeantCalvin Lee HughesBob SnowTerry WrightGibby Gibby, Dick Krop, Ian James, Terry WestheadJohn Aldridge, Steve Phillis, Tom Page, Brett Smith, Rupe, Ric FranksJo MarchCarole Anne McCarthy, Dave Raistrick, Mick Cooper


Saturday Night 12-6am The Listening Lounge DJs... Mark Coe, Jayney Somers, Mick & Mo ChapmanBob SnowTerry Wright, Kev Smith.


Imperial Ballroom DJs... Soul Sam, John Vincent, Kev Kevin DraperMarco MartinelliAndy PowellMartin Stanford, Dick Krop, Gibby GibbyDavid HaydenTom WheelhouseDave West, Tom Page, Don MorrisKev SuchWoza BennettSteve Lawson, Pete Jarvis, Dave Raistrick, Mick Cooper, Pete Peter Wadeson-Neal.


Club Showcases.. Lincoln Soul with Mary Chapman & Sister Dawn 'Sista D' Roberts. Goole & Barton Soul with Dave West & Fred Benson, Norwich Soul with Billy Maguire & Mick Michael Maguire. Soul Shack with John Vincent & Terry Westhead..


Tickets on sale - Contact Helen NisbetMarco Martinelli, Dave Raistrick, Donna Raistrick or Call 01754 762635.

Dj times to follow.....

Looking forward to spinning a few over the weekend in the Vault  . See you all there

Atb Steve

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Will post full weekend Dj times up tonight looking forward to seeing some of you in the vault 


Regards Steve

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Ok full  DJ times for the whole weekend are as follows



Friday DJ times in the Vault.
Weekender Warm Up Session.
1.00pm - Steve Lawson
2.00 - Andy Powell
3.00 - Martin Stanford
4.00 - Dave West
5.00 - Close.



Friday Evening in The Vault.
'On The Rare Side'

8.00 - Jo March & Carole Anne McCarthy.
9.20 - Steve Phillis & John Aldridge.
10.40 - Terry Wright & Bob Snow.
12.00 - Soul Sam.
1.00 - Mark Sargeant.
2.00 - Tom Page.
3.00 - Close.



Friday Evening in 'The Imperial Ballroom' 
Classics and Current Floorfillers.

8.00pm - Steve Lawson
8.45 - Woza Bennett
9.30 - Pete Jarvis.
10.15 - Andy Powell
11.00 - Martin Stanford.
11.45 - Marco Martinelli.
12.30 - Dick Krop.
1.15 - Gibby Gibby.
2.00 - Close.


Saturday Afternoon DJ Times..
The Vault.
1.00pm - Jo March & Denise Draper.
1.50 - Brett Smith.
2.40 - Calvin Lee Hughes
3.30 - Tom Page.
4.20 - Fred Benson
5.10 - Steve Wagstaff.
6.00 - Close.



Saturday Evening - The Vault.
Allnighter 8pm - 6am.

8.00pm - Rupert Burdass & Ric Franks.
9.20 - Gibby Gibby
10.00 - Kev Kevin Draper.
10.40 - John Vincent & Terry Westhead 'Soul Shack Showcase'
12.00 - Carl Fortnum.
1.00 - Soul Sam.
2.00 - Steve Guarnori.
3.00 - Mark Sargeant.
4.00 - Calvin Lee Hughes.
5.00 - Dick Krop & Ian James.
6.00 - Close.



Saturday in The Listening Lounge.
Relaxsoul, Chillover and so on.....

12.15am - Mark Coe.
1.15 - Jayney Somers.
2.15 - Mick & Mo Chapman.
3.15 - Bob Snow.
4.15 - Terry Wright.
5.15 - Kev Smith.
6.00am - Close


Saturday Afternoon in 'The Imperial Ballroom' - Club Showcases 
Classics & Floorfillers.

1.00pm - Mary Chapman & Dawn 'Sista D' Roberts - Lincoln Soul Club.
2.00 - Billy Maguire - Norwich Pure Soul Club.
3.00 - Dave West & Fred Benson - Barton, Humber Soul Club.
4.00 - Peter Wadeson-Neal & Mick Cooper - Sharing The Northern Soul.
5.00 - Close.



Saturday Evening in 'The Imperial Ballroom' Classics and Floorfillers.

8.00pm - Kev Such.
8.45 - Don Morris.
9.30 - David Hayden.
10.15 - Andy Powell.
11.00 - Tom Wheelhouse.
12.00 - Dave West.
1.00 - John Vincent.
2.00 - Kevin Draper.
3.00 - Tom Philly Groove
4.00 - Close - Continue in The Vault.



Sunday Afternoon in 'The Imperial Ballroom'

1.00pm - Woza Bennett - Old Brogues Club
2.00 - Terry Westhead - Soul Shack.
3.00 - Marco Martinelli - Kettering Soul.
4.00 - Soul Sam - Universal Soul Club 1f609.png😉
5.00 - Close.



Sunday Night After-Party in The Vault.

8.00pm - Pete Jarvis.
9.00 - Mick Cooper & Peter Wadeson-Neal
10.00 - Gibby Gibby.
11.00 - Soul Sam.
12.00 - Andy Powell & Martin Stanford
1.00 - Close of the Weekender with Dave Raistrick.



that,s it folk an awesome line up of D.J's which ever room you prefer 

i'll see you in the Vault 


ATB Steve


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Ticket sales and reservations can be made on 01754 762635 or contact sales@starsandstripesimports.com


Full weekend pass £30.00  4 x days pass.   Paypal and all major cards accepted.

 Saturday Allnighter 8pm-6am  £12.00 on the door.

Edited by Dave Raistrick
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Been looking forward to this since last September.  Some quality DJ's on show so guaranteed a weekend of this fabulous music we call Soul XXX


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less than a week to go cant wait to drop a few tunes with my good buddy John Aldridge top sounds expected in both rooms across the weekend always a highlight on our events calander be good to catch up with our many friends  


see you all in the vault friday night 



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Bit confused Ian Levine has posted on FB about doing a spot with his latest new records . He mentions Russ W. Is that a different thing? Doh! 

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14 minutes ago, Steve Foran said:

Bit confused Ian Levine has posted on FB about doing a spot with his latest new records . He mentions Russ W. Is that a different thing? Doh! 

Oh by Christ yes it is !!!


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22 hours ago, Steve Foran said:

Bit confused Ian Levine has posted on FB about doing a spot with his latest new records . He mentions Russ W. Is that a different thing? Doh! 

Different venue Steve that's butlins come to the original Skegness weekender  for the best in oldies  rare underplayed crossover and modern all in two rooms great crowd .great atmosphere  . Does what it says on the tin :-):-)

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And so the 19th year of the Original Skegness Soul Weekender came and went. Donna and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the tremendous support and following for the event. Each year seems to bring a NEW dimension to the Weekender and this year was no exception. Everybody played their part.. a BIG team effort and one that worked a treat from Mick's birthday whiskers session on Thursday through to our Sunday night finale. Next year is 20 years on and already plans are being set for that milestone weekend. We do hope that you can all join us once again and we look forward to seeing you out and about before then. Stay well y'all and keep on dancing 1f642.png🙂 D&D xx

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An absolute pleasure to be part of the whole weekend.  Congratulations to you all for organising this every year.  We just turn up and expect it all to be ready when we get there XX 

Big 60 for Mick and such a great Thursday night with the DJ's playing just for him. 

The Vault for me was the place to be with a collection of DJ's playing the best of this music we call Soul.  Saw some old faces, some OLD faces and some new ones along the way.  Best T Shirt of the weekend went to Donna and Dave's Granddaughter XXXX

Already ready for next year and a new broom in the Vault for Thursday which won't stop it being The Vault !!  Don't know what is planned for next year but a 20 Year celebration ! Perhaps Dave will open his shop and give us all a 50% discount ?????

See you around guys and girls but above all, see you at Skeggy the last weekend of next September XXX     

Dave Raistrick.jpg

Edited by Tezza
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