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Deluxe cases for 45s

Two cases which hold around 55 singles + headphones as shown

Black all tough strong leather case with shoulder strap holds 55-60 x 45s writing on inner lid £35

Brown leatherette case with handles & shoulder strap in excellent condition  £45

Dark green with brown leather trim and handle in good condition £35 THIS CASE SOLD 

Shipping worldwide. UK post for cases £5 PayPal as gift 🎁 



















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Hence my ad: cases for 45s , ( cases 45s can fit/store  in)  Im not saying they are purpose built 45s cases . Yes I'm very aware they are vanity cases, others I have to sell are camera cases 


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2 hours ago, Jnixon said:

Some binocular cases make excellent small quantity record luggage. 

As you were.

out of respect to this member/seller it may be better if we take any further record case posts not directly connected to this sale to a new topic....

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