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Marvin Gaye Love Starved Heart Of Mine


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I did post earlier but everybody appears to be ignoring it. The facts follow and maybe others can firm up dates and confirm time period.

First of all Im amazed that Tone had these in mid-70's. He musta kept them pretty quiet as did the guy he got them off as when I got the tape no one had heard any and general reception was amazement that there was stuff like this at Motown which had not been released. Butch,Keb,Guy,Tim and rest of 60's Mafia had not heard anything about them.

I did know Daly City Bob but not well and these did NOT come from him. Tom de Pierrio was involved with my mate,Bob Klein, at Airwave records at the same time he was doing the compilation for Motown and I got them from Bob K. Im sure I was in LA in 1981 but maybe '82.

When we cut the acetates I know the first airing was at Stafford when Dave and I were dj-ing. Was Stafford going in '81? I don't remember much time lapse between getting the tapes,cutting discs and then playing them out.

The tape that has been referred to is nothing to do with me or Dave other than the first side is stuff I got off Bob K.

Bit pissed off that there is some inference in Tone's post that Im somewhat of a bootlegger as all we did was cut some acetates of unissued material that wasn't going to see the light of day.This was 1981 not 2007 when we're all so much clued in about non-released product. Dave and I had nothing to do with Tamtown or the LP that subsequently appeared. John has admitted that Daly City Bob somehow got hold of the material. In fact I have a recollection that there were Stevie Wonder tracks I didn't have. Never made a cent from any of it and we did cut the odd acetate for other mates/dj's and charged them cost plus a couple of pints!!

Paul,you may have heard Temptations at Wigan but only if Wigan finished after Stafford started. Im sure I cut "Suspicion" for Richard and would have put Temptations on other side as that was my favourite cut.

The initial batch we played at Stafford did not include "Lonely lover" and a couple of others. I asked Bob to see if he had other stuff he'd recorded and I got a second tape through the post with that, maybe "Absent minded lover". I forget now. Dave and I had jacked dj-ing in as we couldn't compete against the all-round "KingTuttedness" going on so I think we had the best cuts done for maybe Guy and I think Butch liked the Kim Weston.

As for the original format that provided the source of the tapes I have no idea although I suspect they were mostly original acetates. Bob told me they sneaked stuff outta Motown to record. Whether Tom,who was always in need of spare cash, sneaked them back again....!!

I guess Daly City Bob could have ended up with them but there was another dealer in LA whose name I forget who did have Motown acetates to sell just after this time. Maybe Roger something? My suspicion is that Tom sold to him rather than return to vaults.


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