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Anais nin Carms

Willington Last Night

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Had a fantastic time at Willington last night , drove down in the rain from Manchester and arrived around 9.00 to what looked like a great turn out of people.

Music was superb , company even better when we bumped into Mick Moylen and was laughing all night , had a few dances eeeeem papa bear superb.

Enjoyed all the spots. A fab selection of sounds were played , love the dancefloor and how the dancers ars so open to dance to the lesser known or not so often played at this club.

Definately on my return list.


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We can`t usually get to Willington due to Pilsley being on the same night, but with the enforced lay off last night we took the opportunity to go.

An enjoyable night with the mix of music we`d expected. It is a great venue and an excellent dancefloor. Would like to visit again but as things are it may not be until the Christmas gig this year!

Nice to see Nige, Glynn (x2) Mick, Carol & Tony there and John Poole of course who did not let us down with a `spot on` set as per usual.

Well worth the trip down the A38 in the monsoon!! 4_2_1.gif

Chris and Sharon

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Yeah me to had a great nite at Willington nice crowd great music. I also thought Papa bear and the cubs Your so fine great toon Enjoyed J Pooles spot especially King Tutt.

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Driving down the M6 i was thinking to me self i must be mad on a night like this!!!


What a pleasant evening it turned out to be!! Great music from ALL eras of the scene but NO TIRED tunes all up lifting and enjoyable!!

Big thanks to John Poole for the Passions and Soul Bros Inc!! and to promoter Robert Kaye for plaving me Skip Jackson!!

Mind you i cant forgive Robert for not selling me the Betty Wilson ,,Im Yours,, im gutted i always thought id end up with that copy!! Sulk sulk!! angry.gif

Molly on next month so were in for MORE OF THE SAME --- a TOP NIGHT!! :thumbsup:

GO-----WILLINGTON!!! :shades:

Torchboy x

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Willington has always been a open minded venue.(actually its my favourite place).Alas my wife & her friend ( who is the driver) wanted to go somewhere else.So,keep it you guys.Ta Ray

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Guest denmac

its not often that you see willington mentioned in the lookbacks but last night deserved the praise that you see on soul source today.austin and robert are the promoters of willington so they take the ups and downs of promoting.what they have done is provide a night of soulfull,danceable tunes that are northern as we know them along side strong 70`s to noughties soul tracks that enable us to keep dancing without breaking a step.yeah its great to see people dancing to" love dont live"then joi cardwell" then "cashing in" on popa bear. for goodness sake they have allowed me to play the first 75 mins with freedom. i keep repeating "cream rises to to the top" but i know that excuse may have worn over the last ten years. i`ll tell you what hasn`t worn over the last xxxx years is john pools dj`ing.picking out oldies that say oh yes.rareties from each decade.sorry john, abit like manager of the month, i`ve voted you dj of the month. but i know you wont lose your next dancefloor/match.

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Well you bloody buggars.......

We miss one night in millions and it turns out to be one of the best....I reckon you did it on purpose ohmy.gif

Really pleased it was such a good night.....I'll expect the same next month when Molly's doing the honours and we return to the fold :thumbsup:


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Really looking forward to my return visit to Willington, it still remains one of my favourite Soul nights in recent times for DJing or just as a punter. :)



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