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  1. Looking forward to this, not been for ages, added bonus for me to play a few as well! Really friendly crowd, nice mixture of tunes every month..
  2. Hard to find 1965 Motown/Jobete release. Supposedly Morris Chesnut lead singer on this unknown band? The Vows-Tell Me/Buttered Popcorn. Vinyl vg+. Label d.hole and sticker residue. Plays loud and clear. £200+postage.paypal preferred. Idris Muhammad-I'm A Believer. M- Prestige Demo. £160.00. + post. PayPal preferred.
  3. Just the worst news, totally in shock. Another fine 'Macc Lad' taken too soon. Far too early to take stock, but I am missing you already my dear friend. Our deepest sympathy to Liz and and all Jim's family and friends. Sleep well Jim....Tony & Janet Jackson
  4. I have a little Samson, really nice clean copy.PM me an offer if you are interested.
  5. I have a nice copy, not really thought about value or sales, however if you wanted to PM me a value/offer, feel free.
  6. Paul has asked that I post up his thanks and gratitude for all your kind words and best wishes, he was very touched, and it does make a great deal of difference, so thank you one and all! Visited him yesterday and I'm due back in Sunday, so if you would like me to pass anything on, no probs! Paul's phone is now back in action too, so if you need his number drop me a PM. He looked really well and we had a right laugh, as he talked through all the gory detail that had gone before, he know's I'm sqeamish! Still a way to go, but he's up on his feet, eating and drinking well, sleeping OK. There was even talk of him coming home early next week, fingers crossed.More when I know anything, thanks again. Tony.
  7. Donna Havekin has asked that I put a post up on here and Soulsource, to put a lot of peoples mind's at rest, and give everyone one or two places for people to send their messages,and best wishes. A few knew, a lot certainly didn't know, my bestie mate Paul Havekin has been in hospital since Tuesday.Such is the no fuss nature of Paul, he didn't want any fuss 'let's just get it done and move on' attitude! Anyway, Paul has had to have quite major heart surgery, a triple bypass. He had the operation yesterday and eveything went well, and Donna said he looked remarkably well last night. Thats about as much as I know at the moment as its still really early days, but rest assured everything looks positive. I'm due an update this evening from Donna, and as soon as I'm allowed, I'll be in to see him, and I'll post news here.
  8. Cheers Azza, loads of interest on here and on Facebook, record on hold. Tony
  9. A Few To Go...All super clean records. PayPal as a gift to avoid fee's or bank transfer + postage . Clarence Hill-A Lot Of Lovin' Goin' Round-Mainstream WD E+ £400 HOLD Esquires-My Sweet Baby-HOTLINE M- £75 Accents-You'd Better Think Again/Who You Gonna Love?-One-derful M- £250 Sterios-Don't Let It Happen To You-Val- Promo M- £50 Sydewalk Therory-Run To Me-JAX M- £150
  10. A few to go....Not desperate to sell, but will listen to reasonable offers. PayPal as gift + postage of choice or Bank Transfer Ok Bill Bush - I'm Waiting - Ronn M- Drill Hole £1000 SOLD Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back -Alpha E Offers Betty Lloyd _ I'm catching On - BSC M- £300 SOLD Inverts - Time Will Change - Broadway M- £250 SOLD Ballads - This Is Magic - Tina E £200 Ascots - Just A Few feet...Playboy DJ M- £400 SOLD Delores Howard - My Guy & I/First Time In Love - Master M- £350 Dynells - Let Me Prove That I Love You/Call On Me - Atco WD E+ £250 Fiestas - Think Smart - Old Town issue - M- £250 Little Samson - Don't take Your love - EL D M- £250 Patti Austin - (I've Given) All my Love - Coral Spanish picture cover, with solid triangle centre/ M- £250
  11. Wow! Great to see all the feedback already up, so glad everybody enjoyed the event as much as we did....What an absolutely fabulous weekend from the start Friday afternoon, right through until Sunday! Laughter, banter and top top tunes all the way, we put some faces to names and made some firm new friends, thanks for making this one special. Hat's off Chris and Dave, the boy's done good, let's do all again next year?? Thanks for the invite to play a few, here's my tuppence worth from Saturday afternoon, not in order....obviously Flint Emeralds - Just Like A Baby - Gatewood The Martineques - If You Want To Call Me - ME-O 21st Generations - Hey James - Ultra-City Clarence Townsend - I Found A New Love - Clara William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurting Thing - Bang Bang Sonny Til - I Gave It All Up - Clown Voltaires - My My My Baby - Bacone Soul For Sale - Let Me Love You - Geronimo Matt Brown - Thank You Baby - Carval Bonnie Blanchard - You're The Only One - C.R.S Donnell Brown - With Love We'll Make It - Brown & Brown Rotations - When He Slowly Moves Away From You - Roxanne Classics - Looking For A Love Of My Own - Wide World Eliminators - Loving Explosion - Zafiro Optimistics - Say It Baby - Turbo Alice Clark - Don't You Care - Mainstream
  12. Fame - Change - Pec Records M- £450 SOLD Very hard to get hold of record, getting some attention now too. Has sold for quite a bit more than this... George Smith - Pretty Little Girl - Laurie promo M- £450.00 or VNO Again, spotless condition of this Stafford biggie.... Both clips not from records for sale, mine have no marks or scribble and play sweetly. Pay-pal as a gift + postage. Can you edit as shown please rather than add an extra post. See Sales guidelines. Thanks ROD [Forum Moderator] http://youtu.be/7AnsWNyDw14 http://youtu.be/IiBIFqlAghs
  13. .
  14. The 4th Friday of every month, as always brings BeatRoute to the mighty Dulcimer. A night of pure Soul indulgence, expect to hear everything from the rare, to the just plain good! 6t's, 7t's, Northern and Crossover. Our two guests this month. John Phillips,brings us his magic play-box all the way from Australia. And Mr Kingbee Records , Lee Hare all the way from the distant shores of Didsbury!!! quality guaranteed from these boys. Plus resident rascals, Paul H, Mark B and Tony J. 9.00pm -1.30am FREE ADMISSION The Dulcimer 567 Wilbraham Road Chorlton Manchester M21 0AE

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