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  1. ...an event that gives you something different from the norm & still giving up the sounds you don't hear week in & week out.....!

    we dig deeper than most soul nights & deliver the sounds

    Ever changing playlists at ALL our events !

    FTMNTC team



    Last shout up for tomorrow night

    Thanks for all the views on this event, hope to see some of can join us its gonna be a belter let me tell you........!

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    On 23/01/2024 at 14:41, Jez Jones said:

    Enthusiasts Meet, Share, Enjoy...this is your kinda place !!

    Just the ticket for us @Jez Jones & many other like minded souls

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    1 hour ago, VALIANT55 said:

    Hi kev found out date of micks funeral,for anybody who wants to pay their respects its 23rd november bradwell crem,at 12.40.


    All about the Soul on here makes for a better response to Mick's funeral details



    2 hours ago, VALIANT55 said:

    Has mick passed away,we know he was taken back to hospital a month ago,sharon text our friend,super guy,super couple,

    Yes he has, sorry to say 

    & yes he was a cracking lad  


    On 16/10/2023 at 11:15, neckender said:

    I aim to be playing many of my best friends discoveries from when I started djing until the present day. Many records that became massive on the upfront scene spanning over the last 43 years. A period after many of the iconic djs from the 70s had decided that the scene was finished and had consequently left.   

    Great stuff Mark @neckender  we are anticipating a fantastic night of soul music & packed to the rafters

    Gotta be the best night out for a £5'r


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  2. 21 hours ago, Jez Jones said:

    A real bonus this month as we have 

    NOW added local collector/enthusiast Dean Broadhurst.....bringing an extra diversity of thought and taste to the proceedings.....

    It'll be another 'musical journey' to savour thats for sure

    These dj/collectors will give you a real deal enthusiasts session ...PROPER

    The bar is raised  at every event  with the enthusiasts that loving the atmos & music OTN

    ..... no holds barred event ......!

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