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    In the words of Nat T Jones..........
  • Birthday 15/11/1957

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  1. MarkWhiteley


  2. MarkWhiteley

    Counterfeit Records

    Ive been there Nev especially when I just come in pi**ed
  3. MarkWhiteley

    Counterfeit Records

    Yes, John may have to invest in some rather high-end equipment for future bootleg guides
  4. MarkWhiteley

    Counterfeit Records

    I think it's highly possible, and quite likely. In the grand scheme, serious art collectors employ experts who use scientific aids to determine originality. So at what price do the record buyers start using the same, ie vinyl dating/label paper ageing to ascertain credibility ?
  5. MarkWhiteley

    Dab Of Soul At The Seaside Weekender Playlists

    Plays from me over the weekend, or as Bri Pinch would say, 'Here's Marks old chestnuts'........... Friday down stairs 2am-3am Reggie Alexander - 'Its Better' - Boss Blendells - 'Did You Mean' - Dontee Johnny Mae Mathews - 'I Have No Choice' - Big Hit Johnny Starr - 'Dark Skie' - Stag Summits - 'Cant Get Over Losing You' - Dontee Carbon Copies - 'Just Dont Love You' - Git Down Bernard Smith - 'Never Gonna Let You Go' ..
  6. MarkWhiteley

    Nowt Fast Nowt Furious

    Will Bring my Tent, daren't risk another room cancellation
  7. MarkWhiteley

    Betty La Vette

    Jeez must have missed that Chalks........................smoke break maybe
  8. MarkWhiteley

    Betty La Vette

    Just a shame she only did the one song, when all the dross got three goes!
  9. You do well with these Quack. Bought a job lot then ? M.
  10. MarkWhiteley

    Unexpected Ebay Feedback

    You should reply saying that the rating system is there to be used as genuine opinion of your experience of the sale. And in your opinion postage costs were too high. FFS asking for 5 stars or don't rate is like saying I'll take my A levels but I only want straight A's I aggree, Name 'n Shame M.
  11. MarkWhiteley

    New* Mr Fish Mix - Down-Tempo, Deeper....chilled*

    So what's the story on this one Steve, can't seem to turn any details up M
  12. MarkWhiteley

    New* Mr Fish Mix - Down-Tempo, Deeper....chilled*

    Love the Spice track Steve
  13. MarkWhiteley

    The Ultimate Crossover Record

    Doc Peabody - Here Without You.......................Does it for me!
  14. MarkWhiteley

    Choice Of Colour - Your Love, Crossover Gem At Cheap Price

    What yer found then azza?
  15. MarkWhiteley

    Ann Bogus Don'T Ask Me To Love Again

    Think half the world missed that one Pete