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  1. Wow, I remember this well Mike, thanks for ressurecting
  2. Ive been there Nev especially when I just come in pi**ed
  3. Yes, John may have to invest in some rather high-end equipment for future bootleg guides
  4. I think it's highly possible, and quite likely. In the grand scheme, serious art collectors employ experts who use scientific aids to determine originality. So at what price do the record buyers start using the same, ie vinyl dating/label paper ageing to ascertain credibility ?
  5. Plays from me over the weekend, or as Bri Pinch would say, 'Here's Marks old chestnuts'........... Friday down stairs 2am-3am Reggie Alexander - 'Its Better' - Boss Blendells - 'Did You Mean' - Dontee Johnny Mae Mathews - 'I Have No Choice' - Big Hit Johnny Starr - 'Dark Skie' - Stag Summits - 'Cant Get Over Losing You' - Dontee Carbon Copies - 'Just Dont Love You' - Git Down Bernard Smith - 'Never Gonna Let You Go' - Spectrum Montclairs - 'Hey You' - Arch Billy Byrd - 'Lost In The Crowd' - Scream Lee Brackett - 'Ruby' - Excello Kelly & Soul Explosions - 'Talking About My baby's Love' - Dynamite Donnell Brown - 'Too Late To Cry' - Brown & Brown Clay Brown - 'Why You Wanna Change' - Florentine June Lee - 'I'm Not Like The Others' - MasterKey Frank Hudson - 'Old Man Me' - Goodie Train Sy Hightower - 'I Know Youre Leaving Me -Carmen Small Society - 'If You Stand By Me' - Cadde Tal Armstrong - 'Give It Up' - Spindletop Guitar Ray - 'Wreck My Life' - Shagg John Bowie - 'At The End Of The Day' - Merben J.C. Brookes - 'To Love Someone' - Vampi And........ Saturday 11pm - 12.00 Joe Garland - 'Thats His Girl' - EIA Frederick Hymes - 'Time Aint Gonna Do Me No Favor' - Fab Vegas Doc Peabody - 'Here Without You' - Both Sides Eddie Billups - 'Ask My Heart' - Peachtree Arthur Alexander - 'I Need You Baby' - Monument Sonny Turner - 'Now That youre Gone - Musicor Bernard Drake - 'Ive Been Untrue' - La Louisianne Eddie Billups - 'Try Something New' - Seventy 7 June Lee - 'I Dont Want To Cry' - Master Key Joseph Webster - 'My Love Is So Strong' - Crow Second Ressurection - 'You Done Let Daylight Catch You' - Stanson Village Choir - 'Sweet Hot Lips' - NYC Street Sound Billy Byrd - 'Lost In The Crowd' - Scream Mel Williams 'Sweet Girl Of Mine' - Buddah Earl White Jnr - 'Very Special Girl' - Cygnet Sideshow - 'Lonely Girl' - Trey Willie Tee - Teasin' You Again' - Gatur Sam Nesbit - 'Chase Those Clouds Away' - Amos Melvin Brown/James Mathews - 'Love Stormy Weather' - Philmore Sound Johnny Adams - 'Your Love Is All I need' - JB's I know, I know......a repeat.... but I was under extreme pressure from multiple request (not least from Mrs W ) so Mr Byrd got aired twice. Muchos Thanks to Chris & Dave for allowing me to be a part of THE weekender.
  6. Jeez must have missed that Chalks........................smoke break maybe
  7. Just a shame she only did the one song, when all the dross got three goes!
  8. You should reply saying that the rating system is there to be used as genuine opinion of your experience of the sale. And in your opinion postage costs were too high. FFS asking for 5 stars or don't rate is like saying I'll take my A levels but I only want straight A's I aggree, Name 'n Shame M.
  9. So what's the story on this one Steve, can't seem to turn any details up M
  10. Doc Peabody - Here Without You.......................Does it for me!

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