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  1. Delighted with a point, with the amount of injuries and a makeshift defence thats a good result. If we can hang on in there for a couple of weeks and get some main men back we have every chance of a great season. Nobody but liverpool have had anything like our injuries and look how they have struggled. It might not be pretty for a time but we have to grind some results out until we have anything like our best 11 back. Up the city.
  2. Another great player gone and grew up watching saint and greavsie.
  3. The phonetics just a boys dream, a tune is a tune no matter how often its played.
  4. Absolutely 95% of fans will never see their team win the premier league we have been blessed by the football gods cant be to down hearted. Div 1 to premier league trophy not to shabby.
  5. Yea i think be lucky to see him again this season, que sera.
  6. If it is 6 weeks im relieved, i thought it was another acl for us. Devastated for Harvey hes been superb for us. The gods haven't been kind to us but maybe we used all our good fortune up in 2016. Down for now but still proud of the boys.
  7. I'm not negative rob it looks like the torquay weekender is on in July, oh the football as sad as i am about the result the injury to barnes looks bad and that's terrible, we must have run over a black cat. They have gave it their all but we are spent mentally and physically a miracle is needed. I agree rudzy ive followed um through thick and a lot more thin it still hurts though.
  8. The season is done. Injuries far too many. Vardy looking worse each game. Mentally weak tactically inept. Had a chance in January to strengthen when it was obvious injuries and amount of games where hurting us and done nothing. Will be very surprised if we finish in the top 6.
  9. Torquay weekender has been moved from beginning of may to mid july. Looking promising if people stay sensible for a few months.
  10. We have been running on fumes for a few weeks. Never want us to lose but top 4 wouldn't have happened with potentially another 7 games in the Europa league. Some squad players are clearly not good enough but my main concern is vardy looking a shadow of himself, hes a legend and hopefully will hit some form , we will certainly need him to in the coming weeks. Plenty to play for ctid.
  11. That is true but i firmly believe that most regular attendees at events be it nighters dayers or weekender, very quickly know if said event is for them. The age of technology gives you every chance to gage what the event has to offer. I do plenty of weekenders and know a newquay will be completely different playlist wise to somewhere like the tower at Blackpool. Both appeal to many including me but are chalk and cheese. Anyway role on freedom day.
  12. Hope so. Attend what takes your fancy and ignore the others. Seriously dont understand the too many events argument, the good will survive the crap will wither and fade away. But anyway be happy to attend anything.
  13. Big win we are a better team than villa but made it hard work at the end but hey were going great and cant complain.
  14. A new 5 minute test is being looked into to enable the hospitality sector to open. Developed by a Yorkshire firm its supposed to be more accurate and gives a result in 5 minutes that would allow stadiums, nightclubs and hopefully soul venues to open. Lets hope its approved.
  15. Very good results for man utd and spurs, well done.
  16. Had to work out if i was watching a game or the oscar nominations they certainly like a bit of acting . 0-0 can be tricky but i take us to win at home and they can go back to their acting day jobs.
  17. Be delighted with 12 points from them 6 games.
  18. Thanks steve, good luck in Europe.
  19. For 75 minutes i could have put my head through the tele. When are we gonna wake up to the fact that going forward we are very dangerous. I thought lpool played well today but we sat back and made sure there was no pressure on their makeshift defence. Great result in the end had a bit of luck but tally ho no foxes caught today lpool.
  20. Maybe if we realise we can have a go at scoring instead of giving them too much respect as we always do, then we might have a chance. Better last 10 minutes.
  21. He must have been edging towards an England callup although southgate only picks players from his favourite big clubs.
  22. Real shame about jj we are a bit jinxed with injuries at the moment but que sera. Hes been our most consistent player this year. Lets go win a trophy for him in the next 3 months.
  23. At that game as a youngster, carnage after.

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