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  1. Frank


  2. Frank

    mary love

    Possibly a Jamaican pressing
  3. Frank

    The Chancellors - All The Way From Heaven

    Mine is identical too, the only difference is the drill hole is 3mm to the left! I've always assumed it to be a demo in spite of the dh and had never noticed the pink tinge until now.
  4. Frank

    45 Sleeves Website

    Try here http://www.bigboppa.co.uk/45-sleeves/index.html
  5. Frank

    The Inverts - who were they?

    It is the same group as "Time Will Change" as they both have the same flip "Lonely Lover". 100% agree about "Look Out Love" every time I hear it, it sounds better!
  6. Frank

    stateside demo

    I'm no expert on UK EMI releases but I believe the last number on the matrix stamp denotes the press, so if it finishes with a 1 it is the first press, a 3 would be the third and so on. A lot of records were pressed more than once and kept on the catalogue for a long time without being actual reissues. I don't know if this applies to any other UK labels.
  7. Frank

    Current valuation Marciano Hines You got a let go

    I've only found 2 copies of Marcia Hines here in Oz and not found another this century, I've no idea why it is so rare. I swapped my double for an Ivorys (Despenza) and a Ringleaders BWHTOL with a UK dealer, maybe that gives you an idea of value! So I'd take a dozen at £100 each, much rarer than Gloria Scott.
  8. Frank

    Earl Jackson issue ?

    I think there are a couple in Australia
  9. Frank

    Rita Graham

    Vinyl or styrene? What's in the dead wax? If it is styrene it will probably be a monarch pressing so there should be a delta number, if it is vinyl it may just have a hand written matrix whether real or not. However the LP came out in 69 and the number would put it years later so it seems highly unlikely to have been issued. Lovely looking boot though!
  10. Fooled me for a while too. I believe Festival pressed all their own vinyl in Sydney and the K series 45's look the same, different to RCA, EMI and CBS (Aristocrat) pressings, although similar to Astor pressings that were pressed in Melbourne. There is a wiki entry with a brief history of the company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festival_Records
  11. The Bob Kuban is a bootleg, quite an oddity really as they didn't seem to do a lot of bootlegging in Australia, I've been told it had something to do with Dixons records in Blackburn (Victoria not Lancs) and they also did a similar boot of Tony Pass "Spring Fever". The sound quality on all the copies I've had is poor. BTW Stateside was never part of the Festival group of labels, but you know that Mal!
  12. Frank

    Eloise Laws Stay With Me

    Yes, they are identical.
  13. Frank

    Edie Walker - Your Unusual Love?

    Vicki Williams 'your love makes me stay when i know i should go' on Big Beat?
  14. Frank

    Pye Disco Demand Label Query

    There were also 3 different sleeves to the PDD release, the first was given away as a promotion before the record was released and the front cover had the group as "Chosen Few", when it was eventually released they overprinted "Wigans" in red to read "Wigans Chosen Few" and the final sleeve was simply "Wigans Chosen Few". I've still got the first two, but not the record!
  15. Frank

    Innovation 2 Records - Full Label Listing

    That label scan is of an Australian release, not a US copy. I doubt that it would have sold a single copy so quite rare. Cheers, Frank


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