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  1. N5 GRL For more information or to make an offer email soulgirl@gmail.com
  2. Lindsay

    Mike Cog. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday nutter...much love to you & Jan xx
  3. Lindsay

    Cleethorpes Weekender

    Pass only £25 each
  4. Lindsay

    Cleethorpes Weekender

    £50 each
  5. Unfortunately due to illness I am now not able to go. So am selling 2 passes with onsite accomodation within easy walking distance of venue for £60 each. Interested? Phone 07920 826078
  6. Lindsay

    Cleethorpes 2013

    2 x on site accomodation and passes for sale
  7. Note to self....connect brain before attempting to use t'internet )
  8. The call us Southern softeees....huh! Agree Karen we travel because we have no choice...but they do have a choice and they choose to stay nearer home. Travelling, to us, is a part of the fun...lol Karen we travel the distances because we have no other choice...if you had a selection of venues on your doorstep wouldn't you stay closer to home? To us the travelling is all part of the build up ...lol
  9. Can't answer for any of the other locals but I have supported all of Sally & Rods nighters and enjoyed every one...did seem a little weird to be home before noon tho' lol
  10. No Bidds over the summer The only chance I have of being there without me long johns thick socks and hot water bottle, not going to miss it Karen I have explained previously....only with lace
  11. Missed this yet again...this time due to forgotten babysitting booking...sure it was an absolutely brilliant night...hopefully next time
  12. Well I had a fabulous time, first time at Rugby for me and felt at home as soon as I walked in the door.. Finally found my dancing feet again, and if I wasn't on the floor I was off chatting ..sorry to those people who probably still have ringing in their ears Mr Rimmer next time just happy slap me and tell me to shut up Was lovely to see so many familiar happy faces. Thanks to Sian and Dean for a wonderful time, and I'm taking my wet suit and snorkel next time so I can go see the fish in the pond up close Also thanks to Karen, Vicky and John for making the journey interesting Right I'm off to try and get my post nighter sighs under control
  13. Will born again virgins be acceptable
  14. Think you may not want to...think Karens driving Stevie you poor little soul...heaven only knows how you cope with being a bloke :D
  15. Bringing my fluffy socks just in case....that hot water bottle saved my life...thank you Now if you could just pull out a nice full english with a mug of tea about 6am I will love you forever


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