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  1. I certainly didn't know that Many thanks
  2. Thought I was correct please see screen shot
  3. I am a Junior Walker fan Twist Lackawanna However I had never heard this great track before. I believe its from the Road Runner Album ?
  4. Teahouse In Chinatown by Jimmy Hart https://www.shazam.com/track/2932383/teahouse-in-chinatown?referrer=share
  5. This link should be of interest to all Northern Soul attendees https://www.theguardian.com/music/article/2024/may/20/stax-records-story-otis-redding-isaac-hayes
  6. What a fabulous performance in Coventry last night
  7. Just a heads up to everyone however if your already aware please don't let me offend you. Not entirely familiar with how to negotiate this forum ! BBC Proms on Saturday evening 15/07/23 are covering Northern Soul tunes
  8. Thank you Ken B for your help I thought paul-s comment was rather rude
  9. Hi everyone Anybody seen the Signatures live ? Thinking of attending one of their gigs soon. Your comments would be very welcome
  10. We've booked up to see The Gabriels in Coventry in July. Anyone else going ?
  11. What an excellent new venue and facilities. The music RIGHT ON for the occasion Well done to everyone who were in the organising
    We completed our FIRST visit on Sunday afternoon 16/04/23. My wife and I throughly enjoyed it. Lovely venue, excellent sound system, good bar prices, nice dance floor and refreshing choices of vinyl. Everyone were very friendly. Definitely one to put in your diaries Phil
  12. Hi everyone who replied and many thanks. I am spreading the word about this recording at all the venues we attend. Those who were unaware are generally bowled over by the tune. WARNING It does become an EARWORM number !!!

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