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  1. Really sad news Kev, I first met him when I was an 11/12 yr old lad and he often called in my dad's corner shop, although he was a few years older. when he found I had a fledgling interest in Soul music, he always took the time to chat with me about it, he had a great passion for the music and was such a warm wonderful person, I hitched up a few times with him in Florida for some vinyl digging and had some great laughs along the way. A heartfelt condolence goes out to his lovely wife Lynn and his family. R.I.P Mick
  2. yeah remember it well Phil..Sparkles on old town, couple of melvin davis i must love you's a nice Trilby and 2 unworn bowlers tats
  3. Yep, brilliant hat, i still wear it....wouldn't trade it for any of them beat up 45's What a fantastic woman she was....coming up from the cellar with brush staves full of vinyl...........great times Gilly
  4. Anyone out there got one fro sale or trade?
  5. What a great night, A big thanks for inviting me to play, GREAT CROWD....half of Ashfield comp i'd say, it was a Soulful school tho 8-) , defo be there for the next one thanks again Tats
  6. hey Lenny, It will be great to see you my ol mucker best Tats
  7. I have trouble getting up to mid tempo Coops, however my decking buddy "Mr Forrest" just might slip into 75 mph territory.......i hope the speeding fine is not dished out to the whole team. having seen him master "it mek" (on video) the snake should be an enjoyable romp for him (and us). really looking forward to this one Tats
  8. All will be revealed over the next few months........
  9. Looks like its gonna be a cracker.......can't wait to spend time and share tunes with my fave people. any hotels near? Tats
  10. I am severely embarrassed by the whole incident, the only defence i can muster is the infectious love of Soul music amongst the loyal sweet soul crowd, it's such a privilege to play there and the enthusiasm coupled with a few to many drinks spilled over onto the stage. promise to be more careful with the equipment if you have the good nature to overlook our mishap and book us again. (next time???)...Chris also mentioned one of those mike stands like Rod the mod used to twirl if possible. happy xmas Tats
  11. Sure did Barry, a lot down to the GREAT sound system you provided and me i owe you a drink
  12. Bloody hell outbid by $4450 quid............never mind, Once again we have been blessed and truly humbled by a truly wonderful appreciative crowd, Myself, Sean, Kev and Bully are well aware of the fact that it is YOU who make Just Soul what it is. There were moments on Sat Nite that just seemed surreal, i'm so proud to be part of it. Just hope the trip continues for a long long time......cus i for one "Don't wanna get off, till the feeling stops" Thank you TATS

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