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  1. just heard two days ago from Wil . still problems with 45 being pressed and sorry for delay
  2. Just opened mine from Santa 01070 all present and correct , wishing all soul source peeps a merry christmas from Australia
  3. Got a John Drevars Expression - The closer she gets - M.G. M. issue in mint condition, for 10P in the mid seventies from 'Eddies odds and ends' on Wellington road in Rhyl. Also an early Discatron for a couple of quid from the same shop. Ricardo Did you ever play the John Drevars on the Discatron ? . I used to go to that shop when i was at school at Blessed Edward Jones High school ! best Pete Morgan
  4. Went to our local weekend trash and treasure market today, like i do every weekend for the past 10 years in Sydney . I never find any decent 45,s usually but today was one of those special days Nothing too great but considering the usual lack of finding much i picked up a mint Sandy Wynns - Touch of venus (aussie label) and Lou Rawls - see you when i get there ( aussie 45 )... put a nice skip in my step ... anyone out there had a good weekend picking up a bargain ? would love to know kind regards Pete Morgan
  5. For growing up in North Wales for me personally was Bob Foster , without people like himself being pioneers and spreading the music ; I think the amount of young people being touched by soul music ( especially) Detroit in North Wales would be far less !! Pete m
  6. I am envious of all your postings, some amazing artists and some amazing era's to boot! How good would it have been to see Sam and Dave , so live ! ..... and i am jealous of many more of your pics !! would love to hear more posts best Pete m
  7. Sounds great. Wish I was there - I've never seen Al Green live. I've seen some awesome concerts though, such as Michael Jackson - Wembley Stadium 1988 (seriously!) Wow , His tour that that never happened looked like from the movie to be a blinder .......... Dave ,You have seen some great acts!! Al Green played a new song tonight that was incredible , he said it was his new release...anybody know what i am talking about? Best Pete
  8. Just had to let you all know how good tonight was in Sydney, It was a free concert in the middle of Sydney and Al Green was the headline act!! Over 80 thousand people moving to all his classics and a few covers. He nearly pulled out due to Willie Mitchells death. This guy still has it!!! sharp falsetos a great presence and he had each of the 80 k audience in the palm of his hand!! It was quite an emotional evening. love to hear anybody elses experiences at seeing great soul gods live! pete M
  9. Legend has it that there's a mountain of vinyl, buried in a cave, outside Saigon, left by American GI DJ's when they pulled out. All Major US labels sent plane loads of material out there, all through the 60's and early 70's. Now the country is more accessible, I'm contemplating organising a search party! Sean I went 10 years ago to ho chi min ( saigon) and all i picked up was a lamberetta sx 200 , i went to the oid radio station that the us had during the war. But was then called ( when i visited) the peoples republic broadcasting centre or summat like that. On asking a guard about records etc , i suddenly felt a bit uneasy as the country at the time was pretty new place for tourists and he looked like i should not be asking questions. I spent two weeks trawling all ex GI surples stores ( military stuff going cheap ) not even a sniff of vinyl. My last day in Ho Chi Min was spent sipping beer Ho from a street vendor and i saw a small kid with an american 45 clicking it down a pile of railings. I ran after him to ask him where he found it ; he ran off probobaly thinking i was some sort of deviant. I hope somebody else has some luck there. I did here rumours whilst there of lots of "left US " stuff being trashed by the communists pete M
  10. Yep, Bob Foster was the Detroit man! I used to see the Welsh crew @ the Mecca or Casino most weeks and they'd always be going on about his legendary collection. 'Twas rumoured he had the first Tamiko Jones too........ got a copy for mr tipton via his collection in the late 70s when he sold up to by railway memorabilia pete m]
  11. Is the half a dozen tossers on here telling us what to listen to listen to it...what to wear and how to conduct ourselves when they don't even know how to conduct themselves And you know what It will be a better place for it Merry Christmas Everyone Beeks Beeks, Merry christmas to you , 100% back at you for hitting the nail on the head. PMJ
  12. 55mins into the clip was the girl of my dreams at the time , anyone know who this is /was great dancer ....( striped top)....keeping it real! pete m

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