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  1. Billy Hambrick I found true love She said goodbye
  2. remember being in the queue at the Casino and there was a punk band on before { Atilla and the Huns} i believe was the name . when all the punters left seeing the concert there was a huge clash with all of the soul crew outside. It was mental and we ran and hid in the multistory carpark next to the Casino until it all died down...Mental especially we were all off our chops !
  3. if you sign up to facebook group , Northern soul in Oz you will get all the info for the National soul weekender
  4. it sounded very loud , and good for the era. Speakers were very big at front of stage .( Wigan that is )
  5. bandit movie 2022 had Chuck Cockerham ( Have i got a right) playing
  6. I migrated from UK in 89 , arrived in Australia thinking i was the only person who was into Northern/ modern soul . I started going to the early sydney raves and parties for close to eight years as i thought there was no soul scene . Buying house 12,s at a Sydney record shop i chanced upon a flyer for a Northern soul night ! i accidently found out that there was a thriving soul scene in Sydney! Still collect Deep house and soulful house and modern soul
  7. I have Frankie Valli on Aus Tamla motown demo , it is a different take apparantly to the mowest and us versions
  8. just heard two days ago from Wil . still problems with 45 being pressed and sorry for delay
  9. Just opened mine from Santa 01070 all present and correct , wishing all soul source peeps a merry christmas from Australia
  10. Got a John Drevars Expression - The closer she gets - M.G. M. issue in mint condition, for 10P in the mid seventies from 'Eddies odds and ends' on Wellington road in Rhyl. Also an early Discatron for a couple of quid from the same shop. Ricardo Did you ever play the John Drevars on the Discatron ? . I used to go to that shop when i was at school at Blessed Edward Jones High school ! best Pete Morgan

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