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  1. pete mattock

    LP only tracks?

    Where can I buy this please?
  2. pete mattock

    LP only tracks?

  3. pete mattock


    I shall be there with Helen & Albert
  4. pete mattock

    The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Hope to make this one.
  5. pete mattock

    Happy Birthday Scotters

    Happy Birthday Steve
  6. pete mattock

    Voices from the Shadows issues 1-6, 20 & 21

    Hi Steve I have a spare copy of a VFTS but not sure what issue no it is until I am home again in a few days. Let me know if you are still after any.
  7. pete mattock

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Went to The Lime Tree, Slickers & assorted alldayers at The Fleet, Cresset, Wirrinna & small venues In Peterborough I have forgotten the names of.Bourne, Cambridg, Kings Lynn & Norwich Corn Exchanges also hosted JF events I attended.Remember the Rushden Cavemen all baring their bums one night at the Wirrinna I think!!!! All very Caister although I never went there. At the same time aw this was going on I was buying deep soul from Gary Cape & others. I love It all.
  8. pete mattock


    Awaiting the 'Fen Flyer' here in March. See yall laters.
  9. pete mattock

    Playlist - Soul Essence 35 - The Jim Wray Lounge

    My playlist in the Jim Wray Lounge, which is now in a room fitting of its importance. Superb weekend which others have summed up better than I can (see above) I love the diversity of sounds & djs in the lounge & this seemed to me even more pronounced than usual.Must publicly thank Steve (Scotters) for reluctantly taking over from Brian (& doing a fine job) & for giving me a lift to SE. Teddy Pendergrass - Hurry Up (Eagle Records CD) Jimmy Lewis - I Can't Leave You Alone (Kent Hotlanta Soul 4 CD) Eddie Kendricks - Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need (Tamla Boogie Down LP) Sweet and Innocent - Express Your Love (Active 45) Reuben Bell - One Sided Love Affair (Alarm 45) Billy Wade Shelby - Who's Your Next Fool Gonna Be (Supreme Records 45) Irma Thomas - He's My Guy ( UK Liberty 45) Allison & Calvin Turner - Yeah, Memories (Checker 45) Yvonne Gomez - Ease The Pain (Hawaii 45) Big Dee Irwin - And Heaven Was Here (Dimension 45) Willie Walker - Reaching For The Real Thing ( Hi 45) Veda - You Can Love Again (MW Records 45) Martha Turner - Your Magic Touch (Royal American 45) Joey Gilmore - Somebody Done Took My Baby & Gone (Saadia 45) Own up time here as I played tother side in error (not helped by the fact the labels are reversed on the 45!!!) Prince Johnny Robinson - I Fell In Love With An Angel ( Mercury 45) Al Pinkston Jr - I Look I See (Tra Mo 45) Dionne Warwick - In Between The Heartaches (UK Pye International 45) Ecstasy Passion & Pain - I'll Take The Blame ( UK Pye International 45 & b side to Ask Me) Jimmy Norman - I'm Coming Home (Bronze 45) Thanks for looking Pete
  10. pete mattock


    Not going to be able to make it this time. Not sure either if my usual travel partners (Albert & Helen) are going. Missing you all already May borrow that bottle of milk excuse in the future Gilly!!!
  11. pete mattock


    Just back from The Railway in Boston. Looking forward to the last Cali of the year & more cake.
  12. pete mattock

    The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Afraid I am going to be onè of those that just checks the play lists this time. Sorry I can't make it.Have a good un as they say. Cheers. Pete
  13. pete mattock


    Hope to make it on Friday. Will bring a few 'duplicates' to sell if that's ok? (Russ & Ray) Will not drink too much, will not drink too much (Strict instructions from my better half as she doesn't want her sleep disturbed + I will be driving the next morning) Pete
  14. This is the 'Dogs B******s'. Superb venue, music (at least 80% I didn't know) people, hosts etc (not forgetting the food & beer) Thoroughly recommended to those who want something different. The only downside for me was the distance I had to travel.(over 200 miles).Many thanks to Steve Scotney for the lift & company (not forgetting John who travelled with us) My first time in the NE & will have to go back for more of a look round (I.e. only managed a quick look around Durham on the Sun morning) A busy weekend for me as on the Sunday went to Steve Scotney & Brian Gouchers event in Stanwick.They are doing a splendid job along similar lines to Durham so get along to the next one if you can.
  15. Superb night & the 1st for me in the new venue.Glad to see that the number of attendees was well up on my last visit as well.Brian & Steve are to be congratulated for 'sticking to their guns' with the music policy & glad it now seems to be paying off. My playlist: Darlene Darcel - Fairy Tales (Jo-Jo) Tyrone Davis. - Give it Up (Turn it Loose) (UK CBS) Was a toss up between that & the other side 'You're to Much' Rodge Martin - Wasted Nights. (Newark) Jeffrey Chambers & the Gentle Persuasion. - You Never Say I Love You (Single B Records) The Futures - Breaking Up (Avalanche) Freddy Jaye. - Thinking of You (United Artists) As with the TD I could have played the other side 'I Need Somebody's Love' Deon Jackson - I Can't go On (UK Contempo-Raries) Lloyd W Jackson - I Need You Now. (ABC) Irma Thomas - Full Time Woman (UK Atlantic) Paul Burton - So Very Hard to Make It (Without You) ( Music-Go-Round) Roland Alphanso & His Group - Crime Wave (UK R & B) About 2 mins of this Ska!!! Inst, so be warned Pete


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