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  1. LP only tracks?

    Where can I buy this please?
  2. LP only tracks?

  3. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    I shall be there with Helen & Albert
  4. The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Hope to make this one.
  5. Happy Birthday Scotters

    Happy Birthday Steve
  6. Voices from the Shadows issues 1-6, 20 & 21

    Hi Steve I have a spare copy of a VFTS but not sure what issue no it is until I am home again in a few days. Let me know if you are still after any.
  7. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Went to The Lime Tree, Slickers & assorted alldayers at The Fleet, Cresset, Wirrinna & small venues In Peterborough I have forgotten the names of.Bourne, Cambridg, Kings Lynn & Norwich Corn Exchanges also hosted JF events I attended.Remember the R...
  8. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Awaiting the 'Fen Flyer' here in March. See yall laters.
  9. Playlist - Soul Essence 35 - The Jim Wray Lounge

    My playlist in the Jim Wray Lounge, which is now in a room fitting of its importance. Superb weekend which others have summed up better than I can (see above) I love the diversity of sounds & djs in the lounge & this seemed to me even more pronounced ...
  10. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Not going to be able to make it this time. Not sure either if my usual travel partners (Albert & Helen) are going. Missing you all already May borrow that bottle of milk excuse in the future Gilly!!!
  11. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Just back from The Railway in Boston. Looking forward to the last Cali of the year & more cake.
  12. The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Afraid I am going to be onè of those that just checks the play lists this time. Sorry I can't make it.Have a good un as they say. Cheers. Pete
  13. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Hope to make it on Friday. Will bring a few 'duplicates' to sell if that's ok? (Russ & Ray) Will not drink too much, will not drink too much (Strict instructions from my better half as she doesn't want her sleep disturbed + I will be driving the next morning) Pete
  14. This is the 'Dogs B******s'. Superb venue, music (at least 80% I didn't know) people, hosts etc (not forgetting the food & beer) Thoroughly recommended to those who want something different. The only downside for me was the distance I had to travel.(over ...
  15. Superb night & the 1st for me in the new venue.Glad to see that the number of attendees was well up on my last visit as well.Brian & Steve are to be congratulated for 'sticking to their guns' with the music policy & glad it now seems to be paying ...