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    I'm a professional goalkeeping coach with Queens Park Rangers football Elite Academy.

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    Greg McAlinney
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    Too many to mention.
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  1. Great times, I can't even remember doing that tape lol. Thanks chalky, Greg
  2. Imo they were some of the best times in London. Loads of great venues, people and awesome tunes plus we enjoy ourselves lol. Stay safe all Greg
  3. Yes mate that's the one. Think I paid 20 quid. Thanks
  4. Hi folks, It's The Spurrlows, I used to play it back in the mid 9ts at the 100club allnighters. Think the title is girl I love you or baby i love you. Stay safe....Greg
  5. Very sad news to read about the main man. Those great lists and finding phone boxes to call up while on route to work . yes! its ringing and not engaged. Amazing buzz when told yup still got that one Greg. Great memories R.I.P
  6. Looking for a copy of... I let him take me in his arms on Zodiac. Thanks Greg
  7. Still looking chaps. Thanks Greg
  8. Hi All You got any of these drop me a pm. Some rare some not so...Vg+/Ex Required. can trade for northern tunes or paypal etc. Thanks Greg Originals wanted Don Drummond - Smiling - Top Deck Don Drummond - Chinatown- Top Deck Zodiacs - Renegade - Island Johnny Melody - Foey Man - Island Prince Buster - Again - Prince buster (reisssue) Tommy McCook - Ska jam - Rio Norma Frazier - Working - Bamboo Hot Rod Allstars- Skinhead speaks his mind - Hot Rod
  9. Did my research with the lovely Internet back in mid 9ts, bloke was a backing singer etc. Everything was mint, most of the tunes I dj'd with for years at 100 club and capitol soul club. Sold them on to the boys like butch, Dyson, mick h etc
  10. Sent a wants list off to a bloke who was a session musician back in 6ts in detroit. I thought i might get a few decent ric tic items etc. Ended up getting mint Gwen owens, camaros, Pat Lewis, buddy Smith, 6 copies of utopias and several other big ticket items. Sold them all years ago and made a decent profit. Those were the days alright. Greg
  11. Capitol Soul Club always ended with Jimmy Ricks - Oh what a feeling- Festival. TUNE!!!!
  12. Back in the early 9ts I got 5 copies from a dealer in the detroit area. I moved all the copies to various dealers/ djs in london. I do know the guy I got them from had many more as he started listing them in discoveries record mag. How many he had is unknown but I wasn't the only dj he was selling them too. Glorious days indeed . Greg
  13. Love this great new release. Enjoy Greg
  14. hi mate, I'll have Brenda Holloway if still available? Let me know PayPal/post details as well. Thanks Greg
  15. Folks Looking for the following , any help let me know. Thanks Greg Wanted 45 Horace Andy & John Holt - A Quiet Place - Jackpot

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