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  1. Pink issue of The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl VG+ couple of marks (listen to YouTube clip). A couple of VG+ ones on Discogs for £100. Selling for a friend who wants £80 all in (incl Next Day postage) Cheers any questions give me a shout.
  2. JImmy Jones NOW SOLD
  3. Im selling this for a mate of mine. Up for grabs is an original Bell demo copy of Jimmy Jones 39-21-40 Shape. The vinyl condition I'd say is a VG++ plays through clean only light superficial scuffs, the label has 3 Xs and stickers on flip (see images) . Have look and listen at the scans and the YouTube clip of actual record. The demo is the rarer release of this in demand tune and is less seen than the blue issue. £90 + registered post. SOLD YouTube clip
  4. Still looking for a clean copy of Elliot Small - Im A Devil. Missed out on the one Man From Soul had up for £75 today, but if anyone wants to sell let me know via PM. cheers.
  5. "50" thats some random number thats been given you?! Not sure who told you that the "bootleg" with the stamped matrix has far superior quality to the " legit issue" but sounds like a sales pitch to me, was it a friend of the bootlegger by any chance? Like i say I before I reckon its who was behind producing all those lookalike boots (Sam Williams, Billy Woods etc..) that caused so much controversy months back. Need to ask yourself how did they get a master and is the production legal i.e. authorized by Don Gardner. Seeing though Don himself is still alive and probably knows nothing about it (lets face he didnt know anything about the originals being made at the time all them years back!) As for the LP + "legit reissue" , on the album "The Story of Don Gardner" it says, I quote "Licensed from Don Gardner/Produced for re-issue by Tobias Kirmayer/Mastering by Alex Klier @LXK Studios/Distributed by Kudos records (World) (P) & (C) Tramp Records 2014. Made In Germany. All Rights Reserved. Unuathorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited." I think that is enough to prove the legality of the production. I'd also imagine in Germany they wouldn't be printing such things on an album if they didnt follow the correct protocols, otherwise they would be facing lawsuits left right and centre from America. No matter how much you sugar coat it, the stamped "boots" are illegal.....
  6. Cheers Mike for the input, it all helps to clarify. Come to the conclusion that there are two definitive ways of telling "legit" from "boot" legit reissue = "Vanleer" written as one word before the word "Productions" on label, and a scratched in matrix in run out grooves bootleg of the legit reissue (both types as there two boots circulating around by the looks of it!) = "Vanleer" is written as two words i.e. Van leer, and at least one of the boots has the matrix machine stamped. hope this helps all out there...
  7. Yep Chalky I heard that story as well, which is a shame as he's been on the music circuit a long time as we all know. Aside all the bickering and indifference in peoples opinions at least Don is now getting some royalties from his most revered tune and in a way the purchase of not only the "legit reissue" of Cheatin' Kind but the LP that Tramp records produced justifies this, that dues are paid at last. The legitimate production and sale of "400 limited reissues" along with the double albums one would hope make up for the fact he was duped with not knowing about the original release of Cheatin' Kind and the handful of originals that are in existence from that release.
  8. Or looking at it another way is, they (Tramp records) saw that a now 85 year old veteran US soul singer (DG) could at last profit a little from a record he recorded years ago from which he has not received any royalties from until a "legit reissue" was released and endorsed by him. I stagger to believe how many old US soul singers out there still alive that have not gained one penny from their original releases. There is a very valid and coherent argument for "legit reissues" (for contemporary soul singers and maybe deceased) to be released and used in the current soul scene..i.e. its an appreciative gesture by all of us to make sure that these soul singers/artists/songwriters get some financial recognition finally after all the years we as buyers/sellers/collectors/djs have been circulating originals all these years without them earning in a lot of cases not one cent from the sales. One would like to believe ideally this was what Tramp record's intentions were in any case.....??
  9. Pep was one best djs back then, playing innovative tunes if i remember right John Bowie was one of them among many others....
  10. John aside from all the 'elitism' (for want of a better word) that parts of the soul scene seems to be suffering from, lets not forget years back (70s & 80s) we didnt have video cameras playing down onto the decks and projected onto a wall so that joe public can see what the dj was spinning, lot of djs years back played emi discs for obvious reasons, in todays climate that would not be accepted. The fact that original copies of Cheatin' Kind are rare means that is not accessible to everyone's collections. What's more at least Don Gardner himself will be and has been paid royalties from the "legit reissue" which he personally licensed himself via Tramp records, which i kind of think is probably more important than the 'elitists' moaning about how they are not originals and how it puts the scene down. Bootlegs agreed should not be made of the original unless someone is paid royalties somewhere along the line of production, its a cancer that should be cut out. However, how can a singer that's still alive getting paid from a "legit reissue" be a negative thing?!
  11. Most certainly mate and if you get challenged ask them to show you the LP that came with said bonus 45...if they still have it of course, which they wont as its safe to say now its not the legit reissue i reckon...
  12. cheers for the info mart inc looks very much like we know the score now... legit reissue = Vanleer written as one word on label scratched in matrix bootleg of the legit reissue (both types as there two around by the looks) Vanleer is written as two words i.e. Van leer, and at least one of the boots has the matrix machine stamped. I got a sneaking suspicion that the bootleg with the machine stamp was done by the same people that did the controversial look a like originals months back....(Billy Woods, Sam Williams, Greater Experience, Salvadors etc...)
  13. Yep think it's safe to say we have a definitive way of recognising the legit reissue after all its the smallest details that can help along with people's input...cheers for confirming with your copies
  14. Doh missed that post of yours Cover up.... middle aged and not wearing my spectacles! Think that astute observation might more or less clear it up..all the "legit reissues" that came with the LP as a bonus 45 have "Vanleer" as one word...solved I reckon after all!
  15. It would seem obvious and simple but a collective and definitive answer from people who have bought the record from Tramp records would help confirm whats what with regard to the origins of the each copy and the matrix info (scratched and machine stamped) , it would save a lot of headaches for future buyers and sellers to know what the crack is with the differences...