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Harlem 69: The Future of Soul (The Soul Trilogy) - Stuart Cosgrove - Pre-Order

Harlem 69: The Future of Soul (The Soul Trilogy) now available for pre-order.

Picked up word that the final part of Stuart Cosgroves Soul  triology is now available for pre-order via Amazon and Printer Matter (links follow furtherbelow)

Here's the blurb

In 1969, among Harlem's Rabelaisian cast of characters are bandleader King Curtis, soul singers Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway, and drug peddler Jimmy `Goldfinger' Terrell. In February a raid on tenements across New York leads to the arrest of 21 Black Panther party members and one of the most controversial trials of the era. In the summer Harlem plays host to Black Woodstock and concerts starring Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone. The world's most famous guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, a major supporter of the Black Panthers, returns to Harlem in support of their cause.

By the end of the year Harlem is gripped by a heroin pandemic and the death of a 12-year-old child sends shockwaves through the USA, leaving Harlem stigmatised as an area ravaged by crime, gangsters and a darkly vengeful drug problem.


Stuart Cosgrove originally from Perth, was a fanzine writer on the northern soul scene before joining the black music paper Echoes, as a staff writer. He became media editor with the NME and a feature writer for a range of newspapers and magazines. In 2005 he was named Broadcaster of the Year in the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards and in 2012 he won numerous awards including a BAFTA and Royal Television Society award for Channel 4’s coverage of the London Paralympics 2012.

Pre-Order via 
Printed Matter website
Amazon website


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There is a great podcast on mixcloud, dean Anderson'sTNT show with Stuart , well worth a listen !. 🎶 he's a geezer and half.👍

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I am a big fan of Stuart's work! 

I read "Detroit 67", "Memphis 68", "Young Soul Rebels" and will pre-order "Harlem 69".

Stuart is great story teller and adds some fascinating anecdotes.  I love the way that the story of soul unfolds month by month against the backdrop of the times: Vietnam, MLK, city riots and the civil rights movement.  

"Detroit 67" was a real insight into the workings of Motown and the movie is well worth watching. 

I never realized the extent of the professional / personal interrelationships between many of the great Motown soul acts of the day and Berry Gordy.  It was also a surprise to know how bad things got for the Supremes and how the happy faces in the "public eye" hid a deep hatred within the group.

"Memphis 68" starts with the handover of power from the City Mayor...the tension and heat of the deep South are palpable and rise from the pages with each chapter.  

It also becomes very apparent how short and tragic many of the lives of our favorites stars were back in the day.

Can't wait for the final part...


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No doubt Stuart's new book will be another good read ... got his earlier books but haven't gotten round to reading 67 or 68 yet ...

... ...  ... a quick question ... a major change in the world of soul occurred between 67 & 70; the demise of the big chitlin circuit theatres (the Royal, the Howard, etc) ... only the Apollo seemed to hang on. With the end of these smaller venues (500 or so), the 7 night engagements for acts ended and they moved to a single night concert in front of an audience of 3000 to 5000 (in venues such as Madison Sq Gardens or Baltimore Civic Centre). The big groups still made decent money as the headliners at these massive venues but the number of shows available for smaller acts just starting out was reduced massively. This led to a big reduction in the opportunities for new acts to break through in many cities. Lots of the acts also started playing more white venues (supper clubs & Atlantic City / Vegas casinos) where (in general) they were treated better (dressing rooms, food, set-up assistance, general conditions).

Does Stuart touch on this aspect of the soul scene at all in any of these 3 books ??    


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Just finished the Memphis 68 book. Compared to the superb Detroit volume, it had a few errors in it and was a less continuous narrative than the previous book (more a series of related essays) but overall still well worth reading.


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Email from Amazon this morning to say the book is to be delivered today - and at the new price of £13.88 instead of the pre-order price at £16.99, what's not to like?!

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It arrived late afternoon. I've quickly read the foreword and am looking forward to getting stuck into it. Really like the fact that it's hardback like the Memphis one; it's a trilogy that I'm sure most of us will dip back into well into the future.

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2 hours ago, Ahoy Sailor said:

Shameless plug - Stuart is doing a launch night in Glasgow, reading from the book followed by a club night at The Admiral Bar on Waterloo Street - tickets can be purchased from


can't see it here?


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