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St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th Anniversary

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    Crewe    CW1 2LB

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St Lukes Charity Alldayer 5th anniversary

The Crosville Club

Chester Street




This time of year comes that quick i can hardly believe it !!!

Here we go again with our annual Charity event, Them that have been before know

what a cracking day we have here down at Crewe, raising funds for our local Hospice

Over the past 5 years we've handed money over to the value of £19,770

We are again keeping entry money to £5.00 and giving great value for money !!!

This year we start at 1pm and go on to 11.30pm

In the main room this year we've got some of the best DJs playing the best in Northern & Motown.

In room 2, we are having it as a club room- inviting DJs from different venues.

We again have managed to secure the use of the 3rd room (chill out suite) VERY popular last year !:thumbup:

DJs for the main room are as follows-----In no particular order (times to follow)

Keith Minshull --- Ex Torch and Wigan Casino

Carl Piper---Mansfield

Moz Arnold---Northern Line Warrington

Pete Cogley---Formerly-The Services Widnes

Rod Looker--- Ex Wigan/ Beechwood Soul Club/The Services

Chris Ellis --- Moulton Verdin Club

Mike Coburn --- Moorlands Radio

Alan Twyford --- Ex Moorville Hall

Jonny Briggs---Crosville Club

John Valentine---Winnington Rec/ The Morg

Steve Connolly---Ex- Soul On The Edge

Roger Conneely---Moulton Verdin/ The Morg

Baz Ratcliffe/Ray Andrews --- Radway Green Soul Club.


Please keep an eye on the comments section for more info :thumbsup:

If you want a great day out PLEASE come and help us support

this VERY worthy cause:thumbup:

This day really DOES make a difference !!!!!!!



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Crewe Venue Address:

Chester street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 2LB, United Kingdom

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There is no change for this next event, we are still at the same club - and will be for the foreseeable future !

1 / 4 / 18    EASTER SUNDAY:thumbsup:

The Crosville Club

Chester Street

Crewe - Cheshire


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Been to the last two, always a good crowd and a good day, hotel booked for ourselves and two friends from Nottingham. Have a good Christmas and New Year and see you all soon. Mandy & Alan

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Useful numbers for local hotels in the area for anyone wishing to stop over for the night in Crewe.

Crewe Arms Hotel, Nantwich Rd, Crewe - 01270 213204

Holiday Inn Express, Macon Way, Crewe, - 08714234876

The Waverley Hotel,9 Pedley St,Crewe, - 01270 256225

Travelodge, Beswick Dr,Crewe, - 08719846296

Ramada Encore, Electra Way ,Crewe, - 01270 506620

(I hope this is of use to anybody wanting to make a night of it, with it being bank holiday)

Also useful local Taxi numbers - -

Bee Line - 01270 656461

Westside - 01270 211222

Rainbow - 01270 214444

ATB Nige & Tina :hatsoff2:


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A big thumbs up:thumbup: and thanks:thumbsup: to Neil Clowes,who was last nights guest at the Crosville Clubs regular night for his donation of 4 records to be sold /auctioned off to raise funds for this event.

Many thanks again Neil !!!

Nige & Tina :hatsoff2:

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A MASSIVE  thanks goes out to Dave & Shirley Pointon for their donation / contribution towards this years St Lukes charity alldayer £855.62. which was raised at their party /charity event last saturday down here at Crewe.

This really does give us a flying start, this will be added to other monies collected on the run up to the event :thumbup:

Can i also take the time and thank the guys down at the Box in Crewe, who have in respect of our day, cancelled their regular sunday soul session :hatsoff2:They have now secured Good friday as a replacement night 8pm - 2am.

DJs & times to follow very soon.


Hope to see you all there -

Yours soulfully Nige & Tina :thumbsup:

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A big thumbs up:thumbup: and thanks to The Four Seasons soul club who last night donated half of the takings from their Charity/Benefit night down at Alsager, to our charity alldayer:hatsoff2:. This with other monies already collected and pledged, brings our start total to about £1200.FANTASTIC !!!!!

Could we smash last years total of £4900 ?:g: - Its lookin very lightly, come along and help us break the £5000 barrier and make a massive difference to a very deserving charity.

Hope to see you there - Nige & Tina

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Food will be available on the day at this event in the form of baps with various fillings, ALL procedes from the sale from these goes straight into the kitty, and added to monies taken on the day .:thumbsup:


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Times and DJs for room 1.            (Times and DJs for rooms 2 & 3 to follow shortly)

1.00 - 1.45  Johnny Valentine

1.45 - 2.30  Jonny Briggs

2.30 - 3.15  Chris Ellis

3.15 - 4.00  Pete Cogley

4.00 - 4.45  Steve Connolly

4.45 - 5.30  Carl Piper

5.30 - 6.15  Alan Twyford

6.15 - 7.00  Roger Conneely

7.00 - 7.45  Moz Arnold

7.45 - 8.00 --------AUCTION ***

8.00 - 9.00  Keith Minshull

9.00 - 9.45  Rod Looker

9.45 - 10.30  Mick Coburn

10.30 - 11.30  Baz Ratcliffe / Ray Andrews

11.30 Finish :hatsoff2:

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This will be our 3rd year attending and my second as a very privileged DJ to be invited to be a small part of a great big team, who all pull together to support this function to raise much needed & appreciated funds for this extremely worthy cause  Nigel & Tina put such a lot of effort into ensuring this is a massive success and deserve all the praise going for all there hard work.
If you you have not experienced the magic of a St Lukes Hospice All Dayer at The Crosville Club, Chester Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 2LB do yourselves a favour and come and enjoy a fantastic day with an amazing atmosphere and the best bit is, by your attendance,  you are donating to this very worthy cause and enjoying yourself at the same time a real win, win in anybody's book

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On 12/10/2017 at 22:12, Johnny Northern said:

Thanks for the invite, all the past charity alldayers for St Luke's have been brilliant & very well organised. I appreciate the hard work Nige, Tina, Jess & Ben put in. That's why it's so successful. We at The Morg are once again proud to be sponsors & associated of this event.

KTF Johnny.

Fantastic to see that The Morg is once again providing much appreciated sponsorship to this brilliant event, hats off to Johnny and the crew


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The track listing has been sent to "Mo" who is putting together our 5th anniversary CD which will contain 20 crackin tracks to get you movin and groovin, they will again be priced at £3.00 each, giving people value for money. We are only having 30 made up this year, so get yours early to avoid disappointment.

Nige & Tina :hatsoff2:

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Record dealers & traders are most welcome at this venue, all we ask is - phone to reserve a table in (room 2), pay your entry money £5.00 then sell away !!! 

Ring Nige on 07599 220548 or 01270 215840.

Nige :wink:

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DJs & Times for room 2.

2.00 - 3.00  Dennis Reade & Keith Greenwood.  (Coppenhall Soul)

3.00 - 3.45  John Pollet (Crewe Soul Scene)

3.45 - 4.45   Lenny Mellor (Crewe Soul Scene)

4.45 - 5.30  Shaurn Doherty (Crewe Soul Scene)

5.30 - 6.15  Chris Ellis (Ska) (Moulton Verdin Club)

6.15 - 7.15  Rob Yates (Newtons Got Soul)

7.15 - 8.15  John Cooper & Young Bert (Cobridge Coronation Club)

8.15 - 9.00  T- B-A

9.00 - 10.00  Little George & Pete Ponty (4 Seasons Soul Club)

10.00 - Finish :hatsoff2:


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Beechwood Soul & Soul At The Services soulfun bus, will once again be rolling out to this fantastic Charity All Dayer,this is our third year in succession of attending and everyone who has been looks forward to this event coming around, and with seats on the bus at a premium as we always sell out very quickly can't wait for the fun to begin BOOM 

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DJs for room 3 ( chillout room)

Kev John

Steve Maybury

Dave Cartlidge

Johnny Pollett

Shaurn Doherty

Andy Norburn

Lenny Mellor

Kev Ellis

Clive Read

Soul Sid

Bram Breeze

Curly Carl

Gerrard James

Pete Cogley

Dennis Reade

Times to be arranged by Mr Clive Read, who again this year is kindly running the room for us. Last year we had some VERY good feedback from this room,so its well worth a visit.:thumbup:

Hope to see you all on the day-----

Soulfully yours Nige & Tina :hatsoff2:

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In conjunction with St Luke's charity all dayer, we have produced a limited edition patch! These will be on sale on the day priced at £6 or 2 for £10. All proceeds to St Luke's.

Anyone not attending but wanting a patch please message me.

KTF Dave & Shirley


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Patches arrived today, all ready for sale at the Crosville on Sunday!

Limited number available!

Dave & Shirley



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