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Ashton Ukrainian Club

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Soul Nights

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    Soul Night
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    Ashton-under-lyne    OL7 0NP

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The Ashton Ukrainian club has gone from strength to strength following the re-launch in 2021 and a move to Saturday night. For 2024 we're looking to continue delivery quality rare and underplayed soul from the residents and ever growing list of outstanding guests.

Speaking of ‘Rare & Underplayed Soul’ we use that phrase to capture what Ashton tries to deliver musically, which is worth expanding upon.

Mainly it's an attempt to move away from the standard music policy strap lines we’re all so used to seeing like; Northern, 60s & 70s, Crossover, Modern, across the board etc. etc. whilst genuinely trying to capture an ethos. The words ‘rare’ and ‘underplayed’ are intended to apply both in their own right and together, it certainly isn't supposed to be limited rare records that are also underplayed……we should have added quality in there too LOL.

In a nutshell you will hear all three combinations of the phrase on any given night at the Ukrainian Club; ‘Rare’ (but not for rarities sake) ‘Underplayed’ (but not because they’re not good enough) and of course ‘Rare & Underplayed’ but, all with one eye on the dancefloor.

We don’t have a music ‘policy’, all our residents & guests are free to express themselves as they wish, which we believe adds to the magic. So simply expect a great night of quality soul music if you ever get the chance to join us at our friendly little club.


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Ashton-under-lyne Venue Address:

215 Stockport Rd, Ashton-under-Lyne , OL7 0NP, United Kingdom

Check details before travelling

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As promised we have some amazing DJ line ups over the coming months at Ashton Ukrainian Club, after a monstrous March event, the bar has been set high.

We always strive to provide a quality evening of Rare Soul, at an affordable price, for The Ashton Faithful !! Saturday April 20th we have assembled another quality DJ line up for your dancing feet!!

First time at Ashton for one of the main men who has provided many of the elusive rare soul 45s to DJs and collectors alike from the latter days of the casino to present day Tim Ashibende also has a non too shabby collection, his appearance is eagerly anticipated!!

John Weston makes his second appearance behind the decks, after a quality debut set last year, expect the unexpected. Joining John another quality DJ from the West Midlands Les Norman , at venues like the very popular Dark Horses All-Nighter,look forward to his selections.

From Deepest Darkest Lancashire Gamekeeper Jones swaps the dancefloor at Ashton for his debut set behind the decks, I know he's looking forward to that as are we!!

Completing the assembled line up Team Ukrainian resident DJs starting and finishing your night Phil Dunn and Ashton main man Chris Churm will be sending the dancers home happy, with his ever popular last hour selections!!

The night runs 7pm-00.30 and an inflation busting £5 gets you in!! Same advice as ever, please arrive early as another busy night is expected, see you there!!

Please check back regularly on the thread for regular updates on this and our May event, which has really captured the imagination!!

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Posted (edited)

Looking forward to Tim Ashibende's debut DJ set, expect a wide range of rare soul winners, apart from the big hitters, Tim champions cheap in price, but not in quality. With Group soul winners like this from the Windy C!!


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Debut set for Neil "gamekeeper" jones starting selection and a record championed by among others Andy Dyson, over recent years!!


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Looking forward to John Weston's return behind the decks, a currently very popular record from John, to kick things up!!


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As well as showcasing our guest DJs selections, it's time to shine a light on Team Ukrainian "unsung hero" Chris Churm and his now legendary last hour selections. Blending rare soul classics and classy crossover winners like this!!


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Another real busy weekend on the Rare Soul Calendar, with Easter and April just around the corner!! We are already looking forward to the next event at Ashton Ukrainian Club. Saturday April 20th is the date for your diary, we have another stunning line up of guest DJs waiting for you!!

We welcome one of the scene's most respected DJs behind the decks!! Tim Ashibende, who has been playing and providing for eager collectors and DJs, most of the big sounds from the Halcyon days at the casino, through Stafford and beyond and in keeping with the Ashton Ethos, Tim champions some of the quality cheaper sounds, so criminally underplayed!!

John Weston and Les Norman make the journey up from the West Midlands, quality soul guaranteed!!

Gamekeeper Jones will be making the journey from the Ribble valley for his debut set, look forward to that!!

Phil Dunn will be kick starting what's sure to be another packer, early arrival is recommended !! Team Ukrainian "unsung hero" Chris Churm will be rounding off the night, with his eagerly awaited "last hour selections" Please check out the thread as we shine a light on some of the vinyl gems from his collection and our guest DJs, on the soul-source event page thread, please feel free to RSVP the event.

The night runs 7pm-00.30 and just £5 admission pay on the door. Sales boxes welcome in the lounge area and don't miss a beat, as we pipe the music and atmosphere in from the main room.

Can't wait !!!

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Starting Easter with a bang, back to John Weston's selections, on the fours dancer from a Legendary Artist!!!


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No April fools here!! A great way to kick start the month, with a west coast stunner, from John Weston!!


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As promised highlighting the last hour selections of Team Ukrainian Originator Chris Churm and an all time classic, that lights up the dancefloor !!


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Gamekeeper Neil Jones, making his DJ debut at Ashton, just like Richard Stout, depends "what bag he's in"


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John Weston comes up trumps, with stunners like this in his playbox!!


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On 02/04/2024 at 08:26, Micksmix said:

Gamekeeper Neil Jones, making his DJ debut at Ashton, just like Richard Stout, depends "what bag he's in"


Great record not heard it before mmmmm🏋️♀️  brilliant ,,,,,,,,is this the world famous Neil Jones who’s on the tonys empress ballroom documentary , a lot of great memories from that nighter 🥳💥👍

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6 hours ago, Micksmix said:

John Weston comes up trumps, with stunners like this in his playbox!!


🏄🏼‍♂️ Absolute bazzer 

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You should marry this guy dolly he’s a keeper 

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8 hours ago, Stu said:

Great record not heard it before mmmmm🏋️♀️  brilliant ,,,,,,,,is this the world famous Neil Jones who’s on the tonys empress ballroom documentary , a lot of great memories from that nighter 🥳💥👍

Yes the very same Neil Jones on the Tony's doc and a very funny guy. 

Here's one of his quips.  A fellow DJ commented he'd got a couple of new things for Saturday and Neil asked him "What a new pair of shoes"  🤣😂

Well it made me laugh.

Edited by Jessie Pinkman
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Our April event at Ashton Ukrainian Club, seems to have captured the imagination, and rightly so!!!

Quality all the way, with an amazing DJ line up, a proper who's who of the rare soul scene!! A rare, but eagerly anticipated DJ outing for Tim Ashibende, one of the scene's leading lights for discovering vinyl gems on many trips to the USA, look forward to his selections!!

Two of West Midlands finest in the form of returnee guest John Weston with some amazing selections, some of which can be found by checking back regularly on the event page thread. Les Norman will be making his debut at Ashton and is well known to the "creatures of the night" at the very popular Dark Horses sessions and beyond!!

Gamekeeper Jones has a trick or two up his sleeve, for a wide and varied set, again keep checking back on the thread for some quality sound bites to see what we mean(cheques in the post mate) lol

Team Ukrainian Residents Phil Dunn who always starts the event in style and Originator Chris Churm and his now legendary last hour selections, complete the perfect night out and all for just £5 pay on the door, unbeatable value for money!!

Saturday April 20th is the date for your diary, running 7pm-00.30

As ever hats off to the Ashton Faithful for your unwavering support, to create that "old school soul club atmosphere"!!

See you there, you know it makes sense!!

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Les Norman will be making his DJ debut at Ashton, look forward to hard hitting 60s soul like this!!


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The beginning of another week and a "Happy Monday" for our resident personal trainer Bez, sorry Stu 🤣 Another stormer you can expect to hear from Guest DJ Les Norman!!


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