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Willie Tee - You Gonna Pay Some Dues

1 hour ago, Garethx said:

This record is completely 100% legit and probably the best copy ever available for sale in the world.

The others looked relatively dark because they were comparatively worn and moisture damaged. Also the lighting/exposure/flash will play a part in what colour the label presents in photographs. If the buyer gets what's in that photo it's totally and utterly authentic. 

Agree with Gareth

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Posted (edited)

Getting this new copy alongside one of the other copies and studying them for any differences ?

Run out grooves, stamps etc etc

the label does appear to be a quite different blue but lots of things can cause that.



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Posted (edited)

Not the best copy ever Garethx, got a completely unplayed one a couple of years back, came from an old guy way off the grid via a record buyer down south along with a lot of other primo local 45s in equally amazing shape. Actually bought a different 45 off the current seller in that same batch, obscure but stellar 45, that just arrived today and it’s in great shape and a steal, think the location (France) etc put some bidders off. 


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